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									                                                                    FULL PLANS SUBMISSION
                                                            The Building Act 1984            The Building Regulations 2000 (as amended)
               Bournemouth Borough Council                  Application: BP /                                   DEPOSIT / DUPLICATE
Town Hall Annexe, St. Stephen’s Road, Bournemouth BH2 6EA
       Tel: (01202) 451411      Fax: (01202) 451010         Receipt:
       email: building.control@bournemouth.gov.uk
            Website: www.bournemouth.gov.uk                 Date received:

This form is to be filled in by the person who intends to carry out building work or agent. If the
form is unfamiliar please read the notes on the reverse side or consult your local Building
Control office. Please type or use block capitals.


      Name:                                                                         email:
      Postcode:                            Tel.                                            Fax:

3     AGENT’S DETAILS (if applicable)
      Name:                                                                         email:
      Postcode:                            Tel.                                            Fax:

      Is the proposed work or any part of it subject to Partnering or a current LANTAC approval (see Note 6)?                YES/NO

      1. If new building or extension please state proposed use:
      2. If existing building state present use:
      3. FIRE SAFETY — indicate design criteria adopted — PART B or BS 5588:
      N.B. If the building comes within the scope of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, Building
           Control must consult the Fire Authority. Please provide an additional copy of the plans for this consultation.

6     CONDITIONS (see Note 3, over)
      Do you consent to the plans being passed in stages or subject to conditions where appropriate?                        YES / NO

      Do you consent to the prescribed period for consideration of this application
      being extended to the full eight weeks if required?                                                                   YES / NO

8     CHARGES (refer to Guidance Notes on Charges for details)                       Charge (excl. VAT)     VAT             Total
      Table 1: please state number of dwellings                —                       £

      Table 2: extensions & alterations (state floor area) —                    m2     £
      Table 3: estimated cost of work (excluding VAT) — £                              £

      This notice is given in relation to the building work described, is submitted in accordance with Regulation 12(2)b
      and 14 and is accompanied by the appropriate charge. I understand that the Local Authority will normally
      make a further charge following the first inspection. An invoice for this charge will be sent to the applicant.

      Name:                                            Signature:                                         Date:
                                                                                                                         BC1 — 1/08
1   Two* copies of this notice should be                 6    LABC Services provides National Type
    completed and submitted with plans and                    Approval for a range of building types,
    particulars in duplicate in accordance with               building systems and major building
    the provisions of Regulation 14.                          elements. If the work proposed, or any part
    *If the building comes within the scope of The            of it, is subject to a LANTAC approval please
     Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005,              answer ‘YES’ to Question 4 and enclose a
     Building Control must consult the Fire Authority.
                                                              copy of the appropriate current
     Please provide an additional copy of the plans
     for this consultation.                                   certificate(s). If there is any variation in this
                                                              proposal from that shown on the LANTAC
2   Subject to certain exceptions, a Full Plans               type approved plans, attention should be
    Submission attracts charges payable by the                drawn to it in a covering letter. Further
    person by whom, or on whose behalf, the                   information on LANTAC schemes is available
    work is carried out. Most charges are                     from LABC Services, 137 Lupus Street,
    payable in two stages. The first charge                   London SW1V 3HE; telephone: 0207 641 8737.
    must accompany the deposit of plans and
    the second charge is payable after the               7    Persons proposing to carry out work or make
    first site inspection of work in progress.                a material change of use of a building are
    The owner will be invoiced at this stage.                 reminded that permission may be required
    The second charge is a single payment to                  under the Town and Country Planning Acts.
    cover all site inspections and consultations
    which may be necessary until the work is
                                                         8    Completion Certificates are normally issued
                                                              in respect of work inspected where adequate
                                                              inspection records have been made.
3   Section 16 of the Building Act 1984                       To ensure adequate records, builders must
    provides for the passing of plans subject to              give the necessary notifications (see 9).
    conditions. The conditions may specify
    modifications to the deposited plans and/
                                                         9    Any person carrying out building work must
                                                              give the Building Control Authority not less
    or further plans, calculations or other
                                                              than 48 hours notice, in writing, when work
    relevant details.
                                                              is to be commenced and not less than
4   These notes are for general guidance only;                24 hours notice when the following stages are
    particulars relating to the deposit of plans              ready for inspection: foundation excavations;
    are contained in Regulation 14 of the                     foundation concrete; oversite preparation;
    Building Regulations 2000 and, in respect                 damp-proof course; damp-proof membrane;
    of charges, in the Building (Local Authority              drainage laid before backfill; drain test and
    Charges) Regulations 1998.                                notice of occupation and completion. Any
                                                              work which is carried out before the
5   Means of escape and other fire safety matters             application is approved is undertaken at the
    are dealt with at approval and construction               owner’s risk.
    stages by Local Authority Building Control.
    In certain circumstances the Fire Authority          10   If you require further information or
    will be responsible for enforcement of fire               guidance on making an application, please
    safety matters after occupation.                          contact the Building Control office.

     Data Protection Act 1998
     Detailed information is required for the            Departments such as the Department of Transport,
purpose of building control and may be used for          Communities and Local Government, and other
the wider purposes of planning in general, within        bodies such as the Fire and Rescue Service and utility
Council policies.                                        companies such as Wessex Water etc.
Information you provide on this form may be              If you would like more information on
disclosed within the Council to the Housing and          your rights under the Data Protection
Council Tax departments. Information may also            Act 1998, please ask for the leaflet ‘Our
be disclosed outside of the Council to Government        Committment to you and Your Rights’.

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