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									                              Related/Sibling Sites

                              Presenter: Lynley Clark
                              School Education Information Officer

                                              >   Discover what a RSS feed is and how this
                                                  can help you.
                                              >   Begin to understand how easy it is to create
                                                  your own website using edna’s shared
  >   RSS Technology                              information services.
  >   Using edna Generators                   >   Find out about careers with the myfuture
  >   Related Sites                               website.

  >   Create a quiz.                          >   Find information on global issues and
                                                  create your own quiz through the Global
                                                  Education site.
Workshop Checklist

   Where do you find?                                                  My Notes
   >   RSS technology

   >   Shared information services

   >   Related Sites

   >   Key Sites
           myfuture
         domain registrar
           Global education
           Government education portal
           OzProjects

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