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									                                    Planting out seedlings
 Co mmu nit y
 Gardenin g
 Ba si cs
 In fo sh ee t # 6

                                   When to plant                                         Planting the seedlings out in the garden
                                   Seedlings can be planted out into the garden          Push aside any mulch and make a hole one and a
                                   when they are about four centimetres tall and         half times the depth of the pot with a hand fork or
                                   have developed their second set of leaves             trowel. Fill in the bottom of the hole with
                                   (following the first ‘cotyledons’ that emerge from    compost and mix in with a little of the surrounding
                                   the seed).They should be full and strong, rather      soil.
                                   than ‘leggy’. Some gardeners prefer to keep
                                   seedlings in the nursery, where it may be easier to   Squeeze the pot gently to loosen soil, then tip on
                                   protect them from pests and keep them watered,        its side so the plant slides out. If your seedlings are
                                   until they’re bigger and stronger.                    in egg cartons, newspaper cups, or other pots that
                                                                                         will break down, they can be put straight in the
                                   Avoid planting out at hot and windy times of          hole without removing their containers.
                                   day, as the plants will dry out quickly. Dawn or
                                   dusk of an overcast day when rain looks likely is     It’s generally best not to disturb the roots of the
                                   ideal.                                                plant. However, if the roots have become ‘pot
                                                                                         bound’ and are circling the pot, you may want to
                                   Biodynamic gardeners use the cycles of the moon       loosen them, either by ‘tickling’ gently or – if very
                                   to help decide when the best time to plant is.        tightly bound – by using a knife to make
                                   According to this method, seedlings are best          centimetre deep cuts from top to bottom at
                                   planted out in the week following new moon.           intervals around the root ball.
                                   Some people who are on speaking terms with
From Growing Community: Starting   their plants like to give them 24 hours notice        Place the plant in the hole and fill in with soil –
and Nurturing Community Gardens.   before they plant them out, or even ask if it’s ok    make sure the soil level remains about the same as
May be reproduced freely for use
in community gardens.
                                   first...                                              it was in the pot. Firm in gently.
Additional copies available from   Hardening off                                         Water your seedlings in well with a watering can
community-gardens.aspx             The plants you propagate (or buy) are usually         or hose with a rose fitting. Always water newly
                                   grown in a sheltered, protected environment.They      transplanted plants, even if the soil’s already moist.
                                   will need to be hardened off so they will suffer      Keep your plants well watered for their first few
                                   less of a shock when they go into the ground.         days in their new home.
                                   Before they are planted in the garden, leave them
                                   for two to three days in a place with similar
                                   conditions to where they will be planted.

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