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					    From David and Lorna Ferguson                                                             March 2010

    Dear Friends
March sees many things come to an end – the snow            issues in his life) came to our worship last month and
stops (hopefully!), the school year ends and many           Sambi plans to invite others too.
churches and clubs hold their annual meeting.
                                                            This month David preaches every Sunday except for
                                                            the 28th when we welcome a special guest, Pastor
                    The Japan boys                          Ohtawa, who is well known in Christian circles in
The biggest change in our family is for Alistair as he      Japan. It will be a joy to have him with us and to have
finishes kindergarten with a Graduation Ceremony on         time to share extended fellowship with him. We are
the 15th. He is then on holiday until he starts at the      very happy that we will have new members added to
same school as Calum from the beginning of next             our team towards the end of this year. JP and Nora
month. Calum himself will start 4th grade but remains       Koch are from Germany and presently studying at the
in the same class (the classes are mixed up every two       OMF Language School. Hopefully they will join us
years here). Lorna also has several opportunities to        from November. We will share more later.
meet other mums at school this month.
                                                            •   Pray for the Lord’s continual leading
•     Pray for a good ending for Alistair at kindergarten   •   Pray for plans for Lorna’s English classes
•     Pray for contacts to be made through the school       •   Pray for Sambi as she grows in her faith

                    The India boys                                             Other matters
Daniel is glad that his mock exams are over, though he
is busy with GSCE exams coming up fast. Matthew             We are both involved in many other things, both within
managed his first journey back to India on his own and      OMF and in other ways. Here are just some of these
is settling in to school life again. The school has been    things for this month.
going through a difficult time as many teachers have        •   David is a member of the OMF Field Council and
been affected by illness, some requiring long periods           many decisions need to be followed up after the
off. There is only limited cover available and the              meetings at the end of last month.
other teachers are put under extra pressure. This is        •   We are coordinating a Training Week for first-term
the first year for the new Principal, Mark Noonan, and
                                                                missionaries from 8th to 12th and this will involve
it has not been an easy start for him.                          lots of preparation and responsibility.
•     Pray for the situation with sick teaching staff       •   David preaches at two services at another church
•     Pray for both boys’ ongoing school and dorm life          on the 21st and then has the Hiragishi service in
                                                                the afternoon followed by a time with Sambi to
                                                                chat and pray about the church year from April.
                 Hiragishi Izumi news
                                                            •   Sambi will give her testimony to a group of Boy
As April sees us move into a new church year we are
                                                                Scouts and leaders on the evening of the 28th.
beginning to think and pray about the coming months
                                                            •   Our church in Glasgow is planning a live link with
for Izumi Church. Lorna is planning to begin two
                                                                us on the 6th – pray the technology works!
children’s English classes from April and it has been
encouraging to see some of the boys’ friends applying       •   David is a member of the OMF Hokkaido Council
already. We are able to find a building in which to             which meets for the whole day on the 31st and has
hold the classes through a mother Lorna knows and               a number of important matters to discuss.
whose husband works there. Great provision!
We continue to work on the church web site and              OMF in the UK is facing a difficult year financially and
church leaflet and hope both will be completed soon so      does not know where all of the income will come from
we can begin to make ourselves more known in the            to support its missionaries. Pray for God’s provision
area. As the snow disappears, we will be out and            for the needs of his workers.
about more, looking to meet those people in whose                        With our love
hearts God is working and continuing the work of
building relationships in the community. It has been            David, Lorna, Daniel, Matthew,
encouraging to see Sambi’s enthusiasm to invite                      Calum and Alistair
friends – ‘W’ (a young man who is open but has lots of

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