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									Target Components XML Ordering Service
In supplying this service we assume a high degree of technical ability in the customer
including an understanding of XML and how to implement it within your systems. The
service is provided “as is” and technical support is limited to fault reports. The service is
supplied as part of the TC-Freenet system and as such you must have a live TC-Freenet
account to be able to use this system. See for further details.

We also assume that the customer has used the XML Product Information Service, which will
provide accurate price and stock information, essential to ensuring the products ordered are
valid and in stock.

This service has been created to allow our customers to place orders with Target using
automated systems, via a XML Order document. The main use for this would be to
automatically place orders for products sold on a customers own website.
All orders will be treated in the same way as the “Direct Delivery” orders, the same terms and
conditions apply including carriage charges.

The service works by making calls to a URL which is:

In addition to the URL, the following parameters must be passed :

action         -       This controls the type of request you are sending.
account        -       This is your Target account number.

Users will notice this is the same URL as for product information requests.

To place an Order the customer uses - action=ORDER


Within the body of the post, the customer sends an XML order document (example below),
this must include the customers ordering security code along with the order details as shown.

Once an order has been submitted, the page will return an XML order response message
(example below), which will contain the Order Status, our Order Number, along with all other
details including pricing and shipping information.

Firstly the <result> element will inform you as to the validity of your order, this will either be
“OK” for a correct order, or one of the following error messages:

       “ACCOUNT ERROR” if the account number or security code details are not valid.

       “LINE ERROR” if any of the product lines are invalid.

       “HEADER ERROR” if any of the order header fields are invalid.
       “DOCUMENT ERROR” if there was a general problem with the XML order

With any of these orders you should examine your XML order document to ensure it is valid.

The <orderstatus> element will inform you of the status of the order, again there are several
possible messages:

       “ORDER NOT SUBMITTED” you will receive this message while sending test

       “PAYMENT PENDING” the order has been accepted and stock is being held for it,
       you will need to arrange for payment. This is usually for cleared-funds customers.

       “ACCEPTED” the order has been accepted and is being processed.

To allow for non-credit account customers we accept orders giving the “PAYMENT
PENDING” message, and allocate stock to the order which prevents us selling the stock
whilst the customer arranges payment. The stock will only be held for a limited period of
time, typically 4 hours, so it is important that the customer arranges payment promptly.
Payments can be made by telephone, or via our main TC24 website, XML orders are listed in
the “View Saved Carts” section of the site to allow for credit card payments.

Checking Order Status
Once an order has been accepted and you have the <tclorderref> i.e. our order number, you
can check the status at any time.
Simply call
9&ordnum=1000099999 (replace the 1000099999 with your <tclorderref>)
This will return an XML order response document, virtually identical to the one received
when you placed the order, the only difference being that the <orderstatus> element will be
updated with various messages during the order processing stages, these are:

       “PAYMENT PENDING” if payment is still required for the order.

       “ACCEPTED” the order has been accepted and is waiting to be picked.

        “BEING PICKED” the order is being picked in our warehouse.

       “COMPLETED” the order has been packed and is ready to ship, or has been shipped.

All orders are treated in the same way as Direct Delivery orders (see the TC-Freenet website
for further details), and charged accordingly. The orders will be shipped with plain labels and
will contain no Target Components documentation.

Before live orders are placed, the customer will be required to place several test orders, to
allow us to see correct usage. During these tests all acceptable order will receive the “ORDER
NOT SUBMITTED” order status. Once we are happy with the customer’s implementation we
will make the service live.

Going Live & Technical Questions
Please submit a TC-Freenet support ticket when you are ready to start using the service, or
indeed for any technical queries regarding this service.

An example of the XML order document is given below
This is the document the customer sends to place an order.

                        !                   !   !

                   !         " # $ %
                              "     "            &      !
An example of the XML order response is given below.
This is the document returned by our system.

 # Target
 "#         Components Ltd Order Status #


                               )            *+    )

                         !              !   !

               $         , -
                          ,         $
               $          -        $
                   ! $ )   #        #*                  !
                                                       ! $
                   ! $   ((
                          -            !
                                      ! $
                   ! $    -           !
                                     ! $
                        ( -

                   !         " # $ %
                              "     "        &  !
                         !         ,
                             #$ . - /        +& +       -    + #"
              %!             !

                     !       & -        !
                             , -

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