UCAS Apply - Full time degree applications Entry September 2009

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					  UCAS Apply - Full time degree applications
  Entry September 2009

1. Getting Started – How to                      2. Completing your Application
   Register to use UCAS Apply
                                                 a) Log onto, click on
Log onto the UCAS website                           Apply and then Log In.                                        Type in your Username and
a) Click on Apply.
                                                    You will be asked to confirm that you
b) Click on Register/Log in to use
                                                    are applying as part of a
   apply – read the information on the
                                                    School/College – our Buzzword is
   Welcome screen. Click on Next to
                                                    buxton0910. You will only need this
   Click on Register and read the
                                                    You are applying as part of the
   information carefully, click Accept and
                                                    University of Derby Buxton.
   then Next.
                                                 b) You will be asked to confirm which
c) You now need to enter your Initial               group you are in; select the name of
   Details by working your way through              your Personal Tutor. If not sure
   the different screens.                           select Don’t Know.
d) UCAS are keen to ensure that your                Enter your personal details – take
   application is secure. You will need to          care as this information will appear on
   supply a password – think carefully              your UCAS Application Form.
   about what you use. Your password
   must be between 6 and 14 characters              If you have provided an email address
   and must contain at least 1 number               you will need to verify this but do this
   and 1 letter. It is strongly suggested           later (see Section 10).
   that you use lowercase.
                                                    You will now see the Apply Home
   You will be asked to select and                  Screen – you must work through each
   confirm the answers to 4 security                section.

   UCAS will then provide you with your                Personal Details
   unique username write this down                     Additional Information
   immediately.                                        Choices
Note down both your username                           Employment
and password – keep these safe                         Statement
and do not disclose to anyone.

3. Personal details
                                                          If unsure speak to a member of the
Work your way down the electronic form                    Career Team or your tutor
ensuring that you complete all those
marked by a red asterisk *.

                        Click on the See                     Student Support Arrangements:
                        List box and select                  The name of the Local Authority
                        from the options                     where you usually live, Derby,
                        given. Click on the                  Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire etc.
? button for further assistance.
                                                             Nominated Access: The name of
                                                             someone you consent to contacting
                                                             UCAS, regarding your application, if
Fee Code – this relates to who will pay                      you are ever unable to do so.
your fees. If you are not sure ask.
                                                             Criminal Conviction – If you have a
                                                             criminal conviction (spent or unspent)
02 LEA, ,EU ,ChI,IoM - Applying for student
support assessment by LEA, SAAS, Northern
                                                             this may impact upon your chosen
Ireland Education and Library Board, EU Team                 degree and career options. It is
or Channel Islands or Isle of Man agency. Also               essential that you speak, in
for Social Work applicants wishing to have                   confidence, to an Adviser about this
a GSCC bursary.
                                                             before you send your form to
05 DH/Regional Health - Contribution from
the Department of Health or a Regional Health                Disability/Special Support – ensure
Authority (Nursing, OT, Physio etc).
                                                             that you complete this section if you
01 Private finance - Entire cost of tuition fees is          feel that you have a specific difficulty
paid by private finance.                                     or special support requirement.
04 Research Councils
                                                             The universities will contact you
06 UK govt osea award - Overseas student                     directly to discuss your requirements.
award from the UK Government or the British
                                                             Select from the most appropriate
07 Training agency - Contribution from a                     option:
training agency.
08 Other UK Govt award - Other UK
Government award.                                               You have a specific learning difficulty
                                                                (for example, dyslexia).
09 Overseas Agency - Contribution from                          You are blind or partially sighted.
an overseas agency, government,
                                                                You are deaf or hard of hearing.
university or industry.
                                                                You use a wheelchair or have mobility
10 UK Industry/commerce - Contribution                          difficulties.
from UK industry or commerce.                                   You have Autistic Spectrum Disorder
90 Other source - Other source of finance.                      or Asperger Syndrome.
                                                                You have mental health difficulties.
99 Not known - Not known.                                       You have a disability that cannot be
                                                                seen, for example, diabetes, epilepsy
                                                                or a heart condition.

                                                                                         24 October 2007
      You have two or more of the above.              5. Choices
      You have a disability, special need or
      medical condition that is not listed         This is where you confirm the details of
      above.                                       the courses you wish to apply for and
                                                   your chosen universities.
    When you have completed the
   Personal Details Section click on               Do not choose courses that differ widely
     section completed and Save.                   such as Nursing and Teaching. You
                                                   cannot write an effective Personal
                                                   Statement covering both.

                                                   For Medicine and Dentistry you are
                                                   limited to 4 options, for other programmes
                                                   you are able to choose up to 5. Your
   4. Additional Information                       choices are not required to appear in
                                                   order of preference UCAS Apply will
Complete the boxes relating to ethnic
                                                   reorder them alphabetically.
origin etc.
                                                   a) Institution Code – to find this click on
The activities in preparation for higher
education (not your current course):                  the 1st ? . Select D for Derby, N for
such activities take place at all times of            Nottingham and so on. Select your
the year, and may go under another                    chosen University.
name such as summer schools,
                                                      Click on ? next to Course Code, this
Saturday University, campus days,                     opens up an A-Z list of the courses
summer academies, taster courses and                  offered at your chosen university.
booster courses. If you have not
participated in such activities leave
blank.                                             Take care to ensure that you select the
                                                   correct programme.
      If you have been in Care and wish
      to declare this on the form, you
      may be able to access extra
      funding from your chosen                     b) Some universities or colleges may
      university.                                     have more than one campus - click on
                                                      ?   to confirm the campus code.
      You are asked to enter the job title
      of the highest wage earner in your           c) Further Details – only supply this if
      household (if you are under 21). If             prompted.
      you are over 21 you are asked to
      enter your own job title – entering          d) If you plan to live at Home whilst
      ‘full time student’ is fine. This               studying select home student,
      information is only used for UCAS’              otherwise leave blank.
      statistical purposes
                                                   e) If you want to defer until September
                                                      2010 tick the box, otherwise, leave it
                                                      blank. Contact the appropriate
When the section is completed remember                university to ensure that they will
to click on Section Complete and Save.                accept deferred entries.


                                                                                  24 October 2007
f) Point of Entry - leave blank.

Repeat for up to 5 choices – these can
be added now or at a later date.
                                                        If your school is not listed, run a
If you are applying for Art and Design                       search and then click on
Courses – please refer to the on screen                       School Not Listed Link.
help facility or ask for assistance.                 Move the cursor into the box and click
                                                       the mouse - this will enable you to
You will then be presented with a                     type directly into the School/College
screen detailing the programmes you                                 name box.
have selected. Remember you can
apply for 5 choices unless studying                   Type zeros 00000 for centre number.
Medicine or Dentistry.

Remember to use the on-screen help facility if       Remain in the Education Section to add
you experience difficulties in completing your
                                                     further qualifications.

                                                        •   Entering GCSE, BTEC First
                                                            Diplomas or other qualifications
                                                            that you have already completed
6. Education
                                                     Click on Add a Qualification and select
                                                     from the drop down list.
Click on the Find Box and type in Derby.
                                                     If your qualification is not listed click on
Select         University of Derby, Buxton           “other qualification type not on this list”.
               Centre Number 23110
                                                     If you still have difficulty finding the
Go back into the School/College name                 qualification, select 'O' from the
box and add Buxton so that it reads:                 alphabetic listing at the top of the page
                                                     and select from the following:
When did you start:     Add in relevant                 Other (International EU Qualifications)
And finish?             dates                           Other (International Non-EU Qualifications)
                                                        Other (UK Qualifications)
Did you receive a formal qualification? Yes             Other Courses (Scottish)
                                                        Other English Proficiency
Repeat the process until you have
entered your university studies, colleges            Refer to your certificates for details of
attended and secondary school                        exam boards etc.
education. Do not add qualifications
until you have entered all your
                                                                Entering A-Levels, BTEC
You can add up to 10 schools and                                National Diplomas or other
colleges – do not include middle or                             qualifications that you are
primary education.                                              currently studying

                                                     Click on Add a Qualification and select
                                                     from the drop down list.


                                                                                       24 October 2007
If your qualification is not listed click on         Use the Module
“other qualification type not on this list”.         Listings from your tutor and enter in your
                                                     modules- click on Add another module if
If you still have difficulty finding the             necessary.
qualification select, 'O' from the
alphabetic listing at the top of the page            To add another subject click on Save
and select from the following:                       and Add Similar.

   Other (International EU Qualifications)           Add all your Level 3 studies including
   Other (International Non-EU Qualifications)       Study Skills and your Level 2 studies.
   Other (UK Qualifications)
   Other Courses (Scottish)
                                                     If you hold exemptions you can add these
   Other English Proficiency
Remember to enter the date you will
get your result (i.e. – July 2009) and               Exemption for GCSE English (12 Credits)
the awarding body.                                   Level 2

Plus, when prompted, add in a list of your
modules (this is not necessary for all
subjects)                                               Ensure that you don’t miss
                                                      anything out! Failure to add all
Your tutor will be able to give you a copy             of your credits may result in
of your Module Listing.                                          rejection.
   •   Access or Foundation students:
                                                        •   Click Section Completed and
You must list each module (ask your tutor
for a list of modules do not use a Module
Selection Form from the Access Office).
                                                     You will then be returned to the Main
To add a subject:                                    Menu and you can then select the next
                                                     section you wish to work on.
   •   Type in your first Level 3 Subject
       and the number of credits you will            7. Employment
       achieve (ask for the list detailing
                                                     If you have never been in paid
                                                     employment just click on Section
   Psychology (12 Credits @ Level 3)                 Completed and Save.

   •   Date is July 2009                             Any employment you have undertaken is
                                                     important as it provides background
   •   Awarding body OCNEMR                          information and indicates transferable
   •   Select Level 3
                                                     Start with your most recent employment
To add your modules:                                 and work backwards.

                                                     If you have made a mistake, click Delete
                                                     this job.


                                                                                   24 October 2007
Once you have finished entering the                    what you observed,
required information, click on Save and                learned, what surprised or interested you.
then Finished.
                                                       For academic courses (History or
If you find this section too small (for example,       English) you should demonstrate why you
if you are a mature student and have had               are interested in studying your chosen
several jobs) and you feel more information
would benefit your application, you could
                                                       subject to HE level.
send full details direct to the universities or
colleges you are applying to once UCAS have            Give solid reasons for wanting to attend
processed your application and you have                university.
received your application number – this must
be quoted in all correspondence.                       What knowledge, skills and
                                                       understanding do you have about the
Alternatively, you may wish to provide more
details in your personal statement.                    degree or occupational area you are
                                                       applying for?

                                                       What other relevant training/courses have
8.   Statement                                         you undertaken but not included
                                                       elsewhere in your application?
Write your personal statement using
Microsoft Word. You can then simply                    Use positive words such as “produced”,
copy and paste directly into UCAS                      “observed”, “analysed” and “discussed”.
apply.                                                 Critically evaluate your experience and
                                                       link this to the course you wish to study.
You are permitted to use 47 lines or up
to 4000 characters – spaces and                        Look at the Extended Profiles relating to
punctuation all count as does the                      your degree on the UCAS website.
white space at the end of each line.                   These can outline what Admissions
Try to write a statement of no more                    Tutors are looking in prospective
than 3800 characters to avoid having                   students.
to edit and condense at a later stage.
                                                       Look at the information posted on your
                                                       chosen university’s website.

Many Admissions Tutors will make a                     Ensure that you use spell check,
decision on whether to offer you an                    check for grammatical/typographical
interview or place on their programme                  errors before you paste your
based on the content of your personal                  statement in. You cannot use spell
statement.                                             check within UCAS apply.
Your personal statement requires careful               Once you have pasted in your personal
thought and planning. It is your                       statement remember to click on SAVE –
opportunity to demonstrate enthusiasm                  then click on Preview.
and suitability for your chosen degree.
                                                       Check your statement again … if it
For vocational programmes such as                      requires amendment click on Edit if the
Nursing or Teaching you will need to                   change is minor. For more
evidence the practical experience you                  comprehensive re-writes delete existing
have gained. Any voluntary work, work-                 text in the Statement section and return to
shadowing or placements should be                      Word to update your statement. When
referred to in your statement. Identify

                                                                                      24 October 2007
you are satisfied, use Cut and Paste              11. Send to Referee
                                                  Firstly you will need to “sign” a
Once complete click on Section                    declaration.

                                                  You will then be required to enter
   9. Double Check Everything!                    payment details using direct
                                                  debit/credit card.
Before you send your
application to Referee you
should check your application
several times – it may be helpful
to ask a friend/relative to read it               By sending to Referee you have agreed
for you.                                          to your form being processed and sent on
                                                  to UCAS.
Click on View All Details to check the
whole of your application. Sometimes
it is easier to proof read from a hard                  Warning! You are
copy. Click on the print icon in the top
right corner.
                                                     responsible for checking
                                                           your form.
To amend click on Edit.

If you do make an amendment it is                 No paper-based form is used, it is all
essential to click on SAVE and then               completed electronically.
FINISHED to update your application.
                                                  Your Personal Tutor will be able to see
                                                  that you have completed your application
   10. Verify your email address                  and they will add your reference.

Click Verify Email and then minimise your         Students who joined in September 2008
window do not exit the application.               will be provided with a basic standard
                                                  reference which will provide details of the
Open up Explorer and access your email            content/structure of their course.
service provider. Open up the email from Make a note of              Admissions Tutors will be invited to
the code (letters and numbers) and                contact Personal Tutors directly for a
carefully enter these into the Verify Email       more detailed reference if they wish to
box.                                              pursue your application.

If this has been successful the next              Please note: The University is obliged
screen you will see is the Verify Email           to provide a factual reference
Success screen.                                   confirming your attendance patterns,
                                                  academic potential, commitment,
                                                  motivation and levels of engagement
                                                  in class.


                                                                                 24 October 2007
You should receive confirmation of               f) Take your time
receipt of your application within 2                when completing your application.
working days.                                       This does not need to be completed in
                                                    one go.
Once you have received your UCAS
number and password you will be able to          g) To make amendments, click on the
Track your application on the UCAS                  headings to the left of the screen,
website (                        amend and then click on SAVE and
                                                    FINISHED. If you forget to do this
                                                    your records will not be updated.
12. Things to remember                           h) Use the on-screen help facility, this is
                                                    very useful and can be printed out.
    Failure to add your current course              Remember to close the help screen
     will result in rejection from your             each time you use it otherwise you will
            chosen universities.                    have lots of open windows and it
                                                    becomes very unwieldy.
     Access students applying via
   UCAS must detail each module and              i) Prepare your personal statement
             exemptions.                            using Microsoft Word and then cut
                                                    and paste into your UCAS application.
     Foundation students should list
    subject choices and then arrange                Remember to use spell check, check
    to fax module information to their              your grammar and punctuation.
   chosen universities once they have
            a UCAS number.                       j) Beware of using the scroll button on
                                                    your mouse, this can sometimes
a) Use this handout and on-screen help              change the answers selected when
   menus.                                           using drop-down menus etc –
                                                    particularly in the About You section.
b) Ensure you use the Buzzword:
   buxton0910, failure to do so will             Print out your application and double
   mean we cannot process your                   check everything, remember to destroy
   application. If you don’t use the             old copies but retain the final version.
   buzzword contact your Personal Tutor          The responsibility for the accuracy of
   to arrange for your application to be         your application rests with you.
                                                 k) When you ‘Send to Referee’ your
c) If using a public computer do not save           application will go to your Personal
   your password as this will allow others          Tutor – who will add your reference. It
   to view your application.                        will then be sent to UCAS by one of
                                                    Buxton’s UCAS coordinators. If you do
d) Remember to log out at the end of                need to amend your application, notify
   each session, always ensuring that               your Personal Tutor ASAP. Your
   you have saved your data first.                  application can be returned to you if it
                                                    has not yet been processed. If it has
e) Once you have registered, keep your              been processed you have up to 10
   username and password secure –                   days to request its return.
   write them down!


                                                                               24 October 2007
l) If you encounter any difficulties,
   please contact your Personal Tutor or

14. What next?

UCAS will send a copy of your
application to each of your choices.

Each institution will consider your
application and send their decision to

Conditional Offers – you must satisfy
the condition of the offer before a place
can be confirmed i.e. Achieve a Full
Access Certificate.

Unconditional Offers –
university/college is happy to accept you
without any further qualifications.

You can accept one firm offer and hold a
second offer as an Insurance Choice. Do
not reply to offers until you have received
a response from all your choices.

UCAS Extra provides extra choices for
applicants who have been unsuccessful
at all 5 choices. Extra operates from Mid
March to the end of June. Vacancies are
listed on the Course Search link at You will be notified by
UCAS if you are eligible for Extra.



                                                  24 October 2007

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