Acacia Gender Evaluation and Capacity Building Workshop by tyndale


									                                 Acacia Gender Capacity Building


The Acacia team through the two first phases of the program (Acacia I and II) were committed
to integrate gender in its programming. Gender is being considered as a crosscutting as well as
vertical issue (targeting more women).

The 2005 external review of Acacia phase II (2001-2006) highlighted gender as an area in
which Acacia has lost some of its former emphasis and in which there does not appear to be a
consistent approach to gender across projects.

In addition, the Corporate Assessment Framework (CAF) 1 on Gender highlighted Acacia
prospectus 1 and 2’s weak reference to gender and engendered processes. Emphasis was made
more on women than on gender.

As stated in its new prospectus (2006-2011), Acacia team has committed itself to take a closer
look at gender in Acacia projects with the intention of building capacity within the team and
later to our partners and of developing a framework for the systematic integration of
engendered programming into Acacia projects development and evaluation. This commitment
is a response to the recommendations from the External review of Acacia 2 and the result of
Acacia team assessment of its own capacity in Gender.

The intent of this activity is to contribute to achieving this goal and to identify ways and
avenues for better understanding of how gender can be promoted and stimulated on an ongoing
basis as an integral part of the overall programme’s strategies and processes.

Assumption is made that a learning and capacity building exercise through a workshop will be
one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal. It’s expected that from this workshop the
Acacia team and its present and future partners should gain insights into how gender can be
integrated in different phases of Acacia supported projects (from proposal development to
evaluation and project completion report).


This activity is being undertaken in response to an identified need within the Acacia team to
develop internal learning and reflectivity on gender and engendered processes in its program
activities and supported projects and activities.

Its purpose is to provide deeper insights and understanding on how to strengthen Acacia team
member’s capacity to assist their research partners to better integrate gender into their projects
and activities.

 Report on the Corporate Assessment Framework: Consideration of Gender; Prepared by: Carole Houlihan, for the IDRC Evaluation Unit,
May 2005

One of the key expected outcomes from this workshop is to come up with strategies, practical
tools and tips, and new insights that can be used by the Acacia team to have more productive
interactions and conversations with research partners about Gender issues and integration of
Gender analytical framework into research design, implementation and evaluation.

Therefore Acacia team will be exposed to gender theories, conceptual frameworks, strategies,
approaches and tools in relation to research and evaluation. These tools should be linked to


The overall goal of this workshop is to improve gender integration and mainstreaming within
the Acacia programme. This is to be achieved through improving the knowledge base of the
Acacia team, who in turn can pass this knowledge onto key partners for integrating gender into
their projects.

Specific objectives
   1. Expose the Acacia team to global and theoretical discourses on Gender in different
       research paradigms
   2. Enhanced conceptual clarity on gender and engendered approaches for Acacia team
       members to improve their projects and programming through an integration of gender
   3. Enhancing knowledge and skills for the Acacia team on gender integration strategies
       and techniques that will be used for assisting partners in integrating gender issues and
       undertaking engendered research and evaluation processes and activities.
   4. Production/creation of list of questions, monitoring sheets, and various worksheets as
       well as agreement on new processes for project approval, monitoring and reporting to
       help PO’s integrate gender in their work.


The workshop is capacity building oriented in terms of engendered research and evaluation
processes. This implies the involvement of a team of experts. More specifically a team of three
(3) experts will assist the Acacia team to achieve its objectives:
    - A Gender researcher whose role is to expose the Acacia team to Gender theories,
       gender research paradigms, Gender approaches and tools. The Gender expert theorist
       needs to show the ability to expose the whole range of women, gender and feminist,
       and standpoint theories so that the Acacia team can learn about the various approaches
       in order to assist them when they plan and appraise projects.
    - An Evaluation resource person with expertise on Evaluation Methodology, whose role
       is to help in the process of integration of the external inputs in project and program
       development, monitoring and evaluation processes.
    - A Workshop Facilitator to ensure the participation and involvement of all team
    - A Gender and ICT expert who will assist in bringing concrete insights for gender
       integration into ICT projects.

These experts will assist in the process of reviewing a sample of projects using gender lenses
and assist in the process of documenting the workshop outcomes to come up with guidelines on

how to assist partners to engender their research proposals, implementation, evaluation and

Prior to the workshop, and to complement the theoretical discussion on Gender, the consultants
will look through a sample of projects documents (rPCRs, PAD, projects reports, monitoring
tools, interim and final reports from partners, etc). They will provide a support which contain
suggestions on ways for the Acacia team to concretely integrate gender into them. These
documents will be reviewed by the Acacia team, prior to the workshop.

In addition, the consultants will look at the GEM tools for ideas on how easily include gender
considerations in Acacia work.

Prior to the workshop, the team of experts will interview each Acacia team member to find out
the need, expectations and fear to ensure the productivity of the workshop.


   1. Enhanced conceptual clarity for facilitating a better integration of Gender issues in
      Acacia program and Acacia funded projects.

   2. Enhancing knowledge base for the Acacia team on gender integration skills and
      techniques for design and implementation of research and evaluation projects.

   3. Augmenting knowledge and skills for assisting Acacia partners in integrating gender
      issues and undertaking engendered research and evaluation processes.

   4. Creating a list of questions, monitoring sheets, and various worksheets as well as
      agreement on new processes for project approval, monitoring and reporting to help
      Acacia team members integrate gender in their work.

The workshop will be held in Morocco in March 2007 (TBC)

Activities                                                  Days/person     Total days
Document review                                                  8              24
Drafting workshop framework and content                          4              12
Participation at the workshop                                     5              15
Reporting                                                         3              9
Total days                                                                       60

Gender research expert;
Evaluation specialist
ICT and Gender specialist
Writing and reporting skills


Consultancies                                                       Total
Fees                                      60 days x 700 CAD/day             42000
SUBTOTAL: Consultancies                                                     42000
Workshop Assistant                        300 CAD/day x 8 days              2400
Stationery                                                                   500
Workshop room and equipment renting            150 CAD/day x 5               750
Meals                                                                       5000
Photocopying / Printing                                                      600
Local transportation                                                        1000
Hotel Accommodation                       8 days x 200 CAD x 3              4800
Per Diems /Incidental expenses           75 CAD/day x 10 days x 3            2250
Communications                                                                500
SUBTOTAL: Expenses                                                          17800
International Travels and
                               From SA         1 trip x 2500 CAD            2500
                            From Kenya         1 trip x 1500 CAD            1500
                               From US         1 trip x 3000 CAD            3000
SUBTOTAL: Travel and
Accommodation                                                                7000
Total Project cost                                                          66800


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