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					Project Report Template
ISE 164 San Jose State University

Project Design Goals
• What functionality are you trying to provide with your design?
– Name each function and provide a brief description of what it is

• What Populations of users are you targeting?
– Name the assumed population and specify the level of computer/device expertise you assume

Assumptions and Assertions
• What technological and infrastructure assumptions does the device require
– E.g. wireless internet link, high bandwidth telephonic capability, voice recognition technology

Usability and HCI goals
• What is your “measurable” design goal with respect to usability • What is your assumption about learning required to use the device • What analysis have you done– or would you do to check that you’ve met your usability goals?
– Focus Groups, experiments, etc.

Device Interface Task Specification
• What are the steps in the use of the device?
– Use a graphic or formal language specification to describe the user’s movement/control options in the device

• What are the associated feedback elements to the user for the device?
– Use a storyboard or prototype to illustrate the feedback to the user about the success or failure of the interaction

• What are the error-modes for the device?
– What happens if the user fails to perform the necessary steps? If the infrastructure assumed has a failure, etc.

The device physical design

References and Citations
• What are the references or web site citations that you used in your design? • What other products did you use to help refine or define your device.

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