; PEACE - Precamp 2 IJBW 2008
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PEACE - Precamp 2 IJBW 2008


PEACE - Precamp 2 IJBW 2008

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									PEACE out

Precamp 2 – IJBW 2008

Hey everybody!

This is the Precamp 2, which contains detailed information about the weekend.
This is the only information you’ll receive, unless you ask for more, so please
read it carefully.

Hereby we have the honor to present the location of our fabulous weekend.
The weekend will be held at:
                                 Blåklokkevej 1
                                 2770 Kastrup

If you are coming with public transport we have some ideas for you to get the
From the central station:
           Bus:       250S to Lufthavnen/udenrigs
When you reach the bus stop called Korsvejens skole you get of and walk to
the campsite. We’ll make sure there will be signs to guide you there.

From the airport:
           Bus:       36 to Nøragersmindevej
When you reach the bus stop called Volmer Kjærs Allé you get of and walk to
the campsite. We’ll make sure there will be signs to guide you there.

If you know an easier way, feel free to use it. This is just some suggestions.

If you have any problems please contact us. It’s not very nice to get lost

Check in
Check in starts Friday at 7 pm.
We decided to have the check in quite late in respect of the people who have a
long journey.

The check out on Sunday will be around 2 pm.
If you need to leave earlier please contact Emil, and make a deal.

If you have any questions before the weekend, Emil will be your contact
You can reach him at:
                      Emil Bo Nielsen
                      Pandebjergvej 192
                      4800 Nykøbing Falster
                      Mobile: +45 28 10 57 09
                      Email: emil.nielsen@cisv.dk

During the weekend you can ask the staff.

Allergies or special needs
If you have any kind of allergy or special needs please let us know. This is for
your own best.

You have signed up for a wonder of an IJBW 2008. And we can say it’s a
wonder since we know YOU are coming.
But even though we are arranging the weekend, we have some expectations
for you as a participant.
   •   You take part in the activities
   •   You are prepared to learn about PEACE
   •   You respect the rules we have set up
   •   You feel responsible for your self

What to bring
Here is a list of things we suggest you to bring:
   •   Money to pay the fee (Otherwise we have to reject you ;o))
   •   Warm cloths (The Danish weather can be cold in February)
   •   Indoor shoes (The floors might be cold)
   •   Spending money (There will be a chance to visit a shop during
   •   Sleeping bag (Or something to sleep in/under)
   •   Bed shed (we have mattresses, but you need to bring a shed to put on
   •   Toilet stuff (Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo…)
   •   Towel (In case you want to shower)
   •   Medication (If you need any kind)
   •   Camera (If you want good memories of us)
   •   A PEACEfully mind

What’s going to happen?
During the weekend you’ll hear a lot about PEACE. We have arranged 3 people
to come and talk about PEACE from different point of views.
Since we are a part of CISV, we can’t deny the traditional CISV “rituals” which
means we are going to have flag-up in the morning, and flag-down in the
We are also going to have a little ‘circle of PEACE’ in the evening.

To make sure we’re getting the best food, we have hired a bunch of
kitchenstaffies to cook for us. So there is no reason of fearing the Danish food.

The Danish culture is very affected by alcohol. Therefore we allow you to drink
beer in the evening. But there is some rules you need to follow.
   •   The drinking is only for the coziness. Not to get drunk.
   •   You have to be able to participate in the activities the next day.
   •   You are only allowed to buy the beer we are selling.

The Danish law says that you in Denmark have to be 16 years old to buy any
kind of alcohol. We have to follow that rule, which means you can’t buy beer if
you are less than 16 years.
We’ll make sure there’ll also be something for the people who don’t like beer.

If there are any smokers between the participants, we have to inform you that
smoking will take place outside.

We have a little correction from the precamp 1. Nanna Andreasen is not able to
join the staff. We feel very sorry that Nanna won’t be there.
But instead of Nanna we have got Rasmus Danker Danielsen. We are looking
forward to work with Rasmus.

That’s it for now. We are looking forward to see you at IJBW 2008.
We wish you all the best until we meet.

PEACE, love and harmony

The IJBW 2008 staff
          Arendse Loua
          Alexander Støvelbæk
          Emil Bo Nielsen
          Rasmus Danker Danielsen

As mother Theresa once said:

PEACE begins with a smile


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