You Matter More Than You Think_ “Whats Love Got To Do With It”

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					                                                                         You Matter More Than You Think!
                                                                    We women are too busy—too busy for friendships to be built and
                                                                    nurtured. Women were created to thrive off of friendships and each
                                                                    other. I pray that this year we allow ourselves the opportunities to
                                                                    build strong girlfriend relationships (not just in emails, phone calls,
                                                                    and once a month events but on a regular basis). The Holy Spirit
                                                                    will help us prioritize our time with work, family, kids, husbands,
                                                                    etc. I know these are the first priorities, but I also know this: if we
                                                                    give ourselves the time to be "Just a Girl" on a regular basis, we will
                                                                    be much BETTER wives, mothers, employees and whatever other
                                                                    hats we wear....LOL!! This IS how God designed us, and we (me
                                                                    too!!) have allowed "life" to steal these things from us. Let's strive
                                                                    this year to get back to our God-given Design in all areas of our
                                                                    lives. I love you all and want only the very best that God has for
                                                                    you as women—to see your hearts’ desires become a reality and
                                                                    your life full of just plain fun!

With that in mind, I have an exciting new Small Group that I am starting in May! It is called You Matter More Than You Think. Whether
you are married or single, restless or content, wounded or strong, the You Matter More Than You Think study is designed for every
woman who longs to be more than part of the mainstream.

In this poignant and vulnerable women’s study, Dr. Leslie Parrot shows you how each hodgepodge piece of your life, no matter how
haphazard, represents a part of what you do and who you are. While on the surface none of these pieces may seem to make a terribly
dramatic impact, Leslie will show you how they are your life and how, when they are collected into a loving human heart, they become
a treasure.

Leslie and her husband Les have sold over a million copies of their books. They are the co-authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It
Starts, Your Time-Starved Marriage, Love Talk, Becoming Soul Mates and many other marriage and parenting related books. Les and
Leslie have been featured on eHarmony, Oprah, The View, CNN, Focus on the Family, and in USA Today and the New York Times.

Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages, recently commented, “Leslie provides an excellent roadmap. She is blatantly honest
and extremely practical.” John Maxwell, Founder of INJOY also said, “Without a doubt, this will help you become a success where it
counts the most. I highly recommend You Matter More Than You Think.

This will be a six week Small Group Study, and there is only room for ten (10) ladies.

Your Girlfriend,
Pastor Stacy

             “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”
If you missed our February meeting, you missed a lot of fun and some
serious discussion on the topic of Relationships. (What else would we
talk about in the “Love” month? :) The NewView, a panel of women from
our   Girlfriends Advisory Board, answered questions submitted by ladies in
the auditorium. “Relationships” was one of the hot topics most of
those who took our survey said they wanted us to address in our meet-
ings. We discovered that communication is a key to having solid, fulfill-
ing relationships. This is a subject we could talk about every month
and still not exhaust it. Growing in relationships takes a lifetime of
learning, but it’s well worth the investment, and there are many re-
sources to help you in your pursuit. Here are just a few we want to
include for your own study: (Focus on the Family); (Gary Smalley); (Dennis
Rainey); (Dr. Randy Carlson).
                                                                                      Happy Birthday!
                                                                   These girlfriends celebrate birthdays in February, so wish them a
                                                                   happy birthday when you see them. (If you have a February
                                                                   birthday and are not listed, please contact or
                                                                   call her at the church office at 271-3800 Ext 232 so we can get
                                                                   your birth date in our data base!)
                                                                                        China Morrissette — 1st
                                                                                            Ozie Harold — 3rd
                                                                                          Maria Sahonic — 3rd
                                                                                         Dorothea Hicks — 4th
                                                                                          Jewel Richards — 5th
                                                                                        Heather Buesinger — 7th
                                                                                           Connie Evans — 7th
                                                                                          Carrie Tolliver — 7th
                                                                                          Gloria Johnson — 8th
                                                                                           Annie Fields — 10th
                                                                                           April Martin — 16th
                                                                                          Linda Cooper — 17th
                                                                                         Geneva Hunter — 20th
                                                                                         Brenda Brown — 27th
                                                                                          Dava Manual — 28th
                                                                                            Jean Davis — 29th

         Fundraising Fun!
We are having our first Girlfriends Bake
Sale Fundraiser on March 16th, following
the morning service. We’ll be baking up
and selling all our delicious goodies to all
the hungry folks as they leave church
that morning. Jessie Bush will be heading
up this project and she’ll be taking sign-
ups for those of you who would like to
donate baked goods for our sale.

Bake Sale Guidelines:
• Homemade
• Pre-packaged (sets of 3 cookies, slices,
half/whole cakes, pies, etc.)
• Bring in a disposable container, wrap or
ziploc bag(s)
• Label each item (short description of
what it is)

      Upcoming Meetings
Listed below are the dates for upcoming
Girlfriends Events!                            We are so excited about our next Girlfriends meeting! March 9th is the date & you
                                               won’t want to miss it. We’re not telling what we’re going to see, but it is a family
•   Sunday, March 9th - 6pm                    friendly flick with a dynamite message – one your heart will embrace. So come on,
•   Sunday, March 16th - 10am*                 Girlfriend, join us for a girls’ night out at the movies. We’ll have fun, fellowship &
•   Sunday, April 13th - 6pm                   even some movie snacks. (Do I smell popcorn?) This is a good opportunity for you to
•   Sunday, May 11th - 6pm                     invite a friend who might not otherwise come to a “church” function.
          (* Bake Sale Fundraiser)

    At our March meeting we’ll begin taking sign ups for our G! Groups, which will be kicking off in the next two months. If
    you’d like to lead a G! Group, please email Rosie Brock at or call her at 271-3800 Ext 221. You
    must be a member of Christian Life Church to lead a group.