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					Vehicle Telematics Database
 Documentation and Prospectus

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I. Introduction:

The Vehicle Telematics Database is a database of all currently available
telematics-enabled passenger vehicles. This coverage includes North America,
Western Europe and Japan and includes over 1,000 records with new models
added continuously.

The objective is to provide users with a means of tracking the worldwide telematics
market in terms of what is currently available today. Every trim level of every model
that is telematics-enabled is included in this database. Users can track the
telematics options by OEM, by country, by TSP, or by model year.

This database is a tool for tracking the telematics systems and services available
from the major OEMs. All the details about the telematics hardware and related
communications and navigation options are provided. The database also includes
details about the cost of the telematics hardware options as well as the services
and communications fees.

This database is designed for anyone in the telematics industry such as OEMs,
component or subsystems manufacturers, service or content providers, or telecom
equipment manufacturers.

With this database you can answer the following questions:

       - What vehicles have telematics and at what price?
       - Which OEMs are bundling telematics services and for how long?
       - What are the hardware requirements for telematics systems?
       - What is the telematics functionality?
       - Does the TSP offer access to a voice portal or live operator?
       - What brands of cars have telematics and in what countries?
       - Which systems offer safety & security and which ones content?

II. Database Format & Coverage:

The Vehicle Telematics Database is provided in Microsoft Access format although
the results can easily be exported for use in most databases. The records can be
viewed one at a time or a summary report can be produced to quickly see the
results by country, OEM, model year, or TSP.

The database is provided in CD format and is updated quarterly to reflect changes
and the addition of new models or model years. Since the database is cumulative,
a substantial amount of historical data can be tracked over time.

The database includes a representative number of vehicles from any given
manufacturer. At least one model from every trim level is included with sedans,

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coupes and wagons (considered different trim levels ). This will typically result in 25
to 50 vehicles per OEM per model year per country.

Included below are vehicles sold in North America, Western Europe and Japan
that are included in the database. Listed below is the distribution of vehicles by
brand and region.

                          Number of Vehicles (trim levels) with Telematics
                          A trim level is a unique body style and model configuration





                                    Name of TM      TM 1st Year


       Alfa               Connect                           2001              191                 191
       Fiat               Connect                           2001              145                 145
       Honda              Inter Navi                        1998                         70        70
       Mazda              Mazda Telematics                  2000                         46        46
       Nissan             CompassLink/CarWings         1998/2002                        125       125
       Toyota             Monet/G-Book                 1998/2003                        162       162
       Opel               OnStar                            2000                71                 71
       Citroen            AutoPC                            2000                33                 33
       Acura              Onstar                            2001        8                           8
       Audi               Audi Telematics                   2001       50      80                 130
       BMW                Assist                            1999       51      41                  92
       Ford               Ford Telematics -- Euro           2001              160                 160
       GM-Pontiac         OnStar                            1998      42                           42
       GM-Buick           OnStar                            1998      21                           21
       GM-Cadillac        OnStar                            1997      36                           36
       GM-Chevrolet       OnStar                            1998     107                          107
       GM-GMC             OnStar                            1997      69                           69
       GM-Oldsmobile      OnStar                            1998      22                           22
       Infinity           Infiniti Communication            1997      11                           11
       Jaguar             Deluxe communication              2000       6                            6
       Lincoln            VCS (RESCU)                       1996       3                            3
       Mercedes           TeleAid                           2000      92        61                153
       Saab               OnStar                            2000      32                           32
       Volvo              On Call Plus                      2001      13                           13
       Lexus              Lexus Link                        2001       2                            2
       Totals by Region                                              565      782       403      1750

   •     The Vehicle Telematics Database is a dynamic database meaning that the
         results may change, even to existing records. Price plans or the cost of
         hardware options can change and this database will generally reflect those
         changes. TRG will issue database updates quarterly in the form of a
         replacement file that includes new models plus existing records.

   •     Some regions such as S.E. Asia (i.e. Korea, Australia) are not included in
         the database but are likely to be included in subsequent quarters once
         those nations introduce vehicles with telematics.

   •     The database includes 2001 and 2002 models for the United States but all
         other regions begin with the model year 2002. Soon 2003 models will be
         coming into the market and these will be added to the database. Since the

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       database is cumulative, the historical records will be preserved for analysis
       and reference to historical data.

   •   The database includes only those vehicles that are telematics-enabled --
       this means they must have the ability to send and receive information from a
       telematics service provider (TSP). However, in some cases vehicles are
       included in the database if they have telematics hardware even though they
       may not currently offer access to a TSP. These records are noted when this
       is the case.

   •   Some records have limited information or blank fields. Either those fields do
       not apply, or the information was unavailable to TRG. Subsequent updates
       may contain additional information.

   •   Database updates are issued quarterly and clients are instructed to replace
       their existing database file with the new one. Existing records are preserved
       since each record has a permanently assigned record number that never

III. Database Operation:

The operation of this database requires a licensed version of Microsoft Access.
The data file may be accessed directly from the CDROM or could be copied
(recommended) to a PC or network server (server license required). Subsequent
updates replace the existing files since the data is cum ulative.

Once you open the
database file you will see
the main menu (pictured).

The database allows you to
select individual records or
view multiple records based
on your search criteria from
the main menu. There are
several built-in filter criteria
on the main menu for quick
reference. These include
OEM, Model Year, Country,
or telematics service
provider (TSP).

To view records, you can leave the four filter criteria blank or select criteria based
on the drop down menus . To choose criteria, use the pull-down menu and select
from the list. By leaving the criteria blank you will be choosing all of the values in

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that field. (Note: leaving the field blank means leaving an “ * ” in the field) Once
you have selected the criteria, you can do one of the following:

   1. View the Results in the Telematics and Auto Information Form -- here
      you will be able to page through each record one at a time.
   2. Export the Results to Excel – export the data to Excel.
   3. Print Telematics Summary Report – here you will be able to print a
      summary report formatted to print on standard paper. The summary report
      includes a model-by-model sorted by country, brand and model.

IV. Database Records

Each record has several fields of data that are grouped in four main categories:
Auto Information/Summary; Telematics Information; Navigation/GPS Information;
and Cellular Communication Information.

Auto Information/Summary (basic vehicle information)

This section includes basic information about the vehicle, category and price. This
section also includes key fields such as the year they began telematics, and
whether the vehicle is telematics or navigation enabled.

Telematics Information: (details about the telematics within that vehicle)

This section includes important information about the telematics hardware as well
as information regarding telematics functionality and services.

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Navigation Information: (basic navigation system information)

This includes information about the navigation system and its integration with the
on-board telematics functionality. In the field labeled “TM Requires Navi” means
that the Telematics system or functionality requires a navigation unit.

Cellular Communications Information (cellular phone system in the vehicle)

The details in this section relate to the cellular phone system that is available as an
option or standard in the vehicle. Some telematics systems include an embedded
cellular phone system, others require a users own phone.

Telematics Notes & Images

The details in this section relate other relevant telematics information such as OEM
suppliers and availability of service. Also available are image links to view pictures
of the system. These images are stored on the TRG website for fast access and
may be utilized for research and analysis.

    #1                           #2                         #3

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Note à Some records may contain blank fields or may appear incomplete. In
these cases it means some of the information was not available, not released, or
not published or disclosed. However, these records are included in the database
since the information collected was useful enough to publish. Subsequent releases
of the database may often include additional details or updates to existing records.

V. Ordering Procedures

The Vehicle Telematics Database is available on an annual site license basis for
the fee of $6,000 USD. With this clients receive the complete database,
documentation, and a CD-ROM containing the actual file. Subsequent updates are
sent quarterly that contain new records and updates. The update schedule is as

       •   January 2 nd
       •   April 1 st
       •   July 1 st
       •   October 1 st

VI. Conditions of Vehicle Telematics Database

The information contained in the Vehicle Telematics Database is believed to be
accurate and reliable. Neither Telematics Research Group, Inc., it principals,
employees, or agents make any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy
of the information contained. We shall have no liability for errors of fact or
judgment, or for any damages resulting from the use of this information.

Information within the Vehicle Telematics Database is subject to change.

Telematics products, pricing, naming and terms may be different from what is
published due to changes made by the manufacturer, OEM, or service providers.
Telematics Research Group will make every effort to keep the data current and up-
to-date. Historical data (prior model vehicles) will not be updated or changed after
subsequent model years are released.

Many brand and model names, trim levels, and related images are copyrighted or
registered properties of their respective manufacturers. Telematics services,
telematics user interfaces, hardware options and related telecommunications
services may also be copyrighted or registered properties of their respective
provider o r company. Images are registered properties of their respective
manufacturers or TRG and may be used for viewing only.

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