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					                Personnel Council, Classification & Compensation
                       Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes
                              February 18, 2005

Attendees:   Marie Allen, Anne Kamen, Marian Beckett, Pat Briggs, Debra Hotaling, Joe
             Rooks, Kevin Love, Phil Ruggirello; Nick Vagianelis; Janice Morris; and Leslie
             Gold of C & C; Blaine Ryan-Lynch of Staffing Services

C&C Initiatives at the Department of Civil Service:

      1) Unified Service Team Pilot - Classification, Staffing, Diversity Planning: Nick
         Vagianelis, Blaine Ryan-Lynch and Janice Morris discussed the planning for a cross-
         divisional customer service unit. They are looking at cross-divisional activities and
         administrative systems with the hope of eliminating non-value added functions
         emphasizing service. They are currently assessing the staff to be assigned to the team
         and are considering which agencies to service. They have identified the training
         needs for the staff.

      2) The physical and communications logistics need to be worked out, including cross-
         divisional data sources which will be accessible from the desktop.

          The Unit will deliver Core Merit System Services.

          Testing will not be a direct part of this unit. It is viewed as a back room
          operation. However, the unit would facilitate the interactions with that Division.

      3) Classification Standards/Decentralization Initiative:
         This Project is essential: 83% of positions have a standard; but 50% of those are over
         10 years old. It plays into decentralized goals and there is a clear proportionality. The
         Department wants to use the C&C Sub-Committee as a sounding board regarding
         “Planwide issues”. (Shared Stewardship)

          Leslie Gold is the lead analyst in this initiative. She is working to add information to
          NYSTEP to include standard status/age. Priority IDP classes will be identified based
          on age and adequacy and a replacement schedule will be created with input from our

          IDP Titles/Issues to be Reviewed:

          Supervision as a Classification factor in large scale clerical and blue collar titles
          needs to be reviewed. Robin Millán will move this item to our agenda at next
          month’s meeting. A small workgroup maybe necessary.

          Standards as Platform for Further Decentralization:
        Discussed 1A’s versus “pass through” cases. A certain percentage of 1A cases will be
        selected for pre-audit by NYSTEP to assure quality control.

        A short discussion ensued of what would, or would not, be required for short form
        case audits. Guidelines will be forthcoming. They may reflect more detailed
        requirements for higher level classification decisions.

Amendments to Section 131.5 (a) of the Civil Service Law:
Section 131.5 (a) of the Civil Service Law will reflect a CSEA side letter – Re salary
treatments for Seasonal (NS) employees Converting to Permanently Allocated Items. Recent
Pay bill for CSEA & M/C includes these changes.

Title Structure Change for Top IT Titles/Other Issues:
No dissension in modernizing the titles for top IT managers, and the changes announced on
2/11 will be implemented on 2/24/05. There will be 104 positions that will immediately be
affected. Grades 18-29 are also being reviewed.

ICEDP meeting at Civil Service – First Wednesday of month.
    HR or PC Executive could attend (might be a worthy way to stay tuned).
    Janice Morris coordinates security, etc. so we may need to notify her if we intend to

Plan Management Activities/Issues:

The Director indicated that Robin Millán is the C & C Division Representative with HR
advisory groups and the primary analyst on major plan issues that arise. There is presently
activity with the Payroll Users Workgroup and upcoming business with the State/CSEA
Partnership re Blue Collar Trades titles.

Nick Vagianelis asked the committee to consider pros/cons of possible Title Consolidation for
Administrative Aide and Agency Program Aide. C & C requested our input on the idea of
consolidating the titles.

The Out-of-Title NYSTEP/TPM module demonstrated at a recent meeting is in the testing

Next Month:

We will develop the agenda a little sooner.
We will follow through regarding the AA/P Aide Consolidation.
We will present ideas in regard to supervision as a factor in title standards for clerical/blue
collar series.