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Call to Order


                             Conference Call
                          Board Meeting Minutes
                              June 25, 2003

President Sue Hashway called the meeting of the NADE 2003-2004 Board to order at 12:00
noon CST via conference call. Others in attendance were President-Elect Pat Newell, Vice
President Vickie Kelly, Treasurer Paul Hrabovsky, and Secretary Dessie S. Williams.

Russ Hodges and James Smith, Co-Chairs of the Constitution Committee, submitted an opinion
to the Board about the suspended activities of the Cultural Diversity and International Access
Committees and the Monograph and Publications Committees.

Action Item: Secretary Williams made a motion that President Hashway communicate the
following to the Constitution Committee: The Board agrees with the Constitution Committee’s
opinion that “suspending and combining standing committees is unconstitutional.” Contrary to
the Constitution Committee’s interpretation, however, the Board did not take these actions. The
Board suspended the activities of the committees, not the committees. Subsequent to this, task-
oriented special committees were formed to review the functions of these committees, and their
charge was to report their findings to the Board. This motion was seconded by Treasurer
Hrabovsky, and it passed. (For 5 Against 0 Abstentions 0)

Action Item: The Policy Handbook and minutes of the Board’s proceedings are to be forwarded
to the Constitution and By-Laws Committee. Vice President Kelly reiterated the charge to the
Constitution and By-Laws Committee, with specific responsibilities to “…coordinate our
Constitution, By-Laws, and Policy Handbook, with those decisions reflected in our Board
minutes...making sure that our decisions aren't in conflict with the policies and governing
documents of our Association.”

Discussion ensued about consideration of using a tiered membership structure, and President
Hashway emphasized that NADE must be certain to satisfy Constitutional Amendment
requirements regarding this concept, if any. It was suggested that this issue be presented to the
Leadership Congress for approval.

JDE Contract
On June 18, 2003, the JDE Editor, Barbara Calderwood, emailed each Board member a draft
subscription agreement with amendments. It reflects the one-cycle, three-year term that NADE
requested to be implemented. The pricing reflects costs currently in place. Editor Calderwood
inquired as to when the Executive Board would like to consider new base prices for the three
volumes that would be included in the agreement. She stated that she could complete the
historical cost analysis and project new base prices for the Board’s consideration by July 15,
2003. The Board reviewed the proposed contract from Editor Calderwood. President Hashway
asked for Board members’ opinions, and pursuit of legal council was suggested. The President
presented concerns about base prices of the JDE. Treasurer Hrabovsky observed that the
proposed contract lacked a price per issue and a number of issues per year. The President
requested that members specify other sections where they had questions and report them to her.
JDE Contract (Continued)
Action Item: President-Elect Newell made a motion that President Hashway collect input from
Board members regarding the JDE contract and develop a list of concerns to be forwarded to
Editor Calderwood. The motion was seconded by Vice President Kelly, and it passed. (For 5
Against 0 Abstentions 0)

JDE Outstanding Article Award
President Hashway appointed Carol Bader, Norman Stahl, and Mary L. Wolting to the
Committee to Review Criteria for the JDE Award.

Action Item: In her notification to Editor Calderwood, President Hashway stated “once all
committee members are in place, these experts should be able to complete their work by July 15
and leave an appropriate amount of time for our (NADE Board) joint review of their suggestions
and for the initial awards process to begin.”

Carol Bader was named Chair of the Committee to Review Criteria for the JDE Award.
President Hashway forwarded the charge to the Committee. Carol Bader has been in
communication with members of the JDE Outstanding Article Award Committee.

NADE’s Advertisement in the JDE
On June 3, 2003, Treasurer Hrabovsky signed the JDE advertising contract for the back cover of
the Fall 2003 issue. (A full-page advertisement costs $577.80 per insertion plus $75 per
insertion for spot color, camera ready.) He emailed JDE Editor Calderwood stating that he
“received the (current) JDE advertising contract, signed, and mailed today.”

The NADE 2004 Conference team will use the back cover of the JDE Fall issue for the Call to
Conference advertisement. They removed the NADE logo that would have incurred an
additional $75 for the NADE blue ink. The Board approved the change, and President Hashway
sent the advertisement to Editor Calderwood. (For 5 Against 0 Abstentions 0).

On May 29, 2003, Rosemary Karr emailed the NADE Conference 2003 Budget Summary to the
Board. Vice President Kelly reported that the NADE 2003 Conference Committee will submit
their final report after settling all issues related to Conference expenses.

Vice President Kelly submitted the proposed budget compiled by Jerry Giles and the NADE
2005 Conference team for the NADE 2005 Conference in Albuquerque.

NADE BUDGET 2003-2004
Treasurer Hrabovsky presented a draft NADE Budget 2003-2004 to the Board. He explained
specific line items, and members discussed each section. Adjustments were made to this draft.

Action Item: On a motion by President-Elect Newell, and a second by Secretary Williams, the
Board voted to approve the NADE Budget 2003-2004. (For 5 Against 0 Abstentions 0)
Action Item: Treasurer Hrabovsky will send the updated NADE Budget 2003-2004 to the Board
by July 3, 2003. He revised the budget sheet forms for consistency in line items and will forward
those to the Board.

President Hashway asked that the Emeritus Council suggest a process for changing the
application date of the Kellogg Institute Award.

A proposal was made to change the current January 1 application submission date of the Kellogg
Award to allow sufficient time for selection and announcement of the recipient. With this
change, the recipient would be appointed and notified at the end of April and would attend the
Kellogg Institute during the summer. The recipient would be announced in the NADE
Newsletter and at the Conference subsequent to this.

Action Item: President Hashway will communicate with the Emeritus Council to determine the
history of the name of the Award. NADE provides half the Kellogg Award.

President-Elect Newell has been communicating with the Chair of the Membership Committee
about conducting a membership campaign, e.g. “Each One Reach One.”

MINUTES OF MAY 8-11, 2003
Prior to the meeting, Secretary Williams emailed copies of the minutes of May 8-11, 2003, to the
Board for their review.

Action Item: President-Elect Newell and Treasurer Hrabovsky made a motion and second,
respectively, to approve the minutes of May 8-11, 2003. The motion passed. (For 4 Against 0
Abstentions 1)


Fellows Nominee
Discussion was held about selection of an ACDEA Fellows Nominee.

Action Item: President Hashway agreed to contact Curtis Miles with a request that the NADE
Board be allowed to submit his name in the ACDEA Fellows nominations.

Action Item: Vice President Kelly made a motion that the Board President contact Carol Bader
and request that she give her permission to have her name submitted as an ACDEA Fellows
Nominee. The second was made by Secretary Williams, and the motion passed. (For 5 Against
0 Abstentions 0)

Emeritus Council Proposal
On June 25, 2003, Emeritus Council Member, Dave Arendale, submitted three drafts of the
Emeritus Council Proposal as follows: 1. Arendale062603.doc is the latest draft that
incorporates both CRLA and NCLCA recommendations. 2. CRLArev031703.doc is the revised
version approved by CRLA board on March 17th. 3. Commission Charge013103.doc is the
original draft version presented for discussion at the ACDEA meeting in Austin, Texas.

Secretary Williams made revisions to the Policy Handbook to incorporate the contracted duties
of Executive Assistant Carol O’Shea, formatting and revisions to Policy D-4, deletion of two

task forces no longer organized, changing of “web site and website” to the standard form “Web
site,” and sporadic spelling and other minor mechanical errors.

Action Item: President Hashway charged members with reviewing the revisions to the Policy
Handbook and voting to approve or disapprove via email.

Action Item: Treasurer Hrabovsky made this motion: “Authorize Secretary Williams to submit
the Policy Handbook to Linda Burgess (desktop publisher) for formatting. Upon satisfactory
completion of the formatting job, compensate Linda Burgess $200 as indicated through her
project bid.” President-Elect Newell seconded the motion, and it passed. (For 4 Against 1
Abstentions 0)

CRLA President Kate Sandberg invited NADE to submit a ½ page advertisement for their CRLA
2003 Conference program.

Action Item: President Hashway requested that the NADE 2003 St. Louis Conference team
prepare a camera-ready copy for the CRLA program and submit it for Board approval. The
deadline for submission to CRLA was set for September 1, 2003.

Action Item: The Board approved the advertisement prepared by the NADE 2003 St. Louis
Conference team for the CRLA program. (For 5 Against 0 Abstentions 0)

Dale Griffee resigned as Chair of the English/Writing/ESL SPIN. He expressed his interest in
serving as Co-Chair.

Action Item: The Board approved Cedric J. Burden, Sr., Lawson State Community College, as
Co-Chair of the English/Writing/ESL SPIN. (For 5 Against 0 Abstentions 0)

Action Item: President-Elect Newell made a motion, and Vice President Kelly seconded, that the
Board change the name of the Workplace Literacy SPIN to the Workforce Development SPIN.
The motion passed. (For 5 Against 0 Abstentions 0)

Action Item: The Board approved Joseph O’Neill from Massachusetts Bay Community College
to Chair the Learning Disabilities SPIN. (For 5 Against 0 Abstentions 0)

Action Item: President Hashway asked Immediate Past President Melodye Wiens Shore to poll
the Emeritus Council to see if there was any historical precedent that the Board could follow for
changing names of SPINs.

The Board discussed the “Policy for Hosting a NADE Certification Training Institute” that was
submitted by the Certification Council.

Action Item: Treasurer Hrabovsky made a motion that the modifications to the “Policy for
Hosting a NADE Certification Training Institute” be approved, and the motion was seconded by
President-Elect Newell. (For 5 Against 0 Abstentions 0)
Executive Assistant Carol O’Shea presented the Board with requests to add e-commerce
functionality, change Web accounts, and purchase storage supplies for the NADE archives. E-
commerce functionality would be used for processing secure financial transactions (conference
registrations for example) online. This feature would also enable NADE to sell posters, pins, and
publications on-line.

Action Item: Treasurer Hrabovsky made a motion that the Board accept Executive Assistant
O’Shea’s suggested change of Web accounts to enable commercial activity through NADE’s
Web presence. Vice President Kelly seconded the motion, and it passed. (For 5 Against 0
Abstentions 0)

Action Item: On a motion by President-Elect Newell, and a second by Treasurer Hrabovsky, the
Board voted to give Executive Assistant O’Shea permission to purchase the appropriate number
of filing cabinets and file folders for storage of NADE archives. (For 5 Against 0 Abstentions 0)

NADE has previously had an entry in the Associations Central database and will renew with the

Action Item: The Board voted to update the NADE entry in the Associations Central database at (For 5 Against 0
Abstentions 0)

NADE Executive Assistant Carol O’Shea and Immediate Past President Meloyde Wiens Shore
submitted to the Board the McCabe-NADE contract update and the draft application for
community colleges interested in participating in the Certificate of College Competencies (CCC)

The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m. on a motion by President-Elect Newell and second by
Treasurer Hrabovsky. The motion passed. (For 5 Against 0 Abstentions 0)

Respectfully submitted by                           Board Approval Verification by

Dessie S. Williams                                  Dr. Susan Hashway
NADE Secretary                                      NADE President



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