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					Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Barnsley Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services

Market Awareness Day

Project:            To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the drug
                    and alcohol treatment system in Barnsley by
                    reconfiguring and re-tendering services.

Background:         Barnsley’s drug treatment system has evolved in
                    response to national initiatives and local need and
                    provides interventions in all treatment tiers that include
                    primary care [GPs and pharmacies]; open access harm
                    reduction and triage; structured psycho-social
                    interventions; a structured day programme; a DIP service;
                    specialist secondary care; access to the local inpatient
                    detoxification unit and out of area residential
                    These services are delivered by a mix of local and
                    national statutory and voluntary sector providers.
                    We wish to commission responsive and innovatory
                    services in response to the recent national strategy
                    ‘Drugs: Protecting Families and Communities’; the vision
                    of One Barnsley and the most recent DAAT Needs

                    We are aiming high in order to provide accessible and
                    effective pathways to recovery and social inclusion by
                    focusing on the outcomes for our service users and the
                    impact on their own lives within families and communities.

Estimated Value            £21,000,000

Contract Period:           1 April 2010 to 31 March 2015

Prior to the re-configuration and re-tender of the Drug and Alcohol Treatment
service in Barnsley a market awareness day is to be held between 9.30am
and 2.00pm on 19 February 2009 at Longcar Professional Development
Centre, Longcar Lane, Barnsley S70 6BB. This will give the DAAT the
opportunity to provide more background information on the project and for
those attending to give input on the ways to achieve the best outcomes for
service users, their families and communities. Any organisation interested in
attending this event and finding out more about this opportunity should
register by the 6 February 2009 via the bulletin board on the SCMS system
using and by following the instructions given when
accessing and registering on the site and should included the likely number
and names of attendees.