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									THE DEGREE COMPLETION PROGRAM between                                      COLLEGE OF DUP AGE AND
College of DuPage’s Associate of Applied Science                            ROOSEVELT UNIVERSITY
(AAS) degree and Roosevelt University’s Bachelor of                      DEGREE COMPLETION P ROGRAM
Professional Studies degree in Organizational                                AAS to BPS Degree in
Leadership provides adult students at COD the                              Organizational Leadership
opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree developed
for adult learners in less time than it would take to          At College of DuPage, students complete all
complete a traditional bachelor’s degree. Students who         requirements for the AAS degree.
complete their AAS degree can complete a bachelor’s
degree in as few as 51 additional semester hours.              At Roosevelt University, students take the following
                                                               course of study:
                                                               BGS 201         Pro-Seminar in Critical Skills       6 SH
F INANCIAL ASSISTANCE                                          BGS 290         Quant. And Tech Literacy             3 SH
At Roosevelt University, students will get the benefits        ENG 102         Argumentation/Analysis/Research 3 SH
of a private university: small classes, individual             (if not taken at College of DuPage)
attention, and responsiveness to student needs.                OLED 330 Foundations of Org. Leadership              3 SH
Roosevelt works with students to make a private school         OLED 320 Intro. to Org. Communication                3 SH
education affordable. Roosevelt University has a               OLED 325 Org. Communication II                       3 SH
generous scholarship program that recognizes                   OLED 335 Organizational Change                       3 SH
outstanding academic achievement. The financial aid            OLED 365 Diversity in the Workplace                  3 SH
office helps Roosevelt students secure the financial           (Students earn a certificate after completion of the
assistance they need to get the college education they         above 5 OLED courses.)
                                                               OLED 350      Decision-Mkg. & Group Dynamics 3 SH
                                                               OLED 380      Strategy, Vision, & Planning   3 SH
If their long-term goal is a master’s degree, students can     Interdisciplinary seminars:
earn both the bachelor’s and the master’s in about the         BGS 390       Seminar in Social Sciences           6 SH
time it would take to complete a traditional bachelor’s        BGS 391       Seminar in Natural Sciences          6 SH
degree through the Transitions to Graduate school              BGS 392       Seminar in Humanities                6 SH
option.                                                        BGS 399       Senior Thesis                        3 SH

                                                               Semester hours at Roosevelt University:       51-54 SH
The major in Organizational Leadership prepares                Plus any additional English composition based on
graduates for leadership roles in a global economy and         placement on the Roosevelt University Assessment (no
evolving workforce. Students study topics most                 more than 6 semester hours.)
contemporary organizations are facing such as diversity,
organizational change, decision-making, group
dynamics, conflict resolution and negotiation.                  Contact Juli Rowen at
                                                               Contact Linda Gunden at 312-281-3130 or at
Communication is the basis of effective leadership, and         847-619-8444 or at
                                                      for more information.
two courses in organizational communication form the    for more
foundation of this program. A five-course certificate is
embedded into the degree program, and the entire
degree program is available in a fully online format via
the internet. Careers in management, organizational
communication, consulting, and training are available to
students with leadership backgrounds.

All students must complete a minimum of 30 semester
hours at Roosevelt University.

Note: Roosevelt University and College of DuPage reserve the right to modify program requirements.

                                                               THE EVELYN T. STONE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE
THE B ACHELOR OF P ROFESSIONAL STUDIES DEGREE                  For more than thirty years, the Evelyn T. Stone
AT ROOSEVELT UNIVERSITY                                        University College has been a local and national leader
The Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) degree is a         in adult education, opening the door to higher education
fully accredited bachelor’s degree program designed            for thousands of non-traditional students. University
exclusively for adults 24 years or older. By combining         College focuses its efforts in three areas: Innovation,
interdisciplinary general education seminars with strong       Outreach, and Student-Centeredness. University
academic majors, students can earn a BPS degree in up          College strives to respond to needs in the market and to
to one-third less time than it takes to earn a traditional     make a Roosevelt University education attainable by all
bachelor’s degree.                                             interested and academically qualified persons.

The Bachelor of Professional Studies program began at          In addition to the Bachelor of Professional Studies and
Roosevelt University in 1966, making it one of the             Bachelor of General Studies degrees, University
oldest adult degree programs in the Chicago area. It has       College is home to the Manfred Steinfeld School of
over 8,000 graduates, and it is the largest single degree      Hospitality and Tourism Management, the Master of
program at Roosevelt University.                               Arts in Training and Development, and the Lawyer’s
                                                               Assistant Program. Within University College, the
Flexibility is a key component of this degree program.         Partners in Education program, the External Studies
Its small classes encourage interactive communities of         Program, the Department of Human and Community
learners. Classes are available on campus, on-site,            Renewal, and RUOnline deliver Roosevelt University
online, and through blended learning options so students       academic programs to the community.
can balance school with the demands of work and
family                                                         University College is proud to bear the name of Evelyn
                                                               T. Stone, an early supporter of Roosevelt University and
The Bachelor of Professional Studies degree offers             a lifelong champion of education.
special options for transfer students. Degree completion
options like the one outlined on this sheet through the                         Information about programs in
Next Step and Fast Track programs are designed                                  University College:
specifically for community college graduates. The                                        Chicago:        312-281-3134
Transitions to Graduate Study program helps adult                                        Schaumburg:     847-619-8730
students earn both a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in
about the time it would take to earn a traditional
bachelor’s degree alone.
                                                               THE COLLEGES

CATALOG                                                        College of DuPage
This fact sheet provides basic information about the           College of DuPage is the comprehensive community
academic program at Roosevelt. Roosevelt’s                     college for Illinois Community College District 502,
Undergraduate Catalog, however, is the official                located 35 miles west of downtown Chicago in Glen
statement of requirements and policies. Students can           Ellyn, IL. Since its founding in 1967, the college has
access the Roosevelt catalog at                                graduated more than a half million students and has                                     become the largest single campus community college
                                                               on the U.S. Located throughout its district and
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                                         accessible online, College of DuPage is all within
Students will submit applications for admission and            students’ reach.
official transcripts from all colleges attended to the
Roosevelt University Office of Admissions. A                   Roosevelt University
minimum GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale (C average) is               Roosevelt University is a privately supported,
required for admission. All entering students take the         nondenominational institution of higher learning serving
Roosevelt University Assessment (RUA) to determine             metropolitan Chicago. The university has provided
placements in English and mathematics.                         educational opportunity to all academically qualified
                                                               individuals since its founding in 1945. More than 7,000
                                                               students attend classes at Roosevelt’s campuses in
                                                               Chicago and Schaumburg and online.

Note: Roosevelt University and College of DuPage reserve the right to modify program requirements.


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