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					Garrett Thornburg

Mr. Ruffer

English IV, Period 3

October 5, 2008

                                     Persuasive Essay

       The world changes everyday, for better or for worse, the majority being the least

favorable. Recently there has been a climax in awful changes, the biggest of all,

Proposition 8, has been dropped on California, and poses as a threat to infecting the

Constitution. If Proposition 8 does not pass, children, teenagers, and adults will forever

know marriage as a contract between two parties by law with a punishable fate if not

followed precisely. Businesses and churches are being sued for refusing customers

requesting their participation in homosexual marriage services. This is a virus; society is

drastically changing right before our eyes, we must rise and defeat this monster!

       In November of 2002, California voters gathered at the polls to decide whether or

not gay marriage would be legalized in California, 61%, nearly 4 million, citizens voted

Yes on Proposition 22, labeling marriage a holy binding between a Man and a Woman.

This has been in place until it was overturned in August of 2008 by four activist San

Franciscan judges. That means, over half of California citizens were ignored their

“unalienable” rights to vote by four corrupt judges.

       One of the major lasting affects is shown through our children who bare minds in

need of molding. If Proposition 8 does not pass, they will soon be forced to place their

minds into a prefabricated mold of an indoctrinated vision.
       If Proposition 8 does pass, freedom of religion will no longer be honored.

Churches must welcome homosexuals into their congregations and allow their chapels to

be used in the performing of homosexual marriage. Parents and Legal Guardians who

think a Christian or Catholic private school will save their children from the virus,

reconsider. These private institutions will change their curriculums under judicial law,

and those who refuse will be shut down permanently.

       Personal owned businesses and churches are now losing their “unalienable” rights

to refuse service and are in return being sued for what was legal just months ago. The

online dating service was recently sued for denying their service to gays.

Another story from ABC News is on a woman named “Guadalupe Benitez, now 36, had

maintained that the California medical clinic that was treating her polycystic ovary

syndrome had "dumped" her when she asked for artificial insemination. In 1999, after a

year of surgeries and hormone treatments — all covered by insurance — Benitez was

finally ready to get pregnant. But at the crucial moment, her doctor refused to do the

procedure for "religious" reasons. Benitez is a lesbian and sued her doctors under

California's civil rights laws, charging that they discriminated against her because of her

sexual orientation.”(ABC News 1). What you believe is no longer a valid reason for not

doing something. If Proposition 8 does not pass, our unalienable rights will be stripped

from us.

       When someone says they do not support gay marriage, the natural thought for the

majority of people is that that person is discriminating, selfish, and single minded. Do not

be blindsided in this heap of lies. California has and still does “allow domestic-partner

registration, a right similar to civil unions found in other states. This grants "same-sex
couples all state-level rights and obligations of marriage — in areas such as inheritance,

income tax, insurance and hospital visitation" but does not apply to "federal-level rights

of marriage that cannot be granted by states". UCLA’s Williams Institute on Sexual

Orientation Law and Public Policy projected in June 2008 that about half of California’s

more than 100,000 same-sex couples will wed during the next three years and 68,000 out-

of-state couples will travel to California to exchange vows.” (wikipedia , find something

else). Essentially, the only thing activist are trying to pass now are the title of Marriage;

however, this is

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