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					data & IP solutions                                                                                        shared
the ultimate host                                                                                          solutions
shared hosting from TELUS

In today’s competitive business environment,        TELUS provides you with the applications and
                                                                                                           shared hosting
your company – no matter what its size – must       tools you need to manage your
work around the clock to serve customers.           environment – from complete administrative             makes sense
An effective business presence on the Internet      functions to e.commerce capabilities. TELUS
                                                                                                            Retain full control
will help improve customer relations and service,   shared hosting packages provide
                                                                                                            of your site
enhance your marketing and sales reach,             solutions that not only support your business goals
                                                                                                            Reduce costs through
and position your business for increased sales      but can also help reduce operating costs through
                                                                                                            shared resources
and profits.                                        our state-of-the-art shared server environment.
                                                                                                            Maximum uptime
Shared hosting is an economical, flexible Web       You retain full control of your site, just as if you
                                                                                                            and reliability
solution for businesses looking to establish an     were hosting it yourself. You can gain access to
                                                                                                            No new investments in
online presence or enhance an existing site.        the site at anytime, day or night. New information
                                                                                                            hardware or software
TELUS shared hosting solutions significantly        can be uploaded instantly.
reduce the cost of building an online business.                                                             Customized web presence
                                                    The reliability of the TELUS high-speed network
                                                                                                            with your unique domain name
TELUS offers a wide range of shared hosting         and the security of intelligent Internet Data
packages, to enable you to quickly and easily       Centres are an unbeatable combination.
build your They are designed for        You’ll have the best possible performance,
maximum flexibility and scalability, created to     essential for today.
meet the needs of your business today and in
the future as your needs and business expand.       ultimate flexibility
Each package features rich functionality            TELUS offers a variety of shared hosting
including, e.commerce capabilities, powerful        solutions to meet your unique business needs.
Web-based e.mail, a robust infrastructure secure    Our shared hosting packages provide different
in our intelligent Internet Data Centres, and       amounts of disk space, number of e.mail
efficient online customer support.                  accounts and transfer limits. Our enhanced
                                                    solutions can handle multiple web site integration.
put your business                                   All TELUS shared hosting solutions come
on the Internet today                               with standard features such as same-day set
                                                    up online, 24x7 network monitoring, uptime
With our convenient online order processing,
                                                    objectives, support for real-time credit card
you can sign up in the morning, and be set
                                                    processing, and secure server access.
up and ready to go by the afternoon. No new
investments in hardware, software or training are
required, and there are no demands for long-
term commitments. TELUS offers registration
and hosting of your domain names to give you
end-to-end solutions to your needs.
data & IP solutions                                                                                         shared
the ultimate host                                                                                           solutions
shared hosting from TELUS

Web site creation and management.1 Everything          Marketing. Optimize your online communications
you need to create and maintain your       with existing and prospective customers.
                                                                                                            the best
     Business card template for professional             Ad Manager to handle online banners                for your business
     Web site creation in minutes                        Announcer to enable targeted communications        Keep a sharp focus on your core
                                                                                                            business, while moving forward
     Microsoft FrontPage for easy Web
                          ®             ®                with your entire mailing list
                                                                                                            on opportunities.
     page creation                                       Promote Site for easy search engine
                                                                                                            Overcome technology challenges.
     Database Manager for creation of                    submissions
                                                                                                            TELUS has the tools: high speed
     dynamic pages
                                                       Administrative tools. Easy-to-use, time-saving       network, reliable and secure
     EcBuilder for e.commerce and shopping             administrative features.                             services, technical and
     cart needs                                                                                             management expertise, and
                                                         Password Management for real-time                  flexible range of hosting
     File Manager for editing of pages in real time      password changes                                   solutions. Our solutions are
     EasySite Wizard for building a fully functional     Log Manager for detailed Web site statistics       based on complementary roles
     web site in three easy steps                                                                           and responsibilities. You maintain
                                                         SSL Manager for installation of generic and
                                                                                                            control. With TELUS handling
     Plug-in Scripts for quick, easy script              vanity certificates                                your hosting requirements, you’ll
                                                         Site Checker to identify Web site areas            see why we are the trusted
     Web Master Tools for easy access to site            for improvement                                    telecommunications partner of
     management tools                                                                                       choice for Canadian businesses.
                                                         Web Statistics to measure the success
     ASP/CF Enabler for use of both Active Server        of your site                                       Full service, single source.
     Pages and Cold Fusion scripts                                                                          TELUS provides a complete
                                                         Disk Usage Meter for real-time disk
                                                                                                            range of communication
     Custom CGIs for uploading of popular scripts        measurement                                        products and services including
     Site Preview to ensure accurate site appearance     Bandwidth Meter to measure site traffic            data, IP, wireless and voice
     Megaftpserver to upload files                                                                          technologies. Our peering
                                                       TELUS offers a wide range of shared hosting          arrangements with major global
     Multilingual support for ease of use              packages – from basic solutions for new-to-the-      network providers allow you to
e.Mail management. Improve your                        Web businesses, through to Web designers and         seamlessly extend your business
                                                       advanced Web developers. As your          reach to international markets.
communications with personalized,
                                                       needs evolve TELUS Shared Hosting Solutions          Our experience and expertise,
always-accessible e.mail.
                                                                                                            combined with our commitment
                                                       have the solution to suit your needs – and budget.
     EasyMail for easy management                                                                           to customer service, is your
     of e.mail addresses                                                                                    assurance of quality.

     Webmail for e.mail capabilities
     from anywhere in the world

                                                                                                            WITH US TODAY

1. Not all features are available with all packages.

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