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									2005 OBP Bi-Annual Peer Review Project Presentation Template

Name Platform Date
Please see the notes section for expected presentation outcomes

Preparation Instructions
• • • Do not include any proprietary or confidential information. Please do not use dark backgrounds as this causes. difficulties when printing hardcopies for review purposes. Do not incorporate animation or special effects since all presentations will be saved as PDF files for presentation and for posting on the web.

Preparation Instructions (con’t)
• If you have movie clips to show as part of your presentation, contact BCS POC to arrange. Poster presentations should use these instructions so that the reviewers have a common basis of comparison to the oral presentations – just bring print-outs of your slides to put on poster boards.


Preparation Instructions (con’t)
• Please name your presentation file as follows: Platform/Project ID# Last Name Example: Biochemical/Ferrell

• Contact: BCS POC at 410-997-7778*2xx,

• Project start date • Project end date • Percent complete

• Barriers addressed
• (List the technical barriers and technical targets from the OPB Program MultiYear Program Plan addressed by your project)

Stage? Budget
Note: this please replace this box with the stage you believe your project to be in

• Total project funding • Interactions/ collaborations • DOE share • Contractor share • Funding received in FY04 • Funding for FY05 (See Notes page for further information) • FY06 Request


Project Goals and Objectives
• Describe the overall project goals and objectives

Project Strategic Fit
• Please indicate the relevance to Platform and Pathway Objectives and Barriers
• Please discuss how the project supports the Platform’s goals and objectives of the Multi-Year RD&D plan.

• Explain the technology development’s fit to your company’s business • Describe the vision for a demonstration phase of a commercial prototype by FY08 – if applicable - and your estimate of readiness for undertaking such a demonstration.

Project Approach
• Please describe the approach to performing R&D • Please discuss how the technical barriers are addressed, the project design, technical feasiblility and competitive advantage of the technology. • What are the show-stoppers and how are they being addressed? Note: integration with other research is covered on another slide. I’m guessing that this will actually be about 3-6 slides

Project Approach cont.

Project Tasks
• For each major task or objective please address the following:
• Technical or economic target or objective (provide basis for the targets) • All risks associated with meeting these targets or objectives including technical, equipment reliability, business, market, environmental, compliance, legal, and intellectual property, etc. • Milestones established to measure progress and financial or performance metrics used to measure progress. Include assumptions and analyses used to establish these metrics. • Go No/Go decision points and why they are critical to the project • Accomplishments to date on the task with respect to plans, milestones and metrics • Future plans and partners involved in completing these tasks

Project Collaboration
• Please discuss the technology transfer/collaborations with industry/university/ other laboratories • Please discuss how/if the project interacts, interfaces, or coordinates with other institutions and projects.

Market & Customers
• Who are or might be the customers prepared to buy your product? • What range of production costs do you need to achieve or what’s the threshold to be successful • An evaluation of the dynamics of current or future market shifts on the products you plan to sell.

Competitive Advantage
• What is the duration or the window of opportunity to develop this technology within your company and relative to the market? • In your estimation, what is the technology you are competing against and what does your approach have to offer that better meets the goals of producing a biofuel or bioproduct(s)? • Have you considered issues that could dramatically change the market? • After your detailed investigations thus far, what is the state of the economics? What do they tell you about prioritizing further investments?

Project Stage

• Please indicate on the figure which stage you believe your project is in. • Why?

Progress and Accomplishments
• Please describe the most important accomplishments achieved during this reporting period (FY04 and FY05). • Please relate the accomplishments to BOTH the platform and project milestones and objectives • Please benchmark the accomplishments against the technical targets (if possible)

(See Notes page for further information)

Progress and Accomplishments

Future Work
• Explain what it is you plan to do during the next year, what milestones are upcoming, how you will deal with any decision points during that time, any remaining issues • Indicate the degree to which the project has effectively planned its future. Considered contingencies, built in optional paths or off ramps, etc.

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