Matthew Sanchez by gabyion


									                                          Matthew Sanchez IATSE Local 695
                   Sherman Oaks, CA. ~ 858.774.4665(cell) ~

          I began working as a freelance boom operator in 2003 for professional mixers and purchased my own gear in 2006.
In 2008 I joined the IATSE Local 695. I can provide the most compatible sound services for both film and HD with the latest
in digital recording technology.

         I love being part of the film crew organism, as we all work together in unison towards our goal. I’m hard working
and borderline obsessive to detail and the care of equipment. Calm and collected no matter what, fit and healthy, always
watching the comteks and slate. I have a fundamental understanding of the set and the know how to run it as smoothly as
possible for the sound department. Experienced with multi-camera timecode syncing, managing sound teams, superior mic
placement, wireless systems, ENG and full blown production seasoned; have gear ready for any project.

Sound Mixer
Closure – HD feature; directed by Ralph Portillo
Cadillac Commercial – Super35mm TV Commercial; Andy Garcia; RSA Films
FACETEAM – HD reality show; production supervising mixer
eHarmony Commercial – HD commercial for eHarmony
Teardown/Rebuild – HD reality show; TLC; production mixer
iTrain -; 40+ episodes
Johnsonville Brats – 35mm commercial; C-unit Sound Mixer; starring Nat Faxon
American Bounty Hunter – HDV reality show; National Geographic; starring Leonard Padilla
Heineken/Dos Equis Commercial – B Unit Mixer; The Most Interesting Man in the World spots for TV
Ameriquest Commercial – Super16mm TV commercial
Edges of Darkness – HD Feature
ZACHRY Corporate – Corporate video for ZACHRY Construction Corporation
Dinner at Eight – HDV short
She Got Game – HDV corporate video; Los Angeles SPARKS Corporate
The Locker – HD short
Hairclub – Spanish Infomercial for TV
Strange Angel – HDV feature
KPMG RBI Series 2008 – Documentary on RBI Baseball series for KPMG Corporation
Wonderview – HD short
Flying Naked – SD short; starring Daniel Farber
TanThin – TV Infomercial –
The Pilgrim – 16mm short
“The One” Campaign PSA – EPK Mixer; interviews with Ben Affleck, Laila Ali, Raquel Welch, Julia Roberts, Don
Cheadle, and Alfre Woodward

Boom Operator
Two Sisters – HD short; boom op/timecode technician; starring Kal Penn, directed by Margaret Cho
Frankie D. – HDV feature; additional boom operator; produced by and starring Todd Bridges
Build-A-Bear – HD TV Commercial starring Corbin Bleu
Co-Ed Confidential – 13 episodic HD series for Cinemax
Co-Ed Confidential 2 – 13 episodic HD series for Cinemax
Kemper – HD feature
Diary Of A Serial Killer – HD feature; produced and directed by Andy Hurst
Another Round – Super16mm short film
Dreams – 16mm short film

Sound Utility
Still Waiting – HD feature; directed by Jeff Balis; sound utility and 2nd boom op

Brooks Institute of Photography – - 3 year course study in Film/Video Production; obtained BFA

Sound Devices recorder and mixer; Schoeps, Sennheiser, and Sanken microphones; Lectrosonics wireless; Denecke
Smartslate; cables and rigs ready for ENG, TV, video, and film production. Music video playback w/ offspeed timecode.

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