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New for 2009


									   Supplement to 2008 Catalog

New for 2009
One Piece Door Springs
Xtra HD 3” Gold Pulleys

3” Truck Door Cable Drum
Stainless Rivets

5/16” “SUPER” Teks
3 Cavity Mini Swaging Tool

RB21 Rolling Steel Bulb Seal
Hard EPDM Bottom Seal

 When Quality & Service Matter...
                           Spring gauges, Tools, Precision Rollers
                                                                                Spring Tools
                        Part#                 Description
                        TSGA-RES     Pocket Wire Gauge - Residential         .1875-.3125 Wire
                        TSGA-COM     Pocket Wire Gauge - Commercial           .3195-.500 Wire
                        TS-ST          Torsion Spring Spreader Tool
                        TCBL-ARM       Counter Lever Balance Arm         use with bathroom scale


                            Precision Rollers, HD Gold Pulley & Spreader Arm
                        Part#                    Description
                        ROLL41            2” White Nylon w/ 4” stem      150 lb - 100,000 cycles
                        ROLL41-XL         2” White Nylon w/ 7” stem            12 ft door
                        SHV3HDGOLD            3” Gold HD Sheave            200 lb - 10,000 cycles
                        CH-JSS             Adjustable Spreader Arm       includes 1” shaft collars


                     Cable Cutters & Cable Swagers
Part#                Description
THSC350          3 Cavity Hand Swager     1/16”, 3/32” & 1/8”
THS1000          2 Cavity Hand Swager        1/4” & 5/16”
TWR-10BB       Bench Mount Cable Cutter     Cuts up to 3/8”


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                                                         Top, Side & Bottom Seals
Top & Side Seals
Part#                          Description
TS14-09                  Double Flap Top Seal - 9’        15 pcs
TS14-16                 Double Flap Top Seal - 16’        15 pcs
GS20-09                   Guide Seal Gray - 9.5’          25 pcs
GS20-16                    Guide Seal Gray - 16’          25 pcs
RS175/W              1-3/4” Stucco Jamb Seal (White)     300’ ctn
RS175/A             1-3/4” Stucco Jamb Seal (Almond)     300’ ctn
RS175/S            1-3/4” Stucco Jamb Seal (Sandstone)   300’ ctn
RS175/B              1-3/4” Stucco Jamb Seal (Brown)     300’ ctn




  UR175 w/ FR375

                                                                      Bottom Seals & Threshold
                                Part#                               Description
                                UR138-09          1-3/8” Universal Bottom Retainer - 9’    25 pcs
                                UR138-16         1-3/8” Universal Bottom Retainer - 16’    25 pcs
                                UR175-09          1-3/4” Universal Bottom Retainer - 9’    20 pcs
                                UR175-16         1-3/4” Universal Bottom Retainer - 16’    20 pcs
                                FR375               “T” Shape Astragal - 3-3/4” Wide      200’ roll
                                RB21F/BL             Rolling Steel Door Bottom Seal       150’/ctn
                                WS-HARD-BOTSEAL      1-3/8” EPDM Hard Bottom Seal         300’ roll
                                WS-THRESH-100   3” Hard Rubber Threshold, inc. adhesive   100’ roll


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                                             Springs, Fasteners, & Truck Door
                                                                          One Piece Door Springs
                                         Part#                        Description
                                         HOL-P328C “C” Type Hook, 125 lb to 250 lb doors      .243 Wire
                                                   “W” Type Hook 105 lb to 175 lb doors
                                         HOL-P528C                                            .207 Wire
                                                    or 200 lb to 350 lb w/ four springs
                                                   “W” Type Hook 90 lb to 150 lb doors
                                         HOL-P728C                                            .177 Wire
                                                    or 200 lb to 350 lb w/ four springs


             C6333              Part#                     Description
                                C6333-1500        5/16”-12 x 1-1/4” Super Tek       7/16” Socket Head
                                C6097-4000        3/8” x 3/4” RD HD Carriage          Short Shoulder
                                C6456-100           1/4”-20 x 1-1/8” Step Bolt         Magni-Plated
                                C6457-100           1/4”-20 x 1-1/4” Step Bolt         Magni-Plated
                                C6458-100           1/4”-20 x 1-1/2” Step Bolt         Magni-Plated
                                C6459-100           1/4”-20 x 1-3/4” Step Bolt         Magni-Plated
                                C6510-100      1/4” X 1-3/32 w/ (11/16”)Pan Head    Type 302 Stainless
                                C6511-100        1/4” X 1 w/ (11/16”)Flat Head      Type 302 Stainless
CON300                          C6512-100      1/4” X 1-3/32 w/ (11/16”)Pan Head    Type 302 Stainless
                                C6513-100       1/4” X 1-5/32 w/ (1/2”)Pan Head     Type 302 Stainless
Truck Door Accessories
Part#                    Description
CON300-C/R               3” Cable Drum             130” Capacity
T51036-C/R           Spring Anchor Bracket           Weldable
L-BRACKET              3” (2x2) L-Bracket        7/16” Square Holes


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                                  Exhaust Ports & Struts & Hardware

                                                                           Exhaust Ports
                         Part#                        Description
                         EP-3                3” for Non Insulated Doors    fits up to 1/4” thick
                         EP-3LATCH          3” w/latch for Non Insulated   fits up to 1/4” thick
                         EP-3INS               3” for Insulated Doors        fits up to 2” thick
                         EP-3INS/LATCH        3” w/latch for Insulated       fits up to 2” thick

                        Part#                         Description
                        STRUT20-08               2” Hemmed 20 Gauge x 8’       Bundles of 60
                        STRUT20-09               2” Hemmed 20 Gauge x 9’       Bundles of 60
                        STRUT20-16              2” Hemmed 20 Gauge x 16’       Bundles of 60

Hinges, Brackets and Pusher Springs
Part#                   Description
ORBADJ-N        Adjustable for 18”-24” panels         30 pcs/carton
GDHINGE14-N      14 Gauge Narrow Rail Hinge           25 pcs/carton
B640                 15” Pusher Springs                  in pairs
B630           Leaf Spring w/ Restraint Strap            in pairs


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