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					fast greenhouse gas anaLYZer
                                h i g h p r e c i s i o n • Fa s t • L o w p o w e r ( 9 0 wa t t s )

Methane + Carbon Dioxide + Water Vapor

T   he Fast Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (FGGA) is the first                        The FGGA is designed to suit many applications includ-
instrument capable of both high accuracy and fast mea-                         ing eddy correlation flux measurements using established
surements of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor.                          micrometeorological techniques, chamber flux measure-
                                                                               ments, and leak detection from natural gas pipelines.
The FGGA is designed to work in ambient air and to
deliver accurate measurements over a wide range of                             As described in the Theory Section, the measurement
concentrations at rapid response rates (sufficient for eddy                    strategy is based on high-resolution direct-absorption
correlation flux applications). In particular, the FGGA                        spectroscopy. The instrument includes an internal com-
reports methane and carbon dioxide concentrations rang-                        puter that can store data practically indefinitely on its
ing from typical ambient levels to ten times ambient levels                    internal hard drive (for applications requiring unattended
with the high accuracy that you expect from LGR instru-                        long-term operation), and send real-time data to a data
ments. Also, the FGGA is not adversely affected by other                       logger through its analog and digital (RS232) outputs. In
atmospheric gases (no cross interferences) or changes in                       addition, an Ethernet connection allows remote access to
ambient atmospheric pressure (no pressure broadening                           data files stored on the instrument’s hard drive.
effects). If desired, the Analyzer (which requires only 90
watts) may be operated on DC battery power with an ap-
propriate AC/DC inverter.

Accurate                                                                       Fast
Measurements of NIST/ESRL reference standards                                  Response of the instrument to a repetitive square wave-
obtained with the Fast Methane Analyzer.                                       form over 30 seconds of N2 flow (zero CH4) and room air
                                                                               (2 ppmv CH4) to illustrate instrument flow response.

 Measured CH4 (ppmv)

                                                                                Measured CH4 (ppmv)

                                Measured CH4
                                Linear fit                                                            1.5

                       10                                                                             1.0
                       5                                                                              0.5

                       0                                                                              0.0
                            0       5            10            15         20                                185      190   195    200    205          210   215

                                        Reference CH4 (ppmv)                                                                 Time (seconds)

                                                                                                                                 τ = 0.054 seconds
                                                                                Measured CH4 (ppmv)




                                                                                                                  204.0      204.2            204.4         204.6

                                                                                                                             Time (seconds)

Comparison of CO2 recorded with our Analyzer with those                        Exponential fit to a portion of the data above yields a
from calibrated mixtures obtained from NIST/CMDL to illus-                     1/e response time of less than 0.1 seconds, sufficient
trate the measurement accuracy over a wide dynamic range.                      for 10-Hz eddy covariance flux measurements.
                   c h 4 + c o 2 + h 2o ( v a p o r )

Performance Specifications
Repeatability/Precision (1-s, 1 Hz)
    CH4: 1 ppbv
    CO2: 0.2 ppmv
    H2O: 100 ppmv
    (over typical ambient levels)
Response Time (flow time through cell)
    0.1 seconds (with optional
    external pump — see DSVP)
    10 seconds (with internal pump)
    Total uncertainty <1% of reading
    (without calibration)
Measurement Range (total uncertainty
<1%, without calibration)
    CH4: 0.1–25 ppmv
    CO2: 200–4000 ppmv
    H2O: 7000–70000 ppmv
Operational Range
    CH4: 0.005–1000 ppmv
    CO2: 20 –100000 ppmv
    H2O: 150–70000 ppmv
    Digital (RS232), Analog, Ethernet
Data Storage
    Internal Hard Drive
    12" Color TFT (benchtop package)
Sample Temperature
    0–50 °C
Operating Temperature
    5–45 °C
Ambient Humidity
    <98% RH Non-Condensing
Inlet/Outlet Fittings
    1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Swagelok®
Power Requirements                                                        These analyzers
    100 W; 115/230 VAC; 50/60 Hz                                             provide rapid,
    (including internal pump; excluding                                    accurate mea-
    optional external pump)                                               surements over
Dimensions (Benchtop Package)                                             a large range of
    10" H × 38" W × 14" D                                                 concentrations.
Dimensions (Rackmount Package)
    8.75" H × 19" W × 24" D
    60 pounds (27 kg)
    including internal vacuum pump

Ordering Information
Benchtop Package
   Model Number: 908-0010
Rackmount Package
   Model Number: 907-0010

Option - Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump               Option - Manual Injection Capability

 Model                 Name                    Model                 Name
 -9001 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump (DSVP)                   Injection of discrete samples via
                                                       syringe (please inquire)
 -9002 DSVP Maintenance Kit
 -9003 DSVP Connection Kit
 -9004 DSVP Exhaust Silencer
 -9005 24 VDC to 110 VAC Pure Sine Inverter
 -9006 24 VDC to 220 VAC Pure Sine Inverter

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