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					       STEWART RICHARDSON – Specialist Trainer, Consultant and Facilitator

     Phone:                 +44 (0)7760118393
     Email :      


     Stewart is the Managing Director of SDR Consulting Limited. He currently utilises a core team of experts in
     training design and facilitation to develop bespoke solutions for private and public sector organisations
     across a range of subject areas.

     He is a seasoned professional, with over thirty years military and police experience. For the last five years
     of his police career he worked for the National Centre of Policing Excellence, Central Police Training and
     Development Authority (CENTREX), Bramshill, United Kingdom.

     His strengths lie in developing, facilitating and evaluating both strategic and tactical learning within the
     specialist fields of command and control, operational planning, event management, public order, (riot
     control), civil emergency, disaster management, threat, risk and crisis management. He has extensive
     experience of working both nationally and internationally.


     Stewart provided effective operational support, consultancy, training design and delivery, both nationally
     and internationally. He designed and delivered event specific training for police commanders and
     planners within the United Kingdom facing events of national and international significance.

     Previously, whilst head of a specialist public order team and as the lead trainer, Stewart was responsible
     for the design and maintenance of all national public order training programmes in England and Wales.

     In addition, he designed and delivered the ‘Planning for Protest Course’ which received national and
     international acclaim and included inputs on strategic thinking, developing the tactical plan, intelligence,
     risk and threat management and human rights issues. Since 2001 police commanders and planners for the
     majority of the high profile events within the United Kingdom have benefited from attending the course.

     Whilst at Bramshill he also managed the disaster management team and had responsibility for the
     MODACE (Management of Disasters and Civil Emergency) Course, Senior Identification Managers and
     National Disaster Victim Recovery Course.

     Stewart has also given advice and guidance to the Home Office, Police Forces, Association of Chief Police
     Officer’s (A.C.P.O.), Joint Permanent Military Headquarters (Iraq), British Army Operational Tactical
     Advisory Group (Iraq), Ministry of Defence Advisory Team (Caribbean and Central America) on strategic,
     tactical and legislative issues.

     Recognised as an authority in his field, in August 2004 Stewart was invited by the Police Executive
     Research Forum in Washington DC to take part in a North American workshop tasked with developing a
     good practice guide for policing mass demonstrations in the United States.

     He has personally provided consultancy internationally at Prime Minister and Minister level, and has
     provided similar advice and consultancy at senior officer level in the United Kingdom during numerous
     incidents and protests. For example: serious urban disorder, national fuel disputes, farming, animal rights,
     environmental protest, raves, pop concerts, sporting events, Commonwealth Games, G8, airport and road
     developments and international protest resulting from the transportation of nuclear waste.

     In addition, Stewart has carried out scoping exercises, designed, delivered and evaluated bespoke
     international training, for police, prison and military organisations in relation to operational management
     (public order / riot control) event management (elections / sporting) in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa,
     South America and Central America on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British Council
     and the Department for Foreign and International Development.

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