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We are delighted that we are able to offer you the chance to join


We are delighted that we are able to offer you the chance to join

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									                                        Website:               Issue 19

 Bayer have brought out a new
 spot on treatment, ADVANTIX,
 which will not only kill fleas but
 also repel ticks and mosquitos.       We are delighted that we are able to offer you the chance to
 We have been using it since April     join our new Practice Plan. This means that you can spread
 and so far it does seem to be         the cost of your pet’s routine veterinary treatment over
 highly effective.                     twelve months, This means that you can pay for cats’ and
 It is only for use in dogs though,    dogs’ vaccinations, flea, tick & worm treatments, and rabbits’
 so cats that tend to pick up ticks    vaccinations ,by monthly direct debit.
 will need to stay on FRONTLINE.       Included will be a free 6 monthly examination. You will also
                                       automatically get a 10% discount on all other bills, provided
                                       that they are paid at the time. Out of hours calls would be
                                       £25 less than for non regular clients.
                                       Regular visits mean that we can monitor the general health
                                       of your pet and offer advice and support which, in many
The rules governing travelling pets
                                       cases, may prevent problems in the future. We would rather
within EU and accepted countries
                                       see your pets when they are fit and well and help you to
have changed. Instead of various
                                       keep them that way, than wait until they have a problem,
bits of paper pets can now have
                                       which is distressing for all involved. The current, monthly,
their own passport.
                                       charges are:
They still need to be microchipped,
                                                               First pet           Subsequent pet
vaccinated against rabies, and
                                       Small Dog                    £ 9.73             £ 8.73
blood tested after 30 days. But the
                                       Medium Dog                   £10.48             £ 9.48
details all go onto the passport.
                                       Large Dog                    £11.58             £10.58
This means that in most circum-
                                       Giant Dog                    £12.10             £11.10
stances they then don’t need an
                                       Cat                          £ 9.81             £ 8.81
export certificate to go abroad, and
                                       Rabbit                       £ 4.43             £ 3.43
can come back into the UK after 6
months have elapsed from the
blood test. The tick and tapeworm
treatment, which needs to be done
24-48 hours before re-entry, and
rabies boosters, will all go on to     If your pet finds this time of year stressful– too many fireworks, too
                                       many parties, too many visitors, or even too much fun then everyone
the passport. For more information     going back to work and school– it may be worth considering pheromone
ask for a copy of our Taking your      treatment.
Pet Abroad leaflet. For information    By plugging the relevant diffuser into a socket you get a month’s worth
pertaining to a particular country     of calming pheromone release. These do help many stressed animals.
ring DEFRA– 0845 6030 807                 Please ask for more details on FELIWAY for cats or DAP for dogs.
forest lodge                                Newsletter                                      Issue 19

 Intervet, the drug company whose vaccines we use, have
 investigated in detail how often vaccines need to be
 boosted. They are now confident that protection against
 Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus will last for 3 years af-
 ter the initial vaccination course (the puppy vaccinations
 and then the first annual booster). Parainfluenza and Lep-
 tospirosis protection only lasts a year in most dogs, so an
 annual vaccination against these diseases is reccom-
 mended. As leptospirosis (Weil's disease in humans) is
 spread by rat urine especially in water courses, all of the
 dogs that walk on the forest, clifftops, farmland, or park             We were delighted to wel-
 land should be boosted each year. Therefore we recom-                  come Lucy Thacker, who
 mend an annual check up and booster vaccination - but                  joined the practice in Novem-
 only give the minimum recommended vaccines required                    ber 2004 as an veterinary
 that year. If you have any concerns regarding vaccination              surgeon.
 please feel free to discuss them with us.                              As a schoolgirl Lucy did work
                                                                        experience with us before
                                                                        training at Bristol University.
                                                                        Lucy qualified in 1999 and
                                                                        worked in Tewkesbury and
                                                                        then Worcester before travel-
 As we realise that not all health problems are best treated            ing to New Zealand. Lucy
 by conventional medicines, a number of our staff, including            has returned to her roots and
 the senior nurses, have been trained in the correct and ap-            is enjoying being back in the
 propriate use of herbal and homoeopathic medicines and                 Forest.
 acupuncture, and we now stock an extensive selection of                She is currently working at
 these medicines and supplements.                                       our Lymington Surgery on
 If you would like to discuss your pet’s health and whether             Wednesdays, and at New
 there are any alternative therapies that either might prevent          Milton during the rest of the
 problems or help treat them, please make an appointment                week.
 to see one of our nurses.

 Main Surgery and office:
                                                                       Lymington Surgery:
   14 Barton Court Road                                                     66 Milford Road,
     NEW MILTON,                                                                Pennington,
         BH25 6NP                                                            LYMINGTON,
    Tel: (01425) 614482                                                          S041 8DU
   Fax: (01425) 629362              Veterinary Surgeons:                   Tel: (01590) 673687
                                 R.M.B. WILSON MA, VetMB, MRCVS            Fax: (01590) 688455
                                  Miss J. REDMAN BVetMed, MRCVS
                                Mrs S. C. TYLER BVetMed,MRCVS
                               Mrs R. BEACHAM BVetMed, CertVD, MRCVS
                                      Mrs T.ZILIC BVetMed MRCVS
                                  Miss P.CLAYTON MA VetMB MRCVS
                                    Miss L THACKER BVSc,MRCVS

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