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                                  SECURITY BRIEFING

Upon being granted authorization to access NATO Classified Information, I acknowledge by my
signature below that I am aware of the following requirements which must be followed regarding the use
of NATO Classified Information:

1.    The ACRONYM NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is applied to classified information
      that represents military, political, and economic data, circulated with NATO and by NATO,
      regardless if the information originates within the organization itself, or is received from a member

2.    MARKING: NATO classified material is conspicuously identified by the acronym "NATO" on
      the TOP & BOTTOM of the material, in addition to the overall classification of the document.
      This signifies that the document is the property of NATO. Example (SECRET/NATO.) A TOP
      SECRET document that is NATO is marked and identified as TOP SECRET/COSMIC. When
      NATO information is considered "UNCLASSIFIED," the document is marked

3.    PREPARATION: Except for COSMIC TOP SECRET material, permission is not required for
      inclusion of references, extracts, or paraphrases taken from other NATO classified documents,
      when necessary for contractor generated documents in the performance of a NATO contract. When
      NATO classified information is included in other documents, the NATO classified information
      must be identified within the document by marking each paragraph with the appropriate NATO
      marking. (Example: S-NATO). In addition, a statement will be included on the cover or first page

4.    REPRODUCTION: Reproduction of NATO material is authorized in accordance with present
      procedures. In the case of COSMIC TOP SECRET information, reproduction requests shall be
      forwarded by the contractor to the Central U.S. Registry (CUSR) for approval.

5.    ACCESS: Access to NATO classified information is granted to U.S. Citizens having a "NEED-
      TO-KNOW" and a final government security clearance. Access is not granted to Immigrant Aliens,
      regardless of clearance. An Interim TOP SECRET clearance is valid for access at the SECRET and
      CONFIDENTIAL level only. U.S. Citizens who require access to NATO RESTRICTED
      information must have a "NEED-TO-KNOW" for the information, but a security clearance is not

6.    STORAGE: All NATO material, regardless of classification, must be stored in a container
      approved for the storage of TOP SECRET, SECRET & CONFIDENTIAL information. All NATO
      material shall be stored separately (to the extent possible) within an approved container. The
      combination to the container or storage facility must be changed annually, or earlier if an
      individual having knowledge of the combination transfers or terminates employment.

Page 1 of 2 NATO Briefing                         Defense Security Service OSCPA, Xavier Ramirez, February 11, 1999
7.    TRANSMISSION: When SECRET or CONFIDENTIAL NATO classified information is prepared
      for transmission, the inner container must be marked NATO, in addition to the overall
      classification. TOP SECRET information is marked "COSMIC" in addition to TOP SECRET.
      Transmission of NATO SECRET or NATO CONFIDENTIAL material within the U.S. and its
      territories must be mailed via U.S. Registered Mail. Documents classified NATO RESTRICTED
      shall be packaged and mailed as U.S. First Class Mail, and may be single wrapped.

8.    DESTRUCTION: NATO documentation may be destroyed in accordance with existing
      procedures, unless otherwise indicated by the releasing agency.

9.    Only individuals who have been given this briefing are authorized to have NATO classified
      information, or the combination of containers where the material is stored.

10.   I am also aware of my continuing individual security responsibility for safeguarding NATO
      classified information. Further, that when I am in a NATO country, I am subject to the laws of that
      country pertaining to handling of classified information.

I certify that I have read and understand the above information and agree to comply
with the requirements that have been set forth.

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