Race distance is 1 mile by etssetcf


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									Medical conditions (including inhalers)                  Confirmation
                                                         Once you have sent away your application form
                                                         you will receive a letter of confirmation with your
Emergency contact name                                   race dates and times. You will also receive a number
(must be contactable on race day)                        that only you should use and you must wear this
                                                         to each event in order to register a finish time.

Emergency contact number                                 What to bring
                                                         Runner should come wearing training shoes and
                                                         t-shirt and shorts. You should also wear sweatshirt/
If you do not give consent for your child’s              tracksuit bottoms to keep you warm before and
photograph to be taken for publicity purposes,           after you race. Please also bring water to drink.
or by local press covering the event please tick here.
If you do not wish your child’s name to be               Each pupil completing 3 races will receive a
added to the Active Schools database to be               medal of participation. Prizes will be awarded to
sent information on coaching programmes                  the first boy and girl in each age group at each
and future events please tick here.                      series at the end of the series in June. 3 from 5
                                                         races are counted and the runner with the
Parent/guardian signature                                lowest overall points will win.

                                                         If there is a draw after 3 races then a 4th result
Date                                                     will be taken into account.

                                                         Champion of Champions

Return form to Linksfield Education Centre -             The top 5 boys and 5 girls from each age group
Annexe, 520 King Street Aberdeen, AB24 5SS.              at each series will be invited to compete at a
                                                         Champion of Champions on June 23rd 2009.
More information
Telephone 0845 608 0935                                  What else to look out for
Email     activeschools@aberdeencity.gov.uk              Big Run (1 mile)
                                                         Saturday 29 May 2010
For administration purposes only                         Hazlehead Park
Date Received

Race Number

Pack Sent
                                                          Race distance is 1 mile
Closing date for entries
Entries can be taken at any time throughout the
series. However they must be in a week before
your race in order to get your race number and      Runners name
race details posted out.
Bucksburn Academy                 Monday
Cults Primary                     Monday
Inverdee playing fields           Monday            Postcode
Kingswells Primary                Tuesday
Westburn Park                     Tuesday           Telephone
Harlaw Road Playing Fields        Wednesday
Bridge of Don Academy             Thursday          Parents email
Sheddocksley Sports Centre        Thursday
Dyce Academy                      Friday            School name

There will be 5 races at each venue making up       Category:
the venue series.                                   Male                   Primary 4
                                                    Female                 Primary 5
Race dates                                                                 Primary 6
Week beginning March 1                                                     Primary 7
Week beginning March 22                                                    Secondary 1
Week beginning April 19                                                    Secondary 2
Week beginning May 10
Week beginning June 7                               Please tick one venue:
                                                    Bucksburn Academy
Report times                                        Cults Primary
Runners should report a minimum of 10 minutes       Inverdee playing fields
before the start of their race.                     Kingswells Primary
                                                    Westburn Park
Races times will vary at each venue but in          Harlaw Road Playing Fields
general will be between 3.45pm and 5.30pm.          Bridge of Don Academy
Individual race times for each venue will be sent   Sheddocksley Sports Centre
to you in your confirmation letter.                 Dyce Academy

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