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                                       Written in the Stars?

                hile everyone was busy preparing for the Chinese New Year on February 18, 2007 and welcome the Year of
                the Fire Boar, our little friend had actually sneaked in two weeks earlier with the start of spring, on February
                4, 2007. The PDUT recently spoke to metaphysics consultant, Logan Phang to find out what has been written
    in the stars for 2007.

    Phang based his reading on the astrological start of the new year on February 4, 2007. Below is the forecast:

         Hour      Day         Month              Year          The elements of Wood and Fire are strongly represented this year,
                                                                thus items closely associated with these elements will have a
     Eating God             Direct Wealth   Indirect Resource
                                                                major impact on events this year.
          Xin       Ji         Ren                Ding
         Metal     Earth       Water              Fire

                                                                Phang also provided the i-ching horoscope for 2007, which is
          Wei       Si          Yin               Hai
         Earth     Fire        Wood              Water          the hexagram 59 called Huan with a 5th Yao. It comprises of the
                                                                Upper Trigram of Sun (Wind) and the Lower Trigram of Kan
                                                                (Water). Huan means dispersion or disintegration, which in this
                                                                case indicates strong winds blowing over the water.

         風 水 渙                                                 This hexagram depicts boats on the water, which implies
                                                               travelling. It would be good for you to travel to another place for
                                                               an undertaking, but in a more general sense the hexagram advises
        Feng Shui Huan                                         that it is time for a change or movement of some kind. Move
                                                               house, alter your attitude or ideas, change your career, begin a
    new venture, or open a new branch for your business. With the changed conditions, misfortune will turn into good
    fortune. It is a good time for religious or spiritual activities. The sick will recover.

    And here are excerpts of the conversation with the Master …

    What is the general feeling and outlook for the Year of            For those planning to travel, there will be violence in
    the Fire Boar?                                                     Europe, most likely in the direction of Copenhagen in
                                                                       the month of August. Spain is expected to face a bad
    This is a favourable year for wood and fire industries. There       period between June 21 and September 21. The time
    will be mergers and acquisitions in these sectors – food           between September 21 and December 21 is especially
    and beverages, tourism, travel, oil and gas, airlines, beauty      bad with expected violence and loss of lives, and possibly
    and cosmetics, services, metaphysics, timber, publishing,          assassinations as well, especially in the Middle East (Iran)
    fashion, agriculture and herbs, coaching and teaching,             region.
    sports, spiritual pursuits, law and the stock markets.
    However, the banking, motor and hardware, healthcare and           Strictly from a business and financial perspective, what
    pharmaceutical industries should not expect a favourable           is the outlook for the year?
    year in 2007.
                                                                       On the business and financial realm, mostly on the U.S.
    Generally, we can expect scandals involving governments            market front, we should see interest rates either remaining
    and business leaders between August 2006 and June                  stable or declining for most of 2007. T-Notes and T-Bonds
    2007, which will lead to the public looking at them with           will continue on an uptrend. The stock markets will see
    jaundiced eyes. Religion will also be a major issue. The           corrections of 20 percent or more from their highs with a
    Bush Administration, in particular, will be beleaguered with       possible rally to all-time highs in 2008.
    scandals and major crises on ethical misconducts. There is
    also the possibility of a great number of people falling ill       Gold may plunge to a new low between March and
    due to pestilence, wide-spread diseases and/or bio-chemical        August 2007, but prices are expected to climb back up
    terror. Human lives will be threatened by water, rain or other     again between September 8 and September 22. Crude oil
    forms of liquids and gases. Natural calamities are a major         price will rise between January and early March 2007 and
    worry between February 25 and March 8.                             between August 8 and September 29. I am anticipating a


notable dip in world markets between March 20 and April        Traditionally, Malaysia has always faced challenges during
3 and between August and October, especially the U.S.          years with a heavenly stem of Ding. This year (2007) is
market. Oil will hit a low between June and July 2007 and      such a year.
surge to a high between September and December 2007.
But on the whole, markets will be highly volatile.             As such, how should investors be approaching their
                                                               investments this year? Cautiously? Aggressively?
From an investor’s perspective,                                                Middle-of-the-road approach?
what should he be looking at in 2007
– investment in equities? Bonds?                                                 As the markets are going to be extremely
Properties? Start a business? Put money                                          volatile, I would say investors are best
in FD?                                                                           served by being cautious and selective
                                                                                 with their investments. There is great
Like I said earlier, the markets are                                             potential for gains and losses due to this
expected to be very volatile. And I’m not                                        volatility. So, timing will be extremely
an investment adviser. But the general                                           important.
investment maxim applies – I would
say investors should practise good asset                                         Is this generally a good year for
allocation and maintain a well-diversified                                        investment? Why?
investment portfolio.
                                                                                 This would be a good year for
What should investors be aware of this                                           investments mainly due to the market
year to avoid being burnt?                                                       volatility. The market is also flushed with
                                                                                 ample liquidity, brought in by overseas
They must not be greedy and be really                                            investors. I would expect a further
                                              Phang: A good year for investments
disciplined in their investments. Below                                          weakening of the U.S. dollar before
are some dates, which indicate the “change in trend,” September 2007 and see a worsening of the situation in
which can assist investors to have a feel of the direction 2008. As such foreign investors will be overweighting
of the markets. The dates are: January 24, February 15, equity markets in Asia for the purpose of hedging the
March 6 and 22, April 3 and 27, May 11, June 17, August declining dollar and to capitalise on the Asia growth. The
1, September 7, October 12, November 13, December 11 oil and gas and gaming sectors would be the focus this
and 27. These dates are expected to be keys to the change year, and those seeking opportunities in the technology
in trend.                                                       sector would be happy to note that there will be significant
                                                                technology breakthroughs this year.
For Malaysia, what does the Year of the Fire Boar hold?
Economically, politically and socially?                         Thank you. P

   From page 5

   Which type       of   investors    is    the APS(1)CGF      As it is a capital guaranteed fund, it’s like a fixed
   for? Why?                                                   deposit placed in the bank. There is no risk to your
                                                               principal/original deposit. The opportunity cost is the
   As mentioned earlier, the fund is suitable for              interest payment that the bank would pay you. Hence
   investors who are risk averse or investors who cannot       we benchmark it against the one-year fixed deposit.
   risk losing their capital and whose investment time
   horizon is three years. The fund employs a capital          When you say “Capital Guaranteed” ... what exactly
   protection strategy whereby 85 percent of the fund          do you mean?
   or more is invested in zero-coupon bonds, which
   will grow to 100 percent to provide the capital             Let me also add that the fund is capital guaranteed if
   on maturity in three years’ time. It has only up to         the investor holds it to maturity. If at maturity (at the
   15 percent exposure in equities (via call options),         end of three years), due to some reason, the value of
   which will give the investors an exposure to equities       the fund falls below the capital invested, the guarantor
   without jeopardising the capital.                           which is United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd, will
                                                               stand by to make good any deficit. At the very least, the
   Why is the APS(1)CGF benchmarked against                    investor will get back all of his capital invested. The
   Maybank’s one-year fixed deposit rate and not               guarantor is United Overseas Bank which is rated AA1
   something more aggressive?                                  by the Rating Agency of Malaysia. P


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