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					12th Annual Conference 2009
‘Building on Success’

0945       Welcome
           Anthony Jennens, Chairman, GamCare

The Strategic Context

0950       “No Relish of Salvation”
           Andrew McIntosh, President, GamCare

1010       The work of The GREaT Foundation
           Andrew Tottenham, Chair, The GREaT Foundation

1030       Towards a Strategy
           Baroness Neuberger DBE,
           Chair of the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board and
           Interim Chair of the Responsible Gambling Fund

1050       Question Time

1120       Coffee

1140       An International Approach to Responsible Gambling
           Professor Peter Collins, Director,
           Centre for the Study of Gambling, Salford

1210       GamCare’s Vision and Plans
           Andy McLellan, Chief Executive, GamCare

1245       Lunch
 12th Annual Conference 2009
 ‘Building on Success’

Working Together

1345      Responsible Gambling Awareness Day
          Clive Hawkswood, Chief Executive,
          Remote Gambling Association

1430      Gambling and Debt
          Jim Fearnley, Head of Research and Policy,
          Money Advice Trust

          Eileen Kinghan, Marketing Director, GamCare

1450      Working with the NHS
          Annette Dale-Perera, Stategic Director,
          Addictions and Offender Care, CNWL NHS Foundation Trust

          Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones
          Lead Clinician, CNWL NHS National Problem
          Gambling Clinic

1510      Young People: Attitudes to Gambling
          Jane Rigbye, Head of Education Development, GamCare

1530      Young People: Extending the Partnership
          Cath Groves, Services Director, CIC (GamCare Partner)

1550      Panel Discussion

1615      Close

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