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Newly Unemployed Offer


Newly Unemployed Offer

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									                       Jobcentre Plus
          Lambeth Southwark and Wandsworth District

Newly Unemployed Offer
This support is for customers who are newly unemployed and are ready for
work but have limited or no experience of finding work using modern
jobsearch techniques or recruitment channels. Participation is voluntary. The
newly unemployed offer is made up of the following components:

Group Jobsearch Sessions (GJS)
Group Jobsearch Sessions are aimed at non-professional customers and run
by JCP Advisers 2 weeks after a customer has made a claim to Jobseeker’s
Allowance. The session lasts approximately 1 hour and provides information
about modern jobsearch tools/techniques; advice on sources of information;
and signposting to further on-line support. The aim is to equip these
customers with the ability to undertake their own jobsearch and assist a quick
return to the labour market. The GJS is usually held on Jobcentre Plus
premises but in exceptional circumstances (e.g. due to lack of premises or
customer volumes) may be undertaken on provider or other external

Delivered by: JCP Advisers

1-2-1 Adviser Coaching Session
The Adviser Coaching Sessions are for customers who have asked for
additional support following voluntary attendance at a Group Jobsearch
Session (GJS).The purpose of the 1-2-1 coaching session is to give
customers practical help and show them how to use modern jobsearch
tools/techniques. e.g. access internet recruitment sites and search and apply
for jobs online.

Delivered by: JCP Advisers

1 Day Provider-led Seminars for Non-professionals
In Lambeth, Southwark and Wandsworth District, these seminars are
delivered by Skills Training UK Ltd. They will deliver one-day intensive
support seminars tailored to the needs of the customer to assist with modern
jobsearch techniques. Ideally provision will be delivered to no more than
10/12 participants per course.
The specific tailored package will be a focussed and intensive day of support
for jobseekers who have recently become unemployed (principally through
redundancy) and have no recent experience of current jobsearch channels.
                        Jobcentre Plus
           Lambeth Southwark and Wandsworth District

The aim is that these customers will have good prospects for a quick return to
employment once they have attended the seminar and familiarised
themselves with IT based recruitment approaches. Some customers may also
need to take stock of their transferable skills and learn how to match their
skills to jobs in the current labour market.Depending on individual needs,
activities might include:
 Jobsearch techniques
 Preparing an electronic CV & making the best use of Internet based
    recruitment channels
 Analysing job adverts and specifications
 Preparing for interviews

Delivered by: Skills Training UK Ltd

1 Day Provider-led Seminars for Professionals
These seminars are run by various recruitment agencies across London. The
service is aimed at newly unemployed customers who have recently left a
professional/executive occupation and are looking for work but lack the recent
experience of current jobsearch to enable them to get back into work as
quickly as possible.

Delivered by: Various Recruitment Agencies

Additional Support Available
   Day 1 eligibility to Programme Centre. Advisers will determine which
    customers may need this more intensive job search support rather than
    the new provision in the Newly Unemployed offer.
   Advisers will also be able to offer support through ADF and Work Trials,
    which can be linked with other provision to help customers into LEP
                        Jobcentre Plus
           Lambeth Southwark and Wandsworth District

Six Month Offer
This package will be available for two years from 6th April 2009 to all JSA
customers who are 6 months + unemployed. The package is made up of:

Additional Adviser Support
After six months unemployment all customers will have regular support from a
Personal Adviser and access to the four options available under the 6 month
offer (detailed below). The customer will receive an average of 3 hours
support from a Personal Adviser between 26 to 52 weeks of their claim. All
options are voluntary.

Recruitment Subsidies
This option allows customers to self market themselves to employers.
Employers who recruit customers 6 months+ unemployed will receive a £1000
subsidy to encourage them to strengthen their workforce. In addition, eligible
employers in England who receive the subsidy will also have access to in-
work training support typically worth £1500 for their new recruits via Train to
Jobs must be for a minimum of 16 hours per week and be intended to last for
at least 6 months. The recruitment subsidy will be paid through two routes:

   For low volume recruiters £500 will be paid up front and a further £500
    after 6 months
   For high volume recruiters who have Account Managers in Jobcentre Plus
    and are in Local Employment Partnerships, £1000 will be paid up front
    (checks will be in place to ensure customers have not returned to benefit
    within 6 months.)

Delivered by: JCP Advisers and Train for Gain

Support to become self-employed
Working with Business Link in England, short courses will be available giving
customers advice on setting up a business. For those customers who move
from benefit into self-employment a new self-employment credit of £50 a week
will be made available for up to 16 weeks to provide financial support to
customers as they start up their business.

Delivered by: Business Link
                        Jobcentre Plus
           Lambeth Southwark and Wandsworth District

Work-Focused Training
This will be delivered by External Partners such as Learning Skills Council.
There will be 75,000 new work focussed training opportunities to help
customers significantly increase their skills in order to enter work. The
training, delivered on a part-time or full-time basis, will allow customers to
work towards a full qualification if they are in or out of work.

Delivered by: Learning Skills Council

Volunteering placements
The British Trust Conservation Volunteers will be delivering this Option
nationally via Local Brokerage services (Springboard for LSW). This Provision
aims to help JSA customers develop or maintain skills whilst looking for a job.
Customers may do unlimited voluntary work provided they meet their
obligations as JSA customers to remain available for, actively seek paid
employment & attend mandatory interviews and employment programmes.

Delivered by: British Trust Conservation Volunteers (Springboard for LSW)

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