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                      Please support and become a

           “Friend of Thursday’s Child”
                Your support for this unique Inter Faith Festival bringing together
                  people and organizations within our multi cultural community,
           over the weekend of 07/07/07 in East London would be greatly appreciated.

            Please send your donation, large or small, NOW to “Thursday’s Child – a
             Celebration of Faith”, PO Box 6677, Basingstoke RG24 4DU or donate
            online at on the How To Help page CAF link.

              …“you really can help to take a supposed source of conflict
            and turn it into a resource for peace and harmony…giving voice
                    to the silent majority of peace loving people”…

        Thursday’s Child
                       – a celebration of faith                  Charity registration number: 1117454
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                     Please support and become a

       “Friend of Thursdays Child”

                               A celebration of faith

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