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Building Regulations Full Plans Submission


Building Regulations Full Plans Submission

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									             Building Regulations
             Full Plans Submission
             Building Regulations 2000
             Amended 2001 and 2002
             Regulations 12(2) and 13
             Environmental Services Department

             1 Applicant’s details (Please give details of names in full)
               Mr/Mrs/Ms Surname:                               Forenames:
                                     .............................................................................................................................................         .....................................................................................................

               Postcode:                  Telephone:                  Facsimile:

             2 Agent’s details (if applicable)
               Postcode:                    Telephone:                                                                                                                               Facsimile:

             3 Location of the building to which this work relates
               Postcode:                  Telephone:                                                                                                                                 Facsimile:

             4 Proposed work:

                Is the proposed work or any part of it subject to Partnering or a current LANTAC
                approval? (see note 5)         Yes            No
                Number of storeys in building:

             5 Use of the building:
               a If new building or extension, please state proposed use:
               b If existing building, please state proposed use:

             6 Conditions: (see note 7)
               Do you consent to the plans being passed subject to conditions?
               Yes         No

             7 Domestic electrical work: (to be completed for all domestic applications that
               include electrical work)
               Will a competent electrician who is registered with a Part P self-certifying scheme
               carry out the electrical installation?
               Yes           No or don’t know         if no or don’t know, see note 9.
               If Yes, please supply their Trade Association, for example, NICEIC, ECA,
               registration number:

March 2009
8    Building Control charge:
     Total floor area of new building or extension:             m2
     Total estimated cost:
     Cost of work not associated with an extension:
     Charge: £           VAT at 15%: £            Total: £

     Disabled fees
     If the work is solely for the benefit of a disabled person and is in connection with a
     clinical or medical need there is no charge. If you wish to claim this exemption please
     state the name and address of the disabled person. Proof of need or disability may
     also be required, such as a letter from Social Services, GP, Consultant, etc.

10   Important! The invoice for the inspection fee is usually sent to the applicant. If some
     other person is responsible for paying the fee please give their name and address.

11   I / We agree to the following: (*You are strongly advised to agree to both parts
     of this section).
     *    That the Local Authority may incorporate additional information on, or
          make minor amendments to the plans.                                    Yes / No
     *   That the Local Authority may, if necessary, extend the period for a
         decision on the application from 5 weeks to 2 months.                   Yes / No

12                                 Plan Check Certificate

         Have you obtained planning permission for this proposal?                Yes / No
         If yes, please give reference number if possible and sign the statement below.
         Reference number:

         If the plans vary from those approved for planning permission please advise the
         Building Control Section of the variations.

         I hereby certify that the proposals hereby submitted for building regulations
         consent contain no variations from the plans approved for Town and Country
         Planning purposes for this development.

         On behalf of:

13   Statement This notice is given in relation to the building work as described, is
     submitted in accordance with Regulation 12(2)(b) and is accompanied by the
     appropriate fee.

     I understand that further fees will normally be payable following the first
     inspection by the local authority.

     Name:                   Signature:                          Date:
     Please send your completed form to address on the back page and make cheque
     payable to Wigan Council.
Guidance notes
1 The applicant is the person who is having the work done, for example, the building’s
  owner. The applicant’s first name and surname must be included, together with the
  correct postcode. In the case of other applicants such as commercial, charitable or
  other organisations please include the full details of the organisation, whether it is
  limited or non-limited and contact name.
2 Two copies of the plans, particulars and this notice should be completed and submitted
  in accordance with the provisions of Building Regulation 14. Together with a block plan
  of not less than 1:1250 showing the size and position of the building, or the building as
  extended and its relationship to adjoining boundaries. This is commonly known as a
  block plan.
3 Where Part B (Fire Safety) imposes a requirement in relation to proposed building work,
  two further copies of plans showing compliance with the requirements should be sent to us.
   In most cases a Full Plans submission attracts a fee. This is paid by the applicant or
   person on whose behalf the work is to be carried out. Most fees are payable in two
   stages. The first fee must be sent with the deposit of plans and the second fee is
   payable after the first site inspection of work in progress. The second fee is a single
   payment that covers all site visits and consultations which may be necessary until the
   work is satisfactorily completed.
   Schedule 1 details the plan and inspection fees payable for small domestic buildings.
   Schedule 2 details the fees payable for small alterations and extensions to a dwelling
   house, and the addition of a small garage or carport. Schedule 3 details the fees
   payable for all other cases.
   The fee is dependent upon the type of work proposed. Fee scales and methods of
   calculation are set out in the Guidance notes on fees which is available on request.
4 Subject to certain provisions of the Public HealthAct 1936 owners and occupiersof premises
  are entitled to have their private foul and surfacewater drains and sewers connectedto the
  public sewers, where available. Special arrangementsapply to trade effluent discharge. If
  you wish to make such connections you must give us at least 21 days notice.
   Where it is proposed to erect a building or an extension over existing underground
   services, for example, gas, electricity, water, telecoms, the building owner or the building
   contractor must contact the relevant utility provider to arrange for their diversion.
5 LABC Services provides a Partner Authority Scheme and also National Type Approval
  for a range of building types, building systems and major building elements where they
  are used repeatedly. If this proposal is to use the Partnering scheme please answer
  YES and provide further details, including the name of the Partner Authority, in Section
  8. If the work proposed or any part of it is subject to a LANTAC approval please answer
  YES and include a copy of the appropriate current certificates. If there is any variation
  in this proposal from that shown on the LANTAC type approval plans you should draw
  attention to it in a covering letter. Further information on LANTAC schemes is available
  from Local Building Control Services Office, LANTAC, Local Government House, Smith
  Square, London SW1 3HZ or from our Building Control Section.
6 Premises currently designated for the purpose of the Fire Precautions Act 1971 are:
  • Premises within the Fire Precautions (Hotels and Boarding Houses) Order 1972.
  • Premises within the Fire Precautions (Factories, Offices, Shops and Railway
     Premises) Order 1989.
  • A workplace defined in Regulation 17(3)(a) of the Fire Precautions (Workplace)
     Regulations 1997, for example, any premises, not being domestic premises, used
     for an employers undertaking (please note that there are exceptions).
     7 Section 16 of the Building Act 1984 provides for the passing of plans subject to
       conditions. The conditions may specify modifications to the deposited plans and/or
       that further plans shall be deposited.
     8 The issue of a building regulation approval does not operate as an approval for the
       purpose of any other statutory provision, for example, Party Wall Act, Health and
       Safety at Work Act and so on.
     9 You will need to provide certification of satisfactory testing and inspection for all work
       not carried out under the Competent Persons Scheme. This may unfortunately
       increase the cost and may cause a delay when arranging for another electrician to
       carry out an inspection and test.
        If the electrical installation is carried out by someone who is not registered with
        NICEIC or ECA then they must provide an installation certificate, together with a test
        certificate prepared by a member of NICEIC or ECA.
        New electrical installations, rewires and adding new circuits to an existing
        If the electrical contractor is a member of NICEIC or ECA, they must complete an
        Installation Certificate (Form 1) BS 7671 (as amended).
        If the electrical contractor is not a member of NICEIC or ECA, they must complete the
        Design and Construction parts of the Installation Certificate (Form 2) BS7671 (as
        amended). You will need to arrange for an electrical contractor who is a member of
        the NICEIC, ECA or Competent Persons Scheme to inspect and test the installation
        so that the Inspection and Testing part of the form can be completed.
        In both instances the electrical contractor is required to complete (Form 3) Schedule
        of Inspection and (Form 4) Schedule of Test Results.
        Additional sockets or lighting points to an existing installation in a kitchen or
        special location.
        If the electrical contractor is member of NICEIC, ECA or is qualified with City and
        Guilds Certificate 2391, they must complete the Minor Works Certificate (Form 5).
        You must send copies of the appropriate forms to us when the work is completed. If
        you don’t do this we can’t issue a Completion Certificate and this may lead to
        enforcement action taken against you and/or your electrical contractor. Homeowners
        would be advised not to pay contractors until these electrical work certificates have
        been provided and the building work complies with the Building Regulations.
        The preferred route to approval is for you to use an electrical contractor who is
        registered under a Competent Persons Self Certification Scheme.
     10 These notes are for general guidance only, details about the deposit of plans are
        contained in Regulation 14 of the Building Regulations 2000 and about fees in the
        Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 1998.
     11 If you are planning to carry out building work or make a material change of the use of
        a building, permission may be required under the Town and Country Planning Acts.
        If you are in any doubt of whether the work you are having done needs
        approval, please discuss it with us.

Gillian Bishop, Interim Executive Director Environmental Services, Civic Buildings, New Market
Street, Wigan WN1 1RP E-mail:, Web site:,
Telephone: 01942 488042 Fax: 01942 404222, Out of hours answerphone: 01942 404301

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