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									Out of sight… but not out of mind
    Put your mind and your company reputation at ease with a
      Euroscan® Temperature Monitoring and Tracking System
If you are an owner or operator of refrigerated transport in the
Australian Cold Chain, the last thing you need is a broken link
T  here are no second chances in food or pharmaceutical transport. One
   failed mission could cost the company its reputation and future orders.
                                                                                        There’s a Euroscan solution for any size fleet – one truck or a hundred. The basic unit
                                                                                        is the entry level which can be augmented with add-on technology to increase the
                                                                                        functions and level of monitoring. The Euroscan recorder can be connected to any
If you are planning to be HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)            make of refrigerated truck and can monitor any mobile refrigeration unit.
compliant, as all food handlers need to be, you should look to a respected and
trusted designer and manufacturer of one of the world’s most advanced transport
monitoring and tracking systems.
                                                                                          Level 1 - An X2 Euroscan recorder on board which monitors temperatures
                                                                                          and door openings through up to four digital inputs and six temperature
                                                                                          sensors including probes for snap inspections. All data is centrally stored,
Euroscan instruments are made in Germany and are renowned for their durability            allowing the operator to print trip reports that provide the customer with
and advanced electronics design. Their monitoring systems are tracking refrigerated       proof of temperature controls. Status and alarm reports can be monitored on
cargoes around Europe and America for major food companies and Euroscan is a              board the truck in real time.
market leader in Europe.
                                                                                          Level 2 - Level 1 PLUS SIM module which sends alarms via text to pre-
Thanks to a respected Australian company that specialises in transport refrigeration,     determined mobile phone at emergency service, repair service, or base.
SCA-Australia, the Euroscan system is now available for installation and ongoing
service in the Australian refrigerated fleet.                                             Level 3 - Level 2 PLUS GPS module which allows satellite tracking of the
                                                                                          truck’s position in real time and monitors truck speeds. Trip temperature and
Euroscan is a new generation temperature recorder and tracking                            event reports (see below) can be viewed on line, downloaded for filing into a
system for refrigerated trucks and trailers.                                              long term log, and can be printed in data or graphical format.
Those responsible for moving goods from here to there at controlled                    • generate reports with arrival times and temperature conditions at the load
temperatures face these issues every day a truck is on the road:                         destination
  • is the truck where it is supposed to be, and is it on time?                        • satisfy the most fastidious client with data reports that track temperatures in
  • is the refrigeration unit delivering the correct temperatures for the goods          all truck compartments at all stages of the journey
    being carried?
  • if deliveries are being made, are rear or side doors being left open for
    unnecessarily long periods, resulting in loss of sub-zero temperatures so
                                                                                       Euroscan is a system solution that brings vital data
    requiring excess power or fuel consumption?                                        to the right people, at the right time – automatically
  • on long runs, how does the driver know the temperatures are being
    maintained at constant levels?
                                                                                      With growing emphasis on public health and safety around the world, most
  • in the event of refrigeration failure away from home base, do you have an
                                                                                      countries, including Australia, are adopting Food Safety Accreditation standards,
    emergency repair strategy in place which is triggered automatically?
                                                                                      all based on a widely adopted HACCP set of principles.
  • will the goods arrive at the destination in pristine condition and, if not, how
    will a failed delivery impact on the business and on future contracts?
                                                                                      Food handling regulations in Australia are based on
The ultimate Euroscan solution allows a trucking base to:                             HACCP, and it is widely being adopted as the only
 • see where the truck is in real time on a road map or a satellite image             recognised endorsement of best practice in the carriage
 • check on vehicle speed and direction, and whether it is stationary or              of foods, pharmaceuticals,
   moving                                                                             flowers, animals,
 • look up historical temperature data in columns or on graphs                        electronics and any
 • check if the doors have been open as long and as often as expected                 other product which
 • analyse historical temperatures                                                    requires controlled
 • configure alarms, with automatic alerts to refrigeration technicians or            temperatures during
   other repair specialists                                                           shipment.
                                                                                                                  With GPS tracking, a transport manager
                                                                                                                  can provide clients with accurate pickup or
                                                                                                                  delivery times, or divert trucks to other tasks,
                                                                                                                  with minimum time loss.

                                                                   Available in Australia only through SCA Australia Pty Ltd
                                                               sales@sca-australia.com.au Ph 07 5571 1986 Fax 07 5528 6487
                                                                    www.sca-australia.com.au www.euroscan-group.com

*The balloon read-out hovering over the truck on the front page picture is typical of the instant, on-screen reporting showing the truck’s location and the status of all monitoring points on the vehicle, available
with the Level 3 installation. The front page example tells the truck base that: On April 6, 2009, at 9.02am, the truck was travelling at 79 km/h at 18˚ (NNE). At 8.59am (the last time the recorder transferred data to
the Euroscan server) the main freezer temperature was -22.2˚C, the return air temperature on the freezer was -17.7˚C, the #3 product probe was measuring 0.6˚C, the #4 probe was measuring 0.0˚C and the #5 probe
was measuring 3.0˚C. The digital reading of 0001 indicates that the truck’s rear door has not been properly closed.

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