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					                   DRAFT FOR REVIEW – 2/12/2008 – Taryn Mueller

                 I WANT YOUR LOVE

Recent research by online relationship service eHarmony has found that an
astonishing 1 in 5 of married Australians don’t believe that they will be in a
relationship in December 2009. When asked about their personal economic
situation 3 in 5 males (58%) and half of married women (50%) admitted to
feeling it causes stress to their love life.

Jane Austen once suggested, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a
single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”
However, many modern day Australians are currently caught in the midst of
2008’s global economic crisis and are faced with financial obstacles and
barriers. But, to what extent does a person’s financial situation influence their
desire to be in a relationship?

“While economic stress may increase peoples’ desires for connection, it is
also one of the most common reasons relationships turn sour,” said
eHarmony Senior Research Scientist Dr. Gian Gonzaga.

Married Australians are not the only ones who are feeling the financial strain
on their personal relationships. 1 in 5 of unmarried Australian men (18%) have
experienced an increased desire to be in a long-term relationship as a result
of the current economic climate. Whereas only 1 of 7 unmarried Australian
women (14%) admitted to an increased desire to be in a long-term
“Interestingly, most unmarried people in the survey said companionship is
what appeals to them most about being in a long-term relationship,” Gonzaga

Astonishingly, half of the Australians surveyed (52%) admit that their current
financial situation causes stress to their love lives. However, it is common for
history to repeat itself, which suggests that the economy will eventually
recover. The time this will take presents an opportunity to search past first
impressions to appreciate the strength that a relationship can offer.

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