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					 is required she is the worst person to administer mits the Geseral Nursing Council to place
 it. She remembers more about tlie “ insides ” Nurses, as, Existing Nurses, on the Register up
 of her patients than about their outsides, and can to July 14th this year, who have been trained
 tell you t o an ounce the weight of the appendices, and certificated in hospitals approved by the
 ac., she has seen removed, and will describe exactly
 how they looked Whether she has ever frightened Council in the Dominions Overseas and pre-
 any of her patients into a fit I do not know But sumably. in India, will just permit of Nurses
 if she has she will probably give a graphic and trained in India getting on t o the Register if
 detailed account of the seizure t o her next patient. they act without a moment’s delay. This
     A type of nurse frequently met with to-day is decision should have been cabled to all the
 the over-trained. The over-trained nurse has her Dominions as soon as given, but we have no
 head crammed so full with scientific terms that hope that this has been done by our ineffective
 she finds i t difficult to make room for anything Council. W e therefore advise Nurses in India
 else. Technical expressions trip from her tongue to at once send for application forms, fill them
 with the brilliancy of sparks from a forge. In the in and post without delay t o the Registrar,
 words of Omar, “ she knows about it a l she lmms,
 she KNOWS.”      She is so acutely conscious of the G. N. C . , 12, York Gate, Regent’s Park,
 fact that she is a nurse that she seems scarcely t6 London, England. There is not a moment to
 remember that she is a woman. She will brush lose.
 everybody else aside with a fine gesture that says,
    make room for the Expert ! ” Everybody, that
 is, except the doctor-and sometimes she brushes
 him aside (having first swept the floor with him).                            -
                                                                    REGISTRATION IN INDIA.

 She is often a good soul spoilt by too much system       Inserted in last months Nursing J o w d of
 and a too rigorous training. It is an excellent T~in‘in the following important notice, signed by
 thing to be well-trained, but it is also an excellent Miss Edris Griffin :-
 tlling to be able to forget occasionally how me11        “ All Members will be interested to hear that Colonel
 you were trained. The only way t o manage the Gidney, M.L.A., late I.M.S., is trying to get an All-India
 over-trained nurse is to introduce her t o another Act passed for the registration of nurses. The time is
 over-trained nurse, They mill then proceed to short as the Delhi Session is about t o close, so nothing
rub OB the corners. But you had better stand can be done here, but something may be done iI1 the
 clear while the process is going fonvard.          It Simla Session.
generates friction.                                       “The period of grace for England expires in July
                                                                                              General Nursing
    These are the four cllief types met wit11 to-day. nest, but I haveit written to the extend the period
                                                        Council asking if    is possible to
There are other types, but they may be considered for India t o July, 1924,in view of possible legislation.
as variations on these main themes.                         Colonel Gidney, in his speech, urged the need for

    The nurse’s career is a hard, difficult and’too registration and said that it would affect all nurses
often tlianliless one. And, therefore, the above trained in India, no matter what nationality, if they
remarks must not be interpreted in an adverse were not able t o register in England. This can only be
sense. To bring the sympathetic touch of humanity done by reciprocal registration, and t o get that we must
into one’s worlr and yet remain an efficient in- first have registration in this country. trained Gidney
                                                        pointed out that several ladies who             in this
strument of help and healing, demands high country and are practising in England have been
qualities indeed. The public too often forget refused admission t o the State Register because there,
this, and are surprised when they make tlte dis- is no registration in India.
covery that not every nurse is an angel without           “The Director General of Medical Services is b.i
wings.                                    R. B. I.      sympathy with the movement and has promised his,
                                                          Alas I tlie period of grace cannot be extended.
                THE FIFTH TYPE.                         The Nurses’ Act provides that it terminates on
    Why not five types ? We lriiow another yhich July 14th this year. What a lesson in the sad
Should take precedence of the four types deplcted result of the proverbial apathy of trained nurses !
in the above article. See Prize Competition For thirty years this journal has been urging,
Question for May 19th.                                 week by week, the duty of members of our pro-
                                                       fession, t o the public and themselves, t o work for
                                                       and obtain legislation for the State Organisation.
                                                       of Nursing. For three years our Acts have been
        NOT     A MOMENT TO LOSE.                      on the Statute Eoolr-and it is not until it is almost
                                                       too late for Esisting Nurses to register that our
                                                       colleagues in India have realised its importance,
    Nurses certificated in Canada, South Africa, and at the eleventh hour begun t o act. Well may
and India have time to register in England American Nursy call THEBRITISH                 JOURNAI, OF
as! Exkting Nurses.                                    NURSING     the    voice crying in the wilderness.”
    The pronouncement of the Ministry of Americans had the good sense t o listen t o its
                                                       professional teaching thirty years ago.
Health that the Nurses’ Registration Act per-
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