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Mother Earth


Mother Earth

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									                                   Mother Earth
                                (by nilesh manani, March 2005)

  When the Mother Earth awoke from the deep slumber of the night, she discovered
that she did not feel the sense of her touch; she did not hear the sounds from her ears,
                     and she did not smell her scent from her nose.

Then when she probed out of the window to fathom the reason why, she saw the
   darkness of the sky engulf her face, and she could not see that which had
                          covered her lands beyond.

 When she went out to feel the forces of life on her lands, she found that the air did
 not stir nor the winds howl. Walking beyond where she knew the streams to flow,
she saw her river covered in fine dust; the water did not flow nor release its soothing

 Fear filled the heart of the Mother Earth then, as she probed searching for an
  answer within, only to discover a melancholic emptiness leap out from her
                               seeking its release.

 Hoping that the Sun will breathe life onto her lands, rivers, forests and oceans, she
               sat in an expectant mood waiting for the Sun to arrive.
  But, that morning, even the Sun did not feel like showing his face through the
                             darkness of the skies above.

The Mother Earth then searched for the calm face of the full Moon, hoping that
 he would throw his light on her lands, but even the Moon was no where to be

   ‘Have they all abandoned me?’ she cried in distraught from the loneliness of the
silence without her children. The Mother Earth then reached for the reassuring sound
    of her heart, but she did not hear nor feel the beat of her pulse. And when she
       touched her cheeks, she did not feel the tears that had blurred her vision.

The Mother Earth then saw herself rise above her lands and the mountains and
  the oceans, but under the darkness of the skies she could not see what had
                          happened to her children.

  Rising through the sky she saw the dust of her lands in the clouds under the faint
light that now sipped through. Then she saw the light from the Sun; she stared, but it
 did not burn her like before. The Earth was now completely lost, for, she could not
                 understand that which she had never known before.
 ‘Do not be afraid, my child,’ a calm voice from the skies then spoke to her. She
searched for the face but she could not see. ‘Your end is near and I have come to
 take thee to your home. Your deed is done and you have served your children.
            No more can you serve those who do not want your care.’

‘Look!’ the voice then told her. The clouds opened, the Sun threw his light, and the
Mother Earth saw grey and black lands; charred forests stood where before stood her
        green and fertile lands, and dust covered her blue untamed oceans.

‘Listen,’ the voice then told her. The Mother Earth tried to listen but she did not
hear. ‘I cannot hear anything,’ she told the voice. ‘Yes, my child. Look carefully
 again.’ She saw the clouds open her lands, and she saw charred cities and dead
 bodies where before walked her children. She cried with the sorrow of her loss,
  ‘Why? Who has killed my children.’ They who do not want to live cannot be
    saved, my child,’ the voice replied. ‘I have been an uncaring mother,’ the
 Mother Earth blamed herself. ‘You have been the best that your children have
  allowed you to be. The fault is not yours. Release your sorrow and come with

  The Mother Earth followed like an obedient child, but she could not help looking
  back at what she was leaving behind. ‘What is to happen to them?’ she asked. ‘In
time, my child, they will begin anew and their chance too will come. Then, you will
return and there will be life again.’ The Mother Earth sighed that at least all was not

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