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									                                        FORMULA JUNIOR HISTORIC
                                          RACING ASSOCIATION
                                               4 Wool Road
                                            Wimbledon London
                                                SW20 0HW

                                                Tel: 0208 946 1730
                                               Fax: 0208 946 2367

                                    FORMULA JUNIOR NEWSLETTER

Newsletter 125A
February2007/September 2006

                                                        FOR SALE

NB: This list is supplied for information only. Caveat Emptor. The FJHRA accepts no responsibility for any
statement made in any advertisement reproduced here.

IF you make a successful sale as a result of this newsletter it would be appropriate to make a donation to "FJHRA" –
0.5% of the sale price is a guideline.

                        La Moretti formule Junior a été construite à 4 ou 5 exemplaires. les premières ont été
                        fabriquées dans l'usine Moretti par Branca et les dernières ont été fabriquées chez Branca.
                        Il en reste 2 au monde aujourd'hui. L'autre voiture est aux USA.

                        - 1961 Coupe Madonina Monza
                        - 1961 Coupe Felice Bonetto 9è Lococo Salu
                        - 1961 Coupe Nino Cuvellari 6è Pizzi Ricardo
                        - 1962 2è Grand prix de la loterie Monza 14è JM Bert
                        - 1962 Course du Mont ventoux 2è JM Bert

                        This car was built with 5 specimens.
                        Today, two cars in the world today (one in the USA and this one).
                        The US Model ran to Monaco.
                        The price is 42.000 euros.

                        Je reste à votre disposition.


                        Claude Moritz
                        Tel 00 33 (0)553 22 46 46
               Andrew Hibberd‘s race winning 22. The red one
Lotus 22
               Super little car . Won Snetterton last year. What mike drove before the 27

               One of the most desirable 22s

               Originnal ch # 22 J 32 frame # 22/17

               One of two sold new to DK

               Driven by Gunnar Henrikson

               62/3 Soren Nohr

               Till 68 Leif Wikander


               1980 purchased by Ake Axelsson

               Stored till 2001

               Then purchased by Mike Hibberd

               Don’t miss it .. they don’t come like that very often

               Work 01753 531631
               or Home 01753 571142

               Andrew Hibberd

               The car was sold new in USA to Mr Sy Kaback .Unfortunately Mr Kaback' s offices in
Lotus 20
               New York collapsed because of a
               big fire and no documentation was saved. The car was raced in
               1961-1962 mainly in east coast races. Then it was owned by Mr. Howard Greenspan in
               New Jersey and then by Joe Maria White Plains NY,. Car sounds and runs very well.
               Everything is new except safety devices to be updated. Now with Marco Milanesi in
               Contact Len Selby
               Tel: 00 44 1525 270347
               Mob: 07752 226097
               E Mail:

Stanguellini   Formule Junior

               Renseignement sur demande

               Contact: [France]
               06 11 12 17 10
                      04 70 06 38 68

Lotus 20/22           1961 F junior with FIA papers –Race winner: first Goodwood Revival FJ - in very good
                      condition, ready to race – new restored ― Urban fassler‖ engine and car. I spare set of
20-J-820              original Lotus magnesium wheels ( inaddition to originals on the car ). Some spare gear
                      ratios. Transport to UK can be arranged CHF 115,000 [ approx £
                      50,000_]contactJohannes Kistler, JK Racing Altenweg 3,PO Box 69 CH-8142 Uitikon
                      Waldegg, Switzerland m 0041 79 4452878 T 0042 44 4913512 Em:-
Elva 100/28/EX        Frank Stark‘s immaculate and longtime owned and loved Elva is reluctantly for sale. From
                      the factory records kept by Bill Meace , Elva‘s General Manager, Car built at Elva works
SOLD                  and sold to the US importer in Maryland. Engine, Austin A35, gearbox Austin A35 close
                      ratio gears, steering-rack and pinion-modified Morris Minor—Brakes; 10 ― Alfin drum
                      front,9 ― cast iron drum-rear. Elva cast magnesium wheels FEATURES – adjustable front
                      and rear shockabsorbers, Diff; 4.875 – Engine- head ported and flow bench tested –
                      oversize racing valves installed – Dyno power 103 BHP with twin 1.5‖ SU carbs, 105 BHP
                      with 45 DCOE Weber carb. RPM to 8000 – Forged Venolia aluminium pistons – Engine
                      oil passages extensively modified to improve oil pressure –crank is factory competition EN
                      40 B steel, 2‖main stock journal diameters. Centre main strapped. – tyres Dunlop Racing
                      4.50 front – 5.0 rear—Brakes; three races on new competition lining – FIA papers-
                      Numerous spares available US$ 36,000 in USA [ shipping and import taxes to the buyer‘s
                      a/c] contact Frank Stark, 201 Sawdust Trail, Nicholson, GA 30565 USA T +1 706 757
                      3614 Email
Lightning/Envoyette   1962 rear engined –originally planned as successor to the Envoy Mk2-Acquired by Alex
                      Lightning –disc brake class- new FIA HTP -1989 UK Historic FJ Championship winning
SOLD                  car in the hands of Steve Bradley – lack of use forces sale – contact Bob Diggory Em
             T 01952551127
Lotus 18                  FJ . major restoration last winter. Used in Paul Matty h/climb championship 2006…
                       splendid. ..£ 32,000 Contact Paul Matty, 12 Old Birmingham Rd, Bromsgrove,Worcs B60
                         1DE ..T.01527 835656 F.01527 575172 Email
Blanc                 1961 rear engined FJ – Renault 850cc engine-built by Garage de la Rose, Marseilles-
                      competed at ―Mont Ventoux‖. Simca 8 front and rear suspension – Renault gearbox-For
                      more information contact or Email ;-
Cooper T72 1.0 F3      Sold new in 1964 to Paul Swaelens, and raced under the 'Belgian Racing Team', by drivers
(1964)                Jacques Bernusset and Paul Deetens.

Chassis FIII-10-64    Steel semi-monocoque, fibreglass bodywork, inboard front springs/dampers, discs all
                      This car was fully restored by Peter Denty Racing in 2003 to its original factory
                      specification, including the 997cc BMC 'A'-series engine with single SU carburettor, and 4-
                      speed Jack Knight/Hillman Imp gearbox.
                      Price £34,600

                      Contact Bryn/Gareth Williams: +44 (0)1932 848557; +44(0)7831 397133

Sadler                 1960 front engined FJ Here's what's for sale: Cdn$12,000. I also have a prepped, full race
                      BMC 948, $Cdn4,000. I'll send you pictures of the restored chassis/suspension from my
                      home computer. There is no bodywork, wheels, tires, exhaust, trim,, gearbox. It's about
SOLD                  50% done.......Interested in a project?

                      John DeMaria
                      Director, Supply Chain Management
                      Home Depot Canada
                      900-1 Concorde Gate
                      Toronto, Ontario M3C 4H9
                      Phone: (416) 412-6824
                      Fax: (416) 412-6797
                      email:                     SOLD
Cooper T72. 1964 F3   FIA HVIF papers.
1000cc. Chassis       BMC XSP engine (original number) restored by Coldbeck. Jack Knight Imp gbx restored
F3.17.64.             by them. Correct Cooper wheels. Finished in original period Swiss colours. Expensively
                      restored 1994 by Jan Steenhart then rarely used by him, now deceased.
                      Currently fitted twin choke Weber may require replacing with single SU.
                      Original water & oil circulation system utilizing chassis tubes will require rerouting.
                      Presently in The Netherlands, period correct and in all round excellent condition.
                      Peter Jackson has some email photos & receipts etc for interested parties but for all
                      negotiations and full details please direct enquiries to present owner Roy Droogsma.
                      Euros 27,000,
                      Contact; or ;

Cooper Formula 3      1963 Cooper Formula 3. 1000cc Cosworth engine. 4 speed Newland trans, alloy
                      wheels. Race Ready. 38,500

                      Foreign Coachworks Inc.114 Bragg Street Greensboro NC 27406 Phone 336 273 9336

                      EMail Web

Brabham                 Italian FIA papers as Formula Junior – raced regularly in FIA FJ @ Monza over last 10
                      years or more by one owner – now retired from racing contact
SOLD                  Carlo Ceccarelli Em
                      O Via Savona 6 20144 milano T +39. 02/8323071
                      H Via Arena 35 20123 Milano T + 39 02/58102610
                       or Duncan Rabagliati—as above or
Cooper T59            Allan McGregor‘s T 59 is for sale. As raced at the first GP Monaco Historique. Contact
                      Allan @
           ELVA100    . Front engine drum class. chassis number 100/66. built 1959 F.I.A. papers. This is the
                      Ex Rob Slotemaker/Hugo Studer car. I have had the since 2000. Swiftune engine
WITHDRAWN             (BMC.) 110BHP.@ 7484 rpm. 78 lbs/ft torque.@ 5098 rpm. 5.3 diff. new iron liners
FROM SALE             fitted to drums.(alloy.) some spares come with car. £28.000. phone/fax 02392 373022.
Stanguellini FJ       ch/no 00149, unfinished restoration. Known history, originally Ernesto Crivellari 00128
                      car rebuilt by Stanguellini and sold to Joe Lubin, well known Californian Maserati team
                      owner. Found derelict in Honolulu junkyard 1976 and repatriated by John Bonner. Since I
SOLD                  acquired it in 2000 in very sad state I've stripped, blasted and rebuilt the chassis, had the
                      original Borrani wheels rebuilt with new Dunlops, rebuilt the brakes, suspension bushes
                      etc. Fresh engine rebuild and gearbox ( definitely c/r!!!) rebuilt by Tony Castle-Miller.
                      Radiator re-cored, water tamp gauge restored, seat and headrest re-covered in red leather,
                      all original bar the radiator blind!! Needs final sorting out, and new flank panels, and
                      engine cover. New perspex screen plus mould to make another. new plumbed-in fire
                      system. New nose made but sadly doesn't fit properly. may be possible to modify?? I've
                      lost the motivation to finish it and lack the funds to race it so it has to go, €20k or offer.

NOTA                  Front engined FJ – one of only two built-Had no expense spared ground up rebuild –
                      1000cc BMC – lots of bhp-Needham C/R smooth gb, BMC rear end, diffs of various
                      ratios all overhauled- many spares-CAMS logbook – regularly raced – new lightweight
                      traler- A$42,500 ovno- contact Geoff Medley
                      N.S.W. State Manager
                      Service National Pty Ltd
                      P 029791 6138 F0297916688 M 0419 620 266
                      e.mail :

Elva 200              1960 FJ – originally exported to USA via carl haas.returned to UK and undergone a total
#200/006              ground up restoration with chassis work by Mike Brotherwood. Engine iscorrect 1098cc
                      BMC by Slark Race engineering and gearbox by Stuart rolt. All finished to rthe highest
SOLD                  standards.. Comes with full potographic record, documentation and FIA papers. Initial
                      shakedown and race @ 2005Mallory Park 50th Anniversary Elva meeting £33000. For
                      more information contact Ken Aylett, East Sussex T 01243 511 246 or mob 07740 288
FJ SPARES             I have acquired 2 brake drums,originally thought to be Elva 100, one with back plate and 2
                      half shafts. Contact Lawrence Sufryn []
Jolus                 1960 Drum braked One of four built – featured in extensive article 2006 see
SOLD                  Dick Buckingham Em US$ 45,000

De Tomaso             1960 – recently imported from USA – What a beautiful car –FIAT motor rear engined –
                      Foxcraft Racing Sandy Down Building Sandy Down Stockbridge Hants SO20 6BY T
SOLD                  01264 810110
Cooper T59 – Mk3 FJ   1962 –purchased by present owner in Switzerland in 1964 - now in France –in private
                      museum for many years - believed ex-Ken Tyrell- correct Cooper/ERSA gb # 40– needs
FJ 100                correct BMC [ NOT Ford] engine – currently fitted incorrect Cortina Ford engine #5834
                      for hillclimbs and demos- competed Tangier and Albi GPs 1988- some original spares-
                      exciting prospect to acquire FJ in excellent original condition for raceready restoration
                      contact Severine –
                      1963 rear engined Shark-nosed FJ – completely restored 2001/2002 Ford Cosworth
Wainer 63
                      1097cc with 0 km – Mk 8 Hewland – perfect condition; ready to race. Car in Europe
                      Euros 60,000. Contact Marco Antonucci, Dale‘s Place Restaurant, 47 Blaauwberg Rd,
                      Table View 7441, Republic of South Africa Em Mob 27 (o)83 615
                      7423 Fax +27 (0)21 554 0563 or Len Selby T.07752226097
                      The ―twini mini‖ single seater as raced at Brands Hatch and sprinted by Chris Lawrence–
Deep Sanderson        incredibly complete – now reassembled and rolling– original aluminium body and badges,
DS 105                in totally period condition – dry stored for last 40 years –awaiting ―Classic and SportsCar‖
                      article shortly – a certain competitor at the Goodwood Hill-climb- ready for final
                      restoration work £16,500 contact Duncan as above or
Ausper T4.04          1962 advanced FJ –Ford engine –inclined MAE on IDA downdraught – 5 spd Collotti gb-
                      new gearbox internals from Crosthwaite and Gardner- inboard suspension front and rear –
                      highly advanced car for period – very competitive – in excellent condition with FIA papers
                      -very original - restored by Grant Wilson – current owner Jim Chapman found his 6ft3‖
                      frame just too tight a squeeze- £37,500 –contact Dave Methley:
                      T 01403 248009
                      Built and raced by David Coode in Uk then Aust. Excellent history, fully restored race
1963 Penny Ford
                      ready for Aust. FJ Series by current owner with health problems. CAMS log book and C
                      of D, spares and trailer included. AUS $33,000 o.n.o. Contact Doug Bradhurst (02) 9524
                      Unique opportunity to acquire Allen Lloyd‘s Lurani winning car. Following Allen‘s total
Lotus 27
                      withdrawal from Historic Motorsport. Contact Gerry Wainwright AJL racing:
                      Unit 17, Abeles Way, Holly Lane Industrial Estate, Atherstone, CV9 2QZ, UK

                      1955 – open 2 seater sports - actual Le Mans car (Jim Russell/ Peter Taylor) – Ideal for Le
Arnott Climax
                      Mans Classic 2006, or , even more fun, the new Tour Britannica 2005 - original 1100cc
Reg. 1 FMT
                      Coventry Climax engine # FWA 6264. Arnott supercharger. Acquired by Duncan direct
Ch # AT 112
                      from Daphne Arnott. Car and engine rebuilt (but retaining original parts) by Sigma
                      Engineering. Excellent road car, MOT‘d and taxed. Offers over £50,000 to Duncan (as
                      above) T 0208 946 1730
ELVA 100              1959 sorted car chassis ―tuned‖ by Tony Steele ;1100 BMC engine rebuilt by
100/60                Swiftune;new type FIA HTP papers in hand £24,950
SOLD                  Contact Graham Little;T 01978 869342
                      Color Blue-Front Engine - Modified Fiat-1100 cc - Carburetters Twin Weber DCO3.
1959 Volpini F. Jr.
                      Racing History- 007 was tested by Karl Ludvigsen, Sept. 1960 for Sports Car Illustrated.
Serial No. 007
                      Driven by Bob Aiken at Sebring F. Jr. event. Watkins Glen 1979 Vintage Event. Several
                      races at Lime Rock in the 70's and 80's. Participated In Vintage Festival Races on Oval
                      Track at Louden, N.H. 1992,1993,1994. 007 is in perfect Concours and Mechanical
                      condition ready to go again. Spares,4 Spare Rims and 2 Spare tyres. Race ready. Fitted
                      tonneau cover. Price: $ 46,000. US, FOB Searsport , Me. USA. More details on request.
                      Thomas Melahn, (Le Garagiste), P.O. Box 268, Searsport, Maine 04974 USA. Tel. 001 207
                      548-6273; E-Mail
                      1960 Austrian FJ Special – long history – 100% mechanical rebuild; original alloy
                      bodywork - excellent prospect for Goodwood 2007 located Hampshire £20K ono
                      contact; Brig Tim Manners-Smith T 01962 714484
                      Unique Aust. Built car based on Lotus 22. Developed by Lionel Ayers. Outstanding fully
1962 MRC Lotus 22
                      documented Aust. History. Top HP Ford engine, 5 speed Hewland trans. Most consistent
                      FJ Trophy Series winner in Australia. Expressions of interest to Murray Bryden 418 332
                      210. Email:
                      Rear engined - 1962 (Mk 2 not Mk IV as stated) – one of 5 built. Rare FJ designed by Joe
                      Huffaker. Fully sorted and very competitive – Koni 8212 shocks, 5 Sp Hewland rebuilt by
                      Taylor Racing. 1100cc 105E at present [but original correct BMC A Type Engine included]
                      new ATL fuel cell in 2001. Spares include: original mag BMC wheels ―in great shape‖
                      complete set of gear ratios: Extra springs (new) spare gearbox (good shape) and the
                      original BMC A Type – ―priced to sell‖ – contact Driving Machines LLC, 8360 Rausch
                      Driver Plain City OH 43064. T 001 614 873 5536. E-mail:
                      1969 front engine, FIAT engine km 0, 32 weber DCO A 3, Borrani wheels and new tyres.
                      Original tank with detostop. VERY ORIGINAL CAR, restored in 2004 for Montecaro,
BT 053
                      colour black. FIA papers. Very beautiful. Contact: Daniele Salodini, Via Arnaldo 54,
                      25011 Calcinato Brescia, Italia, T. 00 39 335 686 1367 E.
                      1960 drum braked FJ . Karl Heinz has sold the Envoy that he raced, but he has a second
                      original Envoy for restoration-- maybe that too could be available ? Try contact Karl-
                      Heinz Wagner Tel:0049 6827 606,Address:Lachwies 8,D-Eppelborn-Dirmingen;
                      F: 00 49 68 27 82 06
                      1960 front engined FJ ex-Dietrich Merkel – now for sale by Udo Griefe – excellent
BMC Mk 1
                      condition- ready to race- contact Klaus Rauschen Tm +49 172 5303166 Em
                      Belgian monoposto with rare 1.0 DKW in F3 trim – located in Wales for 20+ years before
―Lova‖ DKW
                      rescued by Duncan contact David Watts T.01604 882222
Emeryson FJ/4         The original aluminium bodied drum braked works prototype FJ – sold to Mike Braby –
                      familiar purple car raced in Monoposto Formula in the 1970s - car restored by Cyril
SOLD                  Linstone, body by Frank Gomm – available as finished car with or without Ford engine.
                      Contact Cyril Linstone Tel: 01799530778 or Mark Linstone 07766831220
Cisitalia D46         Desireable racer for invitation FJHRA class – contact T 0049 7832/2672 F 0049
Moretti               Monoposto 750 Corsa – eligible for FJ invitation classes – contact +49 7832/2672 F +49
Elva 200              1960 FJ1R- Julian Wakely may be selling his correct BMC engined 200-- try contacting
                      Julian on
De Sanctis            1959 rear-engined. Very original. Raced at Monaco 1998. Contact Fabio d‘Alberti – 20124
                      Milano, Italy. T:(O)00.39.0266.90513 or F: or e-mail:
                      1960 – front engined – immaculate condition – raced Monaco – ex-Geoff Duke –
Gemini Mk II
                      ―Monaco nose‖ – correct BMC engine –raced @ Monaco Historique by Daan de Smedt -
                      contact Paul Grant 1-02 Ave Paul Hymans Brussels 1200, Belgium T + 32 2 770 7292 (H)
                      +32 2 770 1513 (W)
Lotus 18 Formula      Lotus 18 Formula Junior, chassis number 807, imported from U.K. in 1984 after thorough
Junior - chassis #    restoration including original chassis rejigged by Frank Coltman, very competitive with
807                   eight straight wins at the demanding through the streets Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, lap
                      records throughout the northeast, two races on 1,000cc Cosworth-Ford, billet crank, steel
SOLD                  main caps, Cosworth steel con rods, forged JE pistons, Total Seal gapless rings, dry sump,
                      special cam grind (hotter than Cosworth A6), gas flowed big valve head, alloy flywheel,
                      safe revs to 10,0000 rpm, twin 40 DCOE Webers, rebuilt close ratio Renault T318
                 transaxle, new ring and pinion, new driveshafts, fully chromed suspension, proper
                 magnesium 15" Wobbly Web wheels, 9" finned alloy drums, Carrera shocks with chromed
                 springs, fire system, fuel cell inside original alloy tank, custom made thick core radiator,
                 Luminition, nicely detailed dash, interior, engine bay, etc., tonneau, 12,000 rpm chrono
                 tach with tell tale, muffler and straight pipe, braided steel fuel, oil, and brake lines, new
                 driveshafts, excellent full bodywork and paint, new windshield, fuel pressure and oil temp
                 gauges, perfectly tuned, set up, and ready to race and win. Current VSCCA log book.
                 Located one hour from New York City. $45,000 and possible trade. Marc F. Evans 203-
                 377-6746 [days]

                 -Also available: comprehensive spares package: all steel 1,000cc engine, two fresh close
                 ratio transaxles, four spare 15" Wobbly web wheels with mounted Dunlops, spare body
                 with extra nose, windshield, drive shafts, new rear uprights, input shaft, dry sump pump,
                 lots of brake and fuel system parts, Alfin brake drum, enough parts to keep this car
                 running competitively for years. And for a U.S. buyer, a beautiful custom built Haulmark
                 18' enclosed trailer, narrow so it is each to see down the sides from the tow vehicle, torsion
                 bar suspension, custom top allowing Lotus 18 and a Lotus 7 to be carried 'piggy back'
                 style, winch, full width ramp, brakes, cost $15,000+. Trailer AND all parts for $15,000.
Gremlin FJ       1962 Australian FJ similar Mk3A Gemini –original car – built by Biull smith and Ron
                 Halpin using 105E Anglia / VW trans – car currently modified, but suitable for restoration
                 – minus engine – offers around A$ 10K – Jim Pidgeon + 61 7 4685 2366
Lotus 18         1960 full history – currently racing – CAMS logbook – closed in trailer – A$ 65K inclusive
J-766            – Tel Wybe Geertsma – T +61 7 3812 3137 or +61 418 717 535 [ WG came to visit FJ in
                 UK a few yearsago ]
Cooper T59 Mk3   1962 - original owner, Suzy Dietrich of Ohio USA – complete history fully documented
FJ-24-62         from new – arrived 1981 in Australia from USA – full restoration now complete – Original
                 BMC XSP factory dry sump racing engine- Jack Knight 6-sp ERSA trans, with spare ratios
                 CAMS logbook – contact AFJA Chairman, Kelvin Prior T +61 3 9707 1652 or
Lotus 20-J-959   1961 – originally owned by Lionel Ayres [ Queensland ]. Full restoration completed, like
                 new – Murray Bryden B.H. +61 3 9357 9969
De Tomaso 63     1963 – monocoque similar to Lotus 27 – one of only 4 built – this was the factory car
                 retained in the De Tomaso collection in Modena until recently acquired by the current
SOLD             owner – Rebuild opportunity – Marcel Schaub Hauptstrasse 126, CH-4415 Lamsen B1
                 Switzerland Em. T mob 00 41 792763131
                 FJ Cosworth engine (fresh crank, pistons, con rods) correct Renault gearbox, minilite
Lotus 22-F3-59
                 wheels. € 44,000. Contract Urban Fassler
                 Hans Matti‘s car as raced by him in the 1980s. Amazing opportunity to acquire this
Lola Mk 2
                 original car with race winning potential – contact Urban Fässler T(H)00 41 19373238,
#BRJ 20
                 T(O) 00 41 1 937 2656 F 00 41 1 937 5451. E-mail:
                 Another of Hans Matti‘s cars – owned by him for many years, late car : i.r.s Contact
                 Urban Fässler (as above)
Ch # S.00 191
                 ―1959‖ FJ – genuine car with interesting history. Comes ready to race having recently
Lotus 18
                 received sympathetic restoration. Extensive file and documentation £45,000. contact
                 Legends, Sycamore Barn, Bourton on the water Industrial Park, Cheltenham GL54 2HQ.
                 T. 01451 821 611 E-mail: website:
                 1959 FJ,- very handsome aluminium bodied car, BMC powertrain etc. It is a half
Sadler FJ
                 completed project. Contact: Daniel Thompson- to be put in touch
                 with the owner.
                 FJ 1959 – complete restoration – ready to run – euro 50,000, T +33 6 03 72 13 10 or +33
                 1 40 30 02 52
                 One of three front engined prototypes (chassis #12, blue), developed by Gurney and
Huffaker / BMC   Miles. Updated to SCCA Formula C in 1960s with magnesium uprights and wheels with
                 disc brakes. Recent total rebuild with race prepared 1100cc BMC engine as original. Spare
Mk 1 #12
                 Nose cone and engine block. VSCCA eligible except for disc brakes. US $35,000 Contact
                 Guy Frost Roslyn NY USA T/F +! 516 621 2745 Em;
                  On behalf of a friend in USA Contact Frank Stark Em
Elva 100
Paramount        1956 sports car – the last chassis produced from the Linslade works, Leighton Buzzard,
                      with original Rochdale 2-seater body - complete down to the original hubcaps with
                      Paramount motif – excellent restoration project – original Registration with V5 Car dry
                      stored in Lancashire £3500 contact Duncan as above or call 07710 511 548
Gemini Mk 2           1959 front engined Swiftune BMC 1071cc; Jack Knight dog-box; strengthened
                      transmission; special dif + spare ;new suspension; new hydraulics; new electrics,
# 1018                instruments,brakes,hydraulics; Transponder. Comprehensive spares include 8 ali
                      wheels/tyres ;nose cone mould and 3 spare nose cones [ different lengths – Monaco, etc
                      !!!]; new front and rear uprights, steering arms, stub axle,etc; wishbones, suspension units,
                      drive shafts, brake shoes, etc; radiator; Goodwood silencers; original seat; Successes
                      include Nurburgring,Spa,Pau,Oporto,Angouleme,Donington Park PRICE £ 49,500 [
                      much less than a Lola !!] Extra [ by negotiation] original 1098cc engine, not run since
                      Swift rebuild and bench test; Jack Knight gearbox, used twice since rebuild ; Castings for
                      dif. Casing, dropbox,backplates; patterns for dif.casing, dropbox, backplates, rear upright,
                      brake drums contact Dr Tony Goodwin mob +44 (0)7850 312178 Em
BMC Mk 1              1960 front engined FJ – Michael Waller‘s beautiful maroon car – raced at Goodwood
                      Revival 2006 – immaculate - £12000 spent since acquisition – a give away at £33,000,
# 011                 including alternate diff and other spares- extra gearbox negotiable – located Berkshire –
                      call Michael Waller T 0118 981 3839 mob 07785 256076
                      Jim Grady‘s family has recently decided it is time to look into selling his Huffaker-
                      designed/built BMC Mk II Formula Junior. This is the rear engined Junior, originally
                      powered by the Huffaker/BMC 1100cc engine with Hewland gearbox. It is not a fully
BMC Mk II             restored car, missing the right engine and some body work, but is all there and is a
                      legitimate BMC MkII. Contact John Hertsgaard []
                      Minnesota, USA
Lola Mk3              1961 drum braked FJ2 – an amazing opportunity to acquire one of the rarest of Lola cars
                      as raced by Dick Prior, John Hine in period – a sure leader of Lurani class D – long
BRJ 37                Swedish history – Ford engine –contact Goran Anderberg Egnahemsv. 41 26034
                      MOROP Sweden T/F +46.42.71817 Em
                      Complete and ready to race For ale or exchange contact Christophe Pund
#J 009
                      Front engined 1962 Monoposto – eligible, in original spec, for UK FJ championship races,
                      contact Marcel Roks Consultants, Steenweg Op Turnhout 84, 2330 Merksplas, Belgium,
                      T. 00 32 14 478 900 F. 00 32 14 478 901 Mob: 00 32 476 886 518 Website:
                      Correct and original spec car. Same owner for past 20 years. Very clean and race ready
Lotus 18
                      with fresh Hasselgren Engine. US $ 35,000 Contact Fantasy Junction, 1145 Park Avenue,
18J -776
                      Emeryville, CA 94608 T. 001 510 653 7555                 F. 001 510 653 9754 website:
Fairthorpe            1959 Coventry Climax-engined Fairthorpe Electron for restoration. This is one of seven
Electron/Climax       examples known to exist around the world and one of only two that still retains its original
                      engine; a 1098cc Coventry Climax FWA. The big brother to the popular Electron Minor,
                      the Electron was the choice of the more well-heeled Fairthorpe customer. Popular in club
                      racing these cars appeared on entry lists for many UK and US venues including
                      Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Goodwood and Virginia International Raceway. This example
                      was stored outdoors for 20 years and it needs full restoration , but is mostly complete and
                      would make an attractive road car or widely accepted racer. Email for
                      pictures or call +44 (0)1892 523 614 for more information.

                      £35,000 - call Mike Abbas for more details - T: 01257 470034 ; F: 01257 470036; E:
Lotus 22
                      Lynn Cowan who has a 1961 Lynx Type 2 chassis 109 for sale. Currently fitted Borgward
Lynx Type 2 chassis
                      engine contact Lynn on Em
Stanguellini          Terry Burke‘s Stanguellini is now for sale. Reported as one of the best front engined FJ
                      restorations seen in USA. US$ 65,000 contact Terry
Cooper-Norton Mk 8
                      500cc F3. Race ready, regular Goodwood attendee, rebuilt gearbox, and on the button.
                      Very well built ( ex Peter Wright) and pretty, shiny , car. Small enough to go under the
                        Christmas tree, and still do a I min Mallory Park lap .Contact Nick Leston 01580 715699
                        or 07748 445751
Mallock U2 MK4/F3,       1963/64, BMC FJ engine, steel crank and rods, dry sump, BMC box with straight gears
                        and close ratio, 320 kg, mudgards, spares, ready for circuits or hillclimbs, about 15000
                        GBP, pictures and more information contact Dr Dietrich Merkel "webmaster@dietrich-
              " or tel 0049 531 352043.

Cheap FJ Transporter    1997 FIAT turbo Daily, 2.8Turbo diesel, XLWB, High-top,side door, 3-seater cab, takes
                        any FJ less then 60"o/a width. Internal hand winch, 4.0m alloy ramps, phenolic ply floor
                        with tie-downs, towbar. With some fabrication work could be modified to take 2 cars +
                        one on a trailer!! deliberately scruffy and nondescript (doesn't attract unwanted attention
                        from villains!!) but would smarten up without too much trouble. Bullet-proof reliability
                        and 25+mpg @100km/h MOT July 2006 £1500, maybe take trailer in p/x. email
               00 44 7836 693868
Lotus 20 CLONE          ―1960‖ Lotus 20 Formula Junior clone. NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ANY HISTORIC FJ
                        RACE Ground up ―restoration‖[ !!!] almost totally complete…just needs a few finishing
BEWARE                  touches. Fresh zero hour BMC 1098cc engine. all new electrical wiring and components.
                        New fuel and coling system as well as new hydraulics! Call Steven at +1 603 640 6161 in
                        NH USA $ 17,900 or
                          1967 One of the most original and well known F3 on the international historic racing
                        scene. 2006 European Historic F3 1000cc Trophy winner, 3rd in 2005. Details on
               Restored 2001-2004, fresh engine (0 hour) and gearbox. Maintained
                        by professionals (all bills). Full FIA papers. Comes with ratios, silencer, spare wheels
                        (original magnesium brabham wheels), set-up datas. On the bottom for many race series :
Brabham BT21 F3         European Trophy, HSCC, Monoposto, German Open, Madunina Storica…
1000cc                  The best historic car for reasonable budget. Tel : 0033 660 98 29 91(English and french
                        spoken). email :
                        One of two surviving stressed ally-skimmed monocoque FWD F3 racing cars. Totally
Bond Type C
                        original with long five JAP engine, rubber suspension and cable steering. Plus special
                        ―Goodwin‖ JAP, Norton box and clutch, together with ―bolt-on‖ equip to get it on
                        today‘s pace. A certain Goodwood entry. For more information and reasonable offers,
                        please telephone Jeff Donely on 02476 663484 (days) or 02476 402686 (eve and w/ends)
                        Ex Bob Gerard. Immaculate. Contact Don Hall. T.00 61 893862346
Cooper-Norton Mk V
                        Superbly presented 500. not run since total rebuild. Aus $35,000 contact Matt Segafredo
Cooper-JAP Mk IV
                        T. 00 61 418280000
Kieft                   1952/3 – JAP engine- Norton gb- just completing total rebuild- spare JAP
                        engine,gb,wheels etc. trailer £10K T. 07845056371
                        All the original patterns and drawings are still owned by Jack Turner for 500cc engine as
Turner    4c    500cc
                        fitted to 1954 Keift F3 cars. For sale @ £3000. contact Turner Registrar. E-mail:
58 Tighe Vincent        Australian Hill Climb Champion. 998cc Vincent on alcohol in an uprated version of a
                        Cooper mk9. Complete history and CAMS documents. ready to race with spares and
SOLD                    tooling. $US 28000. John Streets (CA USA) 6504961933
                        500 –OA Reg# 102 –in the Dent family for 15 years – hillclimbed and sprinted by 4 of
                        us – won Parker Trophy in alastair‘s hands in 2003-Qualifie as a Schelsley special-A
                        simple car with JAP engine and Norton box- Offers,, with or without engine and box –
                        John Dent, Maencoch, Llanboidy,Whitland, Carms, Wales, SA 34 ODF T 01994 448305
                        Long chassis 930cc pushrod, front engine. New aluminium full width body. NZ historic
1951 Cooper Alta
                        log book, VCC cond, been in storage for 2 years. Spares package included. (NZ) $ 28,000
Sports Racing Mk 3
                        ONO T/F 00 64 095342245
                        1956 – one of the most famous 500‘s built specially by Cooper for Albert Zains and driven
Cooper Norton Mk
                        by Ian Raby. Purchased in 1969 by the late Frank Bruce White of ―Equipe Brutoni‖ and
                        used by him and Tony Stevens during the last 30 years – now for sale byFrank‘s son
―The Flash Special      Richard Bruce White, T. 01980 611 202 F. 01980 611 194
                        1951 car, just finished. Early Watkins Glen competitor. Very correct JAP 4B engine. New
Cooper Mk V T-15
                        panels, tyres, fuel and oil tanks, shocks, leather seat. Your chance to own a piece of
                        American racing history. Goodwood eligible, $18,500 OBO, possible trade. Custom
                        trailer available T. 001 804 282 7407
Effyh-Norton 500        Fully developed to show car standards by Senator Tim Wood, host of Brin Fan Tivven
                    races at Harvey‘s Lake,PA. Streamlined alloy body with Brooklands windscreen,
                    upholstered cockpit and Nardi wood steering wheel. Borrani spoke wheels, chromed
                    suspension, fitted with Cooper rear chassis for long stroke Manx by Ray Petty (methanol)
                    Spare gearbox,JAWA motor(gas),driveline and suspension parts. VSCCA #274 US$25,000
                    Contact Guy Frost,Roslyn NY USA T/F +1 516 621 2745 Em:

                    Part finished project – all rose joints have been replaced and 99% of the Triumph engine is
Excalibur 500
                    there. This could be a pretty car is someone had the time to finish things off and who
                    would take it out on the hills or on the circuit. Price in the region of £2,750. Contact
                    Mike Faloon –
                    1956 Triumph twin 500cc F3 – fully restored by Colin Clifford – ready to go – 500c record
Cooper Mk 6
                    holder at Harewood hillclimb in the 60/70s. Call Ian Denny – T: 01642 483507
Cooper Mk 8          Brian Jolliffe's Mk 8 Cooper which looks a nice tidy car, is for sale…he wants £18K.
                    Contact Brian at Highfield House, Dibden,Southampton,SO4 6YX T 01703846694 (H)
                    01703 845558 (W)

                    NSW race history from at least early 1960s. Rebuilt Bonneville engine, new 4-speed box,
Scarab Triumph
                    single Amal. No trailer – Aus$20,000 – all offers considered. Contact Graeme Worsley –
                    T: 00 61 2 63 62 87 34
                    1954-VeeTwin- genuine long chassis –with very high spec and well developed 500cc
                    Vincent twin, including trailer £24950. T Richard White [ Leicester] 0116259 5291 anytime
Mk 8
                    or mob 07798 850419 Em;                Web:
Cooper 500 MkVII,   Imported to New Zealand by Frost Motors in 1953, with a JAP 500cc and 1100cc engine.
MKVII/11/53         Under ‗Ecurie Pomme‘ Ron Frost drove the car to Eighth position in the 1954 New
                    Zealand Grand Prix, extending Bill Lee‘s 1950 record for the longest event for a Copper
                    500. Well known motorcycle racer Syd Jenson took the car to sixth in the 1955 New
                    Zealand Grand Prix. Fitted with a Porsche 1582cc flat-four engine, in the 60‘s . Roy Lyme
                    took the car to both the 1963/64 and 1964/65 New Zealand Hill Climb Championships.
                    The car has a well known successful competition history with a well documented
                    continuous ownership history. Imported to the UK from New Zealand in 2003. £17,000
                    for all enquires please contact William I‘Anson on 07879 055 151 or
Comet               1953 500cc –Running 2nd 500 at Mallory Park Oct ‗05 –Since had complete engine rebuild,
                    new petrol tanks, stripped to chassis and rebuilt , and full race preparation by Tony Steele
                    raced at Mallory Park July 06 . and Angouleme 06 - £17,750. Contact Tony Steele T
                    07767827966 or 01524261668 or Duncan Rabagliati T 0208 946 1730 or 07710511548
Cooper Mk 6         1952. hillclimb history. £18,000. contact Roy Kent [ T 01692 538007 : 07831 379 111 or
                    Jerry Booen T 01953 600716 : 07770 382533]
Cooper Mk IV        1951 500. car restored for Meadow Brook Concours, winner.Never raced since then-only
                    driven a short distance. In storage for 8 years. Would need fuel and hydraulic go through,
                    but otherwise beautiful. Been with me in my office every day.100% real car. Ideal for
                    Monterey 2006. Contact Steve Rees T +1 816 210 6229 USA Em:
Cooper Mk 5/55/50   1950. JAP alloy barrel engine, Norton Upright Gearbox, many spares. The first MK 5
T15                 built, pictured in factory ads.. All original in polished aluminum, original maroon leather.
                    Ex Ian Raby, Bob Woodward. RACE READY.

                    I also own Mk4/50/50, with the early boxed channel frame. Racing records show
                    Mk4/54/50 as having raced, so this is the first Mk, built in 1950, hence the serial No.on
                    this car. The Mk 5‘s were generally built in 1951. Mk numbers started in 1947(1),
                    1948(2), 1949(3), 1950(4), 1951(5), etc., but his one was 1950. It was shown in a Cooper
                    Ad, with louvers in the lower tail piece of the engine bonnet. I still have that section,
                    although it was shortened at some point and I have welded in a with a new tail piece to
                    restore it to the original configuration. The gearbox shifts rather hard from 2 nd to third; I
                    suspect there is a gear from a later gearbox. Spare sets of gears included, along with a
                    JAP barrel and other parts. Bob Woodward (Dubuque, Iowa) restored it when he got it
                    from Ian Raby and raced it in SCCA. I acquired it in the late 70‘s after Bob saw my Mk4
                    in a shop, and remarked to my future son-in-law that he also had a similar Cooper.I have
                    raced it in numerous events in USA and Canada. The car was originally silver and
                    magenta; I have stripped it to bare aluminum. It is a very authentic Cooper, with no
                    alterations from original design. Contact John Mayes – , 100 East Bellevue Place, Chicago,
                    Illinois 60611, U.S.A.. Tel: 312-642-9450; Fax: 312-642-9870; E: or
                    Duncan Rabagliati T 0208 946 1730 or Em Duncan@
Effyh F3            1950 - Manufacturer: Thorkil Grue, Ccopenhagen, Sweden. Designers: HakonssonWorks:
                    Current Engine:: 500 cc JAP Shortstroke Model 4B alloy barrel complete with Amal
                    carburetor, BTH magneto. Gearbox: Norton 4-speed. Clutch: Norton. Chassis: Steel
                    tube, original, painted silver gray epoxy. 4 parallel tubes. Engine mounting: ¼‖ Dural
                    plate. Transmission: Chain primary & secondary. Axle mounting: Front & rear,
                    superimposed transverse pairs of quarter-elliptic springs used as wishbones. Rear: Same as
                    above, articulated swing-axle half-shafts w/ central universals. Steering: Original rack &
                    pinion . Brakes:: Alfin drums, Lockheed hydraulic 2 LS. 8‖ all wheels., Wheels: Fiat
                    Topolino, drilled for lightness and chromed. 4 Spare painted Topolino disc wheels w/
                    Dunlop Tires & Tubes. 4 Spare Topolino wheels unpainted. Tyres: 4:00 x 15‖ Front &
                    rear. Shock absorbers: telescopic. Rev counter: Smiths. Fuel pump: AC mechanical.
                    Bodywork: Original w/ some replacements 18 ga. Aluminium, silver epoxy w/ detachable
                    panels w/ spring clips & Dzus fasteners. Fuel/oil tank: two side mounted fuel tanks,
                    central mounted oil tank. Steering Wheel: MG replacement similar to original, Unladen
                    weight: 500 lbs. Wheelbase: 6 ft. 6 in. Overall length: 10 ft. Front track: 4 ft Height: 3 ft.
                    5 in. Rear track: 3 ft 9 in. Width, body : 1 ft. 9 1/2 in.

                    History - Owner: NA, U.K.(1)..Wm Rutan, Rhode Island, USA (2). Tim Ritter, Bellevue,
                    Illinois USA (3). 1977- present John A. Mayes, 100 East Bellevue Place, Chicago, Illinois
                    60611, U.S.A.. Tel: 312-642-9450; Fax: 312-642-9870; e-mail:
                    Restoration by Mayes. Has original nameplate.
                    Raced by Mayes 1979 on: Mt. Equinox Hillclimb, Vintage race @ 1 st Detroit GP, Road
                    America, Road Atlanta, Grattan, MI, etc.:
                    Contact Jack Mayes (as above) or Duncan Rabagliati(as previous)
                    1950 – unique sports car built by IOTA racing cars-lengthy feature articles in ―Classic &
Iota P2
                    Sports Car‖ and Japanese ―Car Graphic‖ – run at Goodwood Revival 2006 ,Wiscombe
P2.02               Park, Brooklands and Silverstone, engine checked, MOT and Tax. £12,500 – contact
                    Duncan (as above) on 020 8946 1730 or
                    Engine – Novamotor / GS 0096 – FIA papers N.H1345/96 ONS - ex-Bodoni and Sum
Tecno 1.0 F3
                    [ Freiburg, Germany] Price Eur. 27,500 contact Giorgio Bianchi –CH-Lugano T(O)) +41
# T 00716
                    91 993 05 21 Mob +41 79 620 28 20 Fax + 41 91 647 03 44 E:
Cooper Mk XI        1957 Cooper Mk XI Formula III. Ground-up restoration in ‘94. Featured in the Speed TV
Formula III         report on the ‘06 Monterey Historics, which featured Cooper cars;. Fitted with Triumph
                    650cc pre-unit nine-stud engine and original Norton gear box. Electric starter added in ‗03.
Mk XI 7 57          Includes all original parts and body panels plus a second Triumph 650 and other spares.
                    $26,000. Also available separately is a rare Triumph pre-unit aluminum barrel 500cc factory
                    GP engine. CSRG Log Book. Photos, history and additional information on request. Tom
                    Franges, +1 415-455-9735, 9am to 8pm or
Brabham BT 21-19    FIA papers,Cosworth/Villa engine (―screamer‖) needs rebuild, but the rest is in stunning
1.0 F3              shape. Car used to belong to Ian Walker Racing ( Mo Nunn/1967 – T. Hitchcock ) since
                    1975 by Medici, Chiodini, Montani, Padovani, and myself since 2002 –and looked after by
                    Villa of Venice – It has a few spare parts , wheels, etc – I only raced the car a couple of
                    times with the Madunina Trophy ; once ( 08/03) it was also race by Guido Dacco, who
                    won the race. Price Eur 29,500 (no VAT ) contact Giorgio Bianchi –CH-Lugano T(O))
                    +41 91 993 05 21 Mob +41 79 620 28 20 Fax + 41 91 647 03 44 E:s
Chrysler Avenger    Classic car run by Sarah Rabagliati – dry garaged for last 7 years – driven in –tax expired
                    2000-rear brakes seized-slight body damage to RHF side-otherwise very good for age-log
                    book –on SORN- nominal £50 for instant removal to enthusiast within a week contact
                    Duncan t 0208 946 1730 Em
Kieft Formula 500
                    I once was envolved in trying to Restore a Kieft Formula 500
spares              racing car, This was to be powered with a Vincent 1000cc Engine unfortuneatly I had to
                    give up on the project. -on clearing out my workshop I found
                    1 Right Angle Revesing Drive.
                    1 Chronometric Tachometer.
                    If any one Might like to purchase them please contact me via my E Mail address.
Talbot Express         1990, 2.5 litre turbodiesel. Four berth – has all usual – gas cooker, oven, sink unit, shower
Autosleeper Talisman   compartment, Ascot hot water system, cassette toilet. Totally reliable; tows all day at
Camper                 70mph/22mpg and knows its own way to all UK and continental circuits. Genuine reason
                       for sale - £6,000. Contact Bob Birrell – T: 01377 288274 (eve); 01904 665243 (day); E:
Volvo 343 1.7GL        One family owned since 1 yr old. Only 118,000. All service History. Red car with roof
with Tow Bar           bars. MOT till 03/03/07 (welded last year). Only defect - …rear window w‘screen
                       Good spare tyre. Contact: 02392 632 672. ABF Newtown, Nr
                       Wickham, Hants, PO7 4RA

"Wanted. Has anyone got a spare Ford Junior Engine (A8 cam and preferably 12 bolt crank) that they would
kindly be prepared to let me borrow/rent for the Goodwood Revival, assuming I make the cut.
David Pratley 01189 463 670 or"

Cooper Wheels.
I have 2 off 6.5"x13" wheels which I would like to swap for>
2 off 5.5"x13" OR 2 off 6.6"x15".
Trevor Needham

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