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Quick VLE Reading List Guide
A more detailed guide is available on request. For help, or to send us feedback, email:

1. Opening the VLE and your module
        Login in to the VLE using your ISS username and password, at: http://vlebb.leeds.ac.uk
        Click on the module on which you are enrolled as a tutor, and for which you have asked the Library to
         import a reading list (take care to select the current year).
        Your reading list will have been put (unless otherwise requested) into the Learning Resources area of
         your module. Click on Learning Resources in the menu to the left of the screen (tip: editing is easier in a
         full window – right click on Learning Resources and select Open in New Window). You should see a link
         to your module reading list from last year.
        Now that you are in Learning Resources, click on EDIT VIEW in the top right corner of your screen.
         (You can move between EDIT VIEW and DISPLAY VIEW)

2. Editing your reading list
        Click on Modify next to your reading list to open the Edit Reading List screen.
        Step       allows you to edit the list title (helpful to students if the module has more than one reading list).
        Step      shows the reading list contents.
        for small edits: You can edit your list by adding, removing and moving references.
        for major edits: For major edits it is easier to paste the list contents into Microsoft Word. To copy, click
         in the reading list editor pane, right click and choose Select All, right click again and select Copy. Paste
         into Word and edit. When complete, paste back into the VLE and save. Don’t worry if the formatting
         doesn’t look right, the Library has tools to sort this out.
        You can add comments for Library staff to your list by enclosing the comment in double curly braces {{ }}.
         These will not be visible to students, but to you and to Library staff.

3. Copying your list into your module handbook
        At the foot of step      , beneath the box in which you have edited your list, are different options for
         viewing your list.
        Click on Handbook view in order to see your list formatted as a Word document. You can then copy and
         paste your list into the module handbook.

4. Saving your reading list regularly
    Blackboard will time you out after periods of inactivity. Please save your list regularly.

     To save your list (without sending it to the Library or making it visible to students), move to step                  on the
      Edit Reading List screen. Click on Submit.

        The Reading List Saved screen now opens.

 If the Library has a version of your list from previous years we can import this into the VLE for you, so that you
can update it. Contact your Faculty Team Librarian to arrange this.

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        In step      set Make visible to students? to No.
        In step      Set Send the reading list to the Library? to No.
        In step    click on Submit. You will get a screen confirming that you have saved your list, but that it has
         not been sent to the Library. Click on OK. To resume editing your list go to EDIT VIEW (within Learning
         Resources) and click on Modify next to your reading list.

5. Sending your list to the Library
    When you are ready to send your list to the Library to step      in the Edit Reading List screen and set the
     options to determine the action you would like the Library to take:

        The default settings given are that the Library should order items not in stock and that links should be made
        to the Library Catalogue records for items on the list. Either or both of these can be set to No. The setting
        Make the list private? is set to No. Setting this to Yes will force users viewing the list to enter their
        username and password.
    In step         click on Submit. This opens the Reading List Saved screen.
    Step     on the Reading List Saved screen allows you to choose to make your list visible to students. If
     you would like to make your list visible to students set the Make visible to students? option to Yes.
    Step       on the Reading List Saved screen allows you to choose whether or not to send your list to the
     Library. Set the Send the reading list to Library? option to Yes if you wish the Library to do any of the
      Check for items not in stock and order them.
      Order extra copies of items.
      Move copies into the High Demand Collection.
      Create links to the Library Catalogue for specific items.
    In Step         click on Submit, then OK.

6. Your list and the Library
        Once you opt to send your list to the Library you may find that your list is locked for periods of time
         (maybe a couple of hours at a time) by the Library. This will be when the Library is working on the list.
        The Library will complete its initial work as quickly as possible. If you urgently need access to your list
         when it is locked, click on the “contact us” link in the “List locked for editing by Library” message. The
         Library can unlock it for you. You can then submit a new version of your list to the Library.
        Once the Library has completed all work on your list in relation to one submission, the Library will send
         you an e-mail.

7. Making changes to your list
        Once you have clicked on Submit (having completed some work on your reading list), you can go in and
         edit your list at any point, unless it is locked for editing by the Library.

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