Valuta Account Application Form and Terms v1

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					Valuta Finance Corporation
Individual Account Application Form and Terms v1

Individual Account Application

Account Name:                                                             Application Date:        DD / MM / YYYY
Title:             Surname:                                               First Name(s):
Nationality:                            Gender:       M / F               Date of Birth:       DD / MM / YYYY
ID Type:       Passport / National ID / Drivers Licence                          ID No:
Street Address:
Suburb:                                                                        City
Telephone (Bus) :                                                      Telephone (Home) :
Mobile Phone:                                                          Email:
Monthly Statements: Y / N

I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Valuta Card Terms and Conditions and that the electronic
facsimile of this document is deemed to be a legal document. I declare that I have not been sanctioned by any
foreign government nor is my name, nor the name of any entity that I control, on any such lists of sanctioned
persons or entities. I further declare that I am acting for myself and not a nominee, trustee or in a fiduciary
capacity for any person or corporate body.

Signed:                                                                  Date:

For Official Use Only
ID Verified: Y / N                                                       Date:     DD / MM / YYYY
Proof of Residence Supplied:            Y/N                              Date:     DD / MM / YYYY
Approved By:                                                             Date:     DD / MM / YYYY
Customer No:
Card No:
Captured By:                                                             Date:     DD / MM / YYYY

I do not suspect that this Contributor is engaged in money laundering, terrorist financing or any other form of criminal conduct or that they
are contravening any laws in Zimbabwe by contributing funds into Valuta Finance Limited. I confirm that this Contributor is not a ‘Specially
Designated National of Zimbabwe’ as defined in the sanctions imposed by the US President by way of Executive Orders in terms of the
International Emergency Economic Powers Act. I confirm that this Contributor is not a ‘Targeted Persons’ as defined in the sanctions
imposed by the EU in terms of the EU Council Regulations No 314/ 2004.


Valuta Finance Corporation
Individual Account Application Form and Terms v1

Valuta Finance Corporation Pre-Paid Debit Card
Terms and Conditions
1. Definitions
   In this Agreement
   a.     "Account" means an account from which payments are made under Condition 7 below and shall apply whether or not the account number is altered
          at any time and will extend to any account opened in substitution for the Account which may be at any of our branches.
   b.     "Agreement" means this document.
   c.     "Authorisation" means confirmation given to an agent, Merchant or account holder.
   d.     "Card" means our ‘Valuta’ Card issued to you by Valuta Finance Corporation.
   e.     "Card Number" means the number embossed across the middle of the Valuta Card.
   f.     "PIN" means any personal identification number issued to you or any Additional Cardholder.
   g.     "Merchant", here synonymous with “Retailer” and “Supplier”, means a person who agrees, by arrangement with us to accept the Card as payment for
          goods or services.
   h.     “System” means the payment system used by Valuta
   i.     "Transaction" means any use of the card or card number to make or authorise payments to Merchants or the use of the Card and PIN in swipe
   j.     "We/our/us" means Valuta Finance Corporation registered in the British Virgin Islands and administered in Mauritius.
   k.     "You/your/yourself" means the customer or customers to whom a Valuta Card is issued to by us.

2. Use of Card
   a.   You must ensure that all Cards are signed immediately on receipt and that you comply with any instructions we may give regarding the use and
        safekeeping of Cards.
   b.   You may only use the Card:
                  i.   within the validity period embossed on the Card; and
                 ii.   if you have an available credit balance.
                iii.   in determining availability we may take into account the amount of any Transaction not yet debited and any Authorisation we may have
                       given in respect of a prospective Transaction.
                iv.    to purchase goods and services or receive cash back on purchases from participating Merchants only.
   c.   The unit used in any Card transaction will be a Unit. One Unit is equivalent to one United States Dollar (USD). Credits purchased in a currency other
        than USD will be converted to USD using the exchange rate charged by our bank at the time of exchange.
   d.   Subject to Condition 13, you will be liable for the amount of all Card Transactions and Charges debited to the Account.
   e.   If the Card expires or is lost or stolen, the provision of a new Card will be at our sole discretion.
   f.   The Card may not be used for illegal purposes.
   g.   You should exercise reasonable care when quoting your Card Number at any time.
   h.   We will issue you with a Personal Identification Number (PIN). We will not reveal your PIN to anyone but yourself. You can use your PIN with your
        Card for purchases only. You may also be asked by a Merchant to insert your PIN into a secure PIN pad when you pay in person for goods and
        services with your Card.
   i.   We may refuse to authorise a payment if we consider that your Card or Account has been or is likely to be misused, whether fraudulently or
        otherwise. To enable us to authorise a payment we may refer an authorisation request back to the Merchant for further information. You may be
        asked to produce further identification to the Merchant.
   j.   You cannot stop a Card payment but a Merchant, may make a refund to Valuta Finance Corporation. We will credit your Account when we receive
        any such refund. We cannot be responsible for any delay in receiving the refund.
   k.   Any contract or undertaking to buy or sell is exclusively between you and the Merchant, and thus normal vigilance of “Caveat Emptor” devolves
        entirely on you.

3. Safeguarding the Card and PIN
   a.   You must take all possible steps to keep the Card safe and all security details secret at all times.
   b.   If we have issued you with a PIN, you must take all reasonable precautions to prevent fraudulent use. These include:
                   i. shielding the key pad at premises of Merchants when entering your PIN and undertaking transactions;
                  ii. complying with all reasonable instructions we issue regarding keeping your PIN safe.
   c.   You must never allow any other person to use your Card whether with or without the Card number or the PIN, but if you do so, you will be liable for
        any debits to the Account without limitation.
   d.   You must never write the PIN on the Card or on anything kept with the Card. If you write it down elsewhere, you must disguise it so that it is not
   e.   You may only disclose the Card Number for the purpose of making a Transaction or when reporting the loss or theft of the Card or when we authorise
   f.   You must inform us at once if any of your statements have an entry which seems to be incorrect.
   g.   You must report any lost or stolen card as soon as possible (see Condition13.a)

4. Card transactions
   a.   The Card or Card Number can be used to make or authorise payments to Merchants who accept the Card.
   b.   Once the Card has been used for a transaction, the transaction cannot be stopped.

5. The Account
   a.   Your Account is governed by our Terms and Conditions.
   b.   We will deduct the amount of all Transactions from the Account. This applies only if the Account is in credit. We will not allow the Account to become

6. Payment
   a.  Transactions will normally be debited to your Account immediately. All Transactions will be shown on your Account statement.

7. Charges
   a.  We apply charges for the following:
                      i. Issuing a new card and/or replacement cards
                     ii. Transferring Credits from one Account to another, the receiving account is charged.
                    iii. Payment to non-participating suppliers or retailers for goods or services. This extraordinary facility and the relevant charges for this
                         facility will be negotiated on an “ad hoc” basis. This does not constitute an offer, and Valuta has the right to decline a customer’s
                         request for this type of payment.
   b.  The charges described in 7.a. above are set out in our tariff of charges for Merchant customers and you, the Consumer customers. The applicable
       tariff will be given to you when you open your Account. The tariffs are also available upon request at any time. The relevant tariffs also set out
       additional charges for certain transactions or services on your personal or business Account, which do not relate specifically to the use of the Card.
   c.  We reserve the right to change any of our charges, but will generally notify you of any changes at least thirty days in advance.
Valuta Finance Corporation
Individual Account Application Form and Terms v1

8. Borrowing
   a.   You are not entitled to overdraw the Account.
   b.   You are not entitled to use the Card if part of this transaction would cause you to be overdrawn.

9. Use of information
   a.   In considering your application we reserve the right to decline your application.
   b.   If you have been sanctioned by a foreign government, or if your name is on a list of persons sanctioned by a foreign government, or if you receive
        funds from a person or entity that is on a list of sanctioned persons, those and any other funds that you have in Valuta Units maybe blocked by a
        foreign bank in terms of the legislation under which that bank operates. Neither Valuta Finance Corporation, nor the Trustee nor the bank used by
        Valuta shall bear any liability for such blocking, and it you will have to pursue any claims to those funds in terms of the legislation of the respective
        government that may have caused your funds to be blocked.
   c.   We will carry out credit checks as we deem necessary in the event of a problem with your account.
   d.   We will pass any information that we hold on you to other agencies, organisations and lawyers in order to trace you or to collect any debts owed to
   e.   We may pass information to any other organisations that are required to process the application and any subsequent payments or transactions
        through the Card, or require that information in terms of the law.
   f.   We will continue to keep such information about you after the account is closed as is required by law.
   g.   We will contact you in the medium by which you have contacted us, either by post, e-mail or telephone. If you prefer not to be contacted in this way
        please advise us accordingly.

10. Termination
   a. If we consider it necessary, we may without notice:
                 i. refuse to authorise Transactions;
                ii. cancel or suspend the right to use the Card entirely, or in respect of specific functions;
               iii. refuse to replace any Card without affecting your outstanding obligations under this Agreement which shall continue in force.
   b. We are not responsible if a request for Authorisation is declined or if a Card is not accepted in payment or for any loss or damage resulting from the
      way in which either decision is communicated to you.
   c. You may end your use of the Card (and the use of the Card by any additional cardholders) at any time by giving us notice in writing and returning the
      Card(s). Cards should be destroyed by cutting them in half through the magnetic stripe.
   d. Either you or we may end this Agreement by giving written notice to the other, but this will only be effective once all Cards issued on your Account
      have been returned to us and all liabilities under this Agreement settled.
   e. We may re-issue Cards from time to time for use in accordance with this agreement until it is ended.

11. Loss or Misuse of Card
   a. Should you discover that your Card is lost, stolen or used in an unauthorised way, you shall notify us of the loss/theft or unauthorised use by calling
      our Customer Service Hotline or by notifying us in writing without delay. In certain circumstances, we may also require you to make a police report
      accompanied by written confirmation of the loss/theft/misuse/disclosure and any other information that we may require.
   b. You shall be liable for any transactions carried out before we are able to action a stop- payment on your Card. We shall debit the relevant Card
      Account for all Card Transactions carried out before we have completed the stop-payment, even if such transactions were carried out without your
   c. Once the Card has been reported as lost or stolen it must not be used if subsequently retrieved. You shall cut such retrieved original Card into pieces
      and return the same to us. Any Card that is thrown away or surrendered or returned to us must be cut into pieces. You shall be liable for any loss or
      damage arising from any failure to do so.
   d. We may at our discretion issue a replacement Card upon such terms and conditions as we may deem fit, and we reserve the right to charge a
      replacement fee as set out in our pricing guide in respect of any lost or stolen Card. Such card replacement fee shall be payable in cash and shall not
      be refundable for any reason whatsoever.

12. Ownership of The Card
   a. The Card remains our property at all times, and must be returned to us immediately if we ask for it.

13.   General
a.    These Terms and Conditions are in addition to the Terms and Conditions that apply to the Account from which payments are made.
b.    We may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time after giving you 30 days notice. Changes favourable to you will not require prior notice.
c.    Valuta shall endeavour to keep the payment system on-line during normal business opening hours, every day of the week, including Sundays,
      PROVIDED, HOWEVER, Valuta’s said obligation shall be subject to the supply by the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, a corporation established
      in terms of the Electricity Act, Chapter 13:05, of adequate electric current and subject to the functionality of data lines by the Posts and
      Telecommunications Corporation Act, Chapter 12:03, a corporation established in terms of the Posts and Telecommunications Corporation Act, Chapter
      12:03, AND PROVIDED FURTHER THAT Valuta shall not be liable for the failure to supply adequate electric current by the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply
      Authority or the failure to supply data lines by the Posts and Telecommunications Corporation.
d.    We shall not be liable if we are unable to perform our obligations under this Agreement due (directly or indirectly) to the failure of any machine, data
      processing system or transmission link or to industrial dispute or anything outside of our direct control, or the direct control of our agents or sub-
e.    If a Merchant is liable to, and authorises, a refund on a transaction, we will only credit the Account with the amount of the refund when it has been
      received by us. This transaction is subject to our standard transaction charge. No claim by you against a third party may be the subject of a claim against
      us. You may not assign or otherwise dispose of any rights against us.
f.    This Agreement will not be treated as made until all documentation required by us has been completed, signed by you (and by us if appropriate) and
      received by us.
g.    You shall immediately notify us in writing of any change to your address or if you change name.
h.    We may assign our rights and benefits under this Agreement at any time.
i.    This Agreement will be construed in accordance with and governed by Mauritian Law. You agree however that we may conduct collection and other
      proceedings relating to the recovery of amounts due under this agreement in any jurisdiction in which you may be resident from time to time.

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