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                                               BTEC First
                                              Certificate in

                                               This is a one year level 2 course exploring
                                                   different aspects of music such as
                                                performing, recording, composing and a
                                               research project about music itself. It will
                                                help to provide you with the knowledge,
                                                 understanding and skills necessary for
                                              employment or further career development
                                                          in the area of music.

                                                        Awarding body: Edexcel

Middle Road, Bitterne, Southampton SO19 7TB
           Tel : 023 8043 5636
         Email :

                  10.09 NU
What is a BTEC First Certificate?                   technicians.
A BTEC First Certificate is a practical, work-
related course. You learn by completing
                                                    Specialist Unit 4: Exploring Musical
projects and assignments that are based on
realistic situations, activities and demands. A
BTEC First Certificate is equivalent to two         Music thrives on the continuing development of
GCSEs grades A*– C                                  new ideas and sounds, and composers are at
                                                    the forefront of this progression. Exploring
                                                    composition brings out the creative aspect of
What grades will I need?                            music in an individual, and you will learn and
                                                    develop the technical and disciplined skills
You will normally need to have at least one of
                                                    which are required by every working
the following:
                                                    composer. The focus is on experimentation and
A BTEC Foundation Certificate in a related          originality, and your finished piece can be
subject                                             either acoustic or electronic – or a mix of both!
A standard of literacy and numeracy supported
by a general education equivalent to 4 GCSEs at
                                                    Specialist Unit 14: Exploring an Area of Music:
grades D-G
                                                    You will be encouraged to choose your own
Related work experience
                                                    area of musical interest which could range from
Other related level 1 or 2 qualifications           a particular style of music to the career of a
                                                    certain performer or a type of music technology
                                                    equipment. You will be guided in doing
What topics will I study?                           independent research using the Learning
The course is made up of three units – one          Resource Centre, internet and other methods,
mandatory core unit and two specialist units.       such as listening to audio material and speaking
The specialist units enable you to study            to specialists in the area you are studying. You
particular areas in more depth.                     will develop skills through in-depth
                                                    investigation of the topic, collation of all
                                                    relevant information and findings, and the final
Core Unit: Planning and Creating a Music            presentation of your study in an appropriate
Product:                                            manner by the deadline set.
You will be involved in the planning,
preparation and creation of a music product –       How will I be assessed?
be that a live concert or a CD recording. Your
role will be either as the performer or the         All units are assessed, and graded and an
technician, and it embraces all instrumentalists,   overall grade for the qualification is awarded by
singers, computer music specialists, DJs and        the centre and are subject to external

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