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									                            William G. Hillman
             B.Sc. (4-Year Honours), B. Ed. (5-Year), M. Ed.
           41 Kensington Crescent -- Brandon, MB -- R7A 6M4
                   Abbreviated Print-Out Version of the
             Hillman Online Resume and Electronic Portfolio


      Masters in Education 1991 (Major in Curriculum Design and Implementation)
      Masters Thesis: Integration of Computer Technologies into the English
      Bachelor of Education Degree (Administration Major in Senior Education)
      Bachelor of Science Degree (4 Year Honours in 1989)
      Bachelor of Science Degree (Geography Major ~ Geology Minor)
      Awarded the Brandon University Silver Medal upon Graduation in 1971.
       Courses in physics, chemistry, math, geography, computers, geology, English,
       music, etc. with an almost equal emphasis in Arts and Science.
      Education Certificate in Elementary Education

   Assistant Professor with the Dept. of C & I: Math and Science, Faculty of
    Education, Brandon University
   Travelling Professor for the Brandon University Northern Teacher Education
    program 2001-2002
   Assistant Professor for the Brandon University PENT program instruction.
   Sessional Instructor teaching computer technology, Internet, journalism and
    communication courses for BU Faculty of Education
   K-12 teaching assignments for the Brandon School Division ~ 2001
   Thirty years as a high school teacher at Strathclair Collegiate and Strathclair
    Community School (K-12), Birdtail River SD


Brandon University ~ Faculty of Education
Assistant Professor (Dept. of C & I: Math & Science)
Brandon University Professor Profile: June 2003 Feature on the BU Web site:

Courses Taught:
   03:361: Using Technology and Computers in Education (K-Middle Years)
   03:362: Using Technology and Computers in Education (Middle Years - Senior 4)
      03.467 Internet for Educators
      99.090: Communications 99.090
      99.153: Journalism I: Introduction to Print Media
      03:361: Using Technology and Computers in Education (BUNTEP)
      03:361 Using Technology and Computers in Education (PENT)

These courses were taught in the Education Computer Labs on campus and in remote
classrooms. I adapted the curricula of all courses for full integration with Internet and
computer technologies. My course designs and materials are accessible during course
time at:

High School Instruction:

      English language arts, social studies, geography, history, science, computer
       awareness, computer integration, business education, software applications,
       physical education, music, etc.
      Audio/Visual Curriculum designer for the Department of Education
      Creation and implementation of the Entertainment Arts course for Manitoba
       schools and a variety of teacher-initiated courses for the Department of Education
      Computer coordinator in charge of the integration of computer technologies in
       grades K-12


      2005-2006 taught a full slate of technology and Internet sessional courses for the
       BU Faculty of Education,

      2004 took a position as Consultant, PR Representative, Editor and Webmaster for
       the Internationally-known California entertainment company, Edgar Rice
       Burroughs, Inc.,

      2002 I was recruited to take over the Brandon University Faculty of Education
       computer department during a Sabbatical period. In my capacity as Assistant
       Professor I taught ten sessions of computer-related courses -- all of which were
       developed for online access,

      2001-2002 I was employed by Brandon University as a Travelling Professor. I
       flew in to Northern Manitoba University classrooms and taught courses such as:
       Communications ~ Using Technology and Computers in Education ~ Journalism,

      30-year career as a teacher in a rural high school specializing in English language
       arts and communication skills, local geography instruction, social studies,
       business computer applications, practical field work experience supervision,
    computer lab maintenance, computer integration into all subjects, adult
    workshops, and electronic communication skills,

   Birdtail School Division assigned me to make numerous investigative trips
    through the US and Canada to research the feasibility of implementing Interactive
    Television networks in the Division. I was also commissioned to design and
    present a series of presentations to the public, schools, and Board in which I
    demonstrated the advantages such a system would offer in Distance Education,

   I have lived and worked in rural Manitoba for much of my life. This interest and
    experience has served me well in education as I have taught a variety of rural,
    agriculture, and aboriginal based courses in my 30-year career as a high school
    and adult learning teacher in rural Manitoba schools,

   my public relations duties as a specialist in technology and local geography for
    our rural School Division have included regular newspaper releases, media
    interviews, in-service presentations, public awareness presentations, articles,
    curriculum design and implementation, work experience co-ordination,
    consultancy chores and board/committee meetings,

   a long association with Brandon University -- from which I have earned B.Sc. (4
    yr. Honours), B. Ed. (5 yr.), and M. Ed. Degrees -- has provided me with
    expertise in a wide range of subject disciplines, practical experiences,
    interpersonal skills, and an understanding of post-secondary procedures,

   a 35-year career as a professional entertainer with international experience in
    community involvement, stage presentation, record production, media promotion,
    advertising/news release design, journalism, public relations and all aspects of the
    media and entertainment business,

   I was commissioned by Brandon University to contribute a chapter for the
    university reference text, The Geography of Manitoba: Its Land and People,
    University of Manitoba Press. I chose to research and prepare a study of my
    hometown, Strathclair, pointing out the importance of communications and
    technology to the survival of rural settlements,

   the founding, in 1996, of two Internet companies, ERBzine and The Eclectic
    Studio, for which I currently serve as manager, webmaster, webdesigner, graphics
    artist, webwriter and online editor. I have designed, created and maintain over
    5,000 Web pages and Web sites ~ write, edit and publish four weekly or monthly
    online magazines ~ produce a host of newsletters, as well as overseeing a
    multitude of volunteer community booster Web sites which has included the
    design, research and maintenance of Web pages specializing in education,
    business, agriculture, seniors, health, heritage, tourism, local history, rural
    economy, etc.,
      co-owner/manager of a 265-seat restaurant in downtown Brandon where I was
       responsible for staffing, purchasing, promotion, bookkeeping and maintenance
       from 1992-2002,

                                 ONLINE RESUME:

The online version of my resume is updated on a regular basis and contains links to many
               related career topics, as well as to my electronic portfolio.

                            On file at Brandon University.
                              Available upon request.

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