The Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) Database

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					Contact information about you, your treatment

and your routine blood tests will be recorded.

The information will be securely stored and

used to send your reminders. The information

may also be used anonymously for audit               The Therapeutic Drug
purposes.                                          Monitoring (TDM) Database

Sometimes it may be necessary to share some                      What is it?

information   with     other      health   care

professionals involved in your care, such as

doctors and nurses. All health care personnel

are   bound   by     strict    rules   regarding

confidentiality. If you wish to see your

records, this can be arranged by contacting
                                                   Pharmacy, Kingfisher House, Wensum Meadows,
the Health Records Manager at Hellesdon                Off Hospital Lane, Norwich, NR6 5NB
                                                             Direct Line: 01603 421480
Hospital on 01603 421283.
 The   Therapeutic       Drug   Monitoring    (TDM)   safe limits, in order to gain the maximum

 Database is a pioneering joint initiative by GPs     benefit from treatment and minimise side

 and Trusts. It has been set up in response to        effects. Most people suffer no major side

 national concerns regarding the difficulty in        effects from their medication, but it is

 ensuring   and   co-ordinating     regular   blood   important to detect the possibility of any

 monitoring for people on some medications,           problems early.

 particularly lithium.

                                                       Every 3 months you will be sent a reminder

The aim is to ensure that patients on lithium          to go for a blood test. This may be carried

are offered access to information about their          out wherever you normally have your blood

treatment and are sent reminders to attend             taken. The blood test request form will be

regularly for their blood tests.                       included with the reminder and should be

                                                       taken with you when you have the test. The

Regular blood tests are necessary to ensure            results will be sent to your GP or Consultant

that the blood level of the drug remains within        in the normal way.

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