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                     The ABC’s of RESPs
Start planning now. Education is more important and more expensive than ever.
For as little as $50 per month you can start an RESP.                                              Wired to Win
a) What is an RESP?                          f) Who controls the assets?                   All existing and new Fat Cat, Headstart
  A Registered Education Savings Plan           • Subscriber/Contributor                   and Xtreme $ense members are eligible
  (RESP) is a government-approved            g) What are the contribution limits?          to win!
  plan for the purpose of providing             • Up to $4,000 per beneficiary, per
  post-secondary education.                       year, to a lifetime maximum of
b) What is the CESG?                              $42,000 (excluding grant amount).
  It is the Canada Education Savings         h) What are the tax implications?
  Grant (CESG) program. This allows            • No tax is paid until withdrawals
  eligible RESP beneficiaries to receive         are made
                                                                                           Win a Sony Vaio RS310 PC
  grant money from the Government              • Earnings and CESG proceeds with-
                                                                                           Watch your statements for ballots. Fill
  of Canada.                                     drawn as EAP's (Educational
                                                                                           out a ballot for each service you have
                                                 Assistance payments) are taxed in
c) Who is Eligible for the CESG?                                                           with the credit union for more chances
                                                 the beneficiary's hands
                                                                                           to win.
  • Must be a Canadian resident              i) What if beneficiary does not pursue
  • Have a social insurance number              education?
  • 17 years of age or less (some
    restrictions apply)                        1) Individual Plan
                                                  Contributor can designate a new
d) What is the grant amount through               beneficiary.
                                                  Family Plan
  • 20% of the contribution amount                Earnings and CESG can be used by
    each year, to a maximum of $400               remaining beneficiaries.
    per year                                                                               SONY Vaio RS310
                                               2) Original contribution dollars can        • Intel Pentium 4 • DVD Drive
  • Maximum lifetime CESG payable                 be withdrawn without penalty             • Keyboard • Mouse • Speakers
    to a beneficiary is $7,200
                                               3) CESG proceeds must be returned           • SONY CPDE240 17" Multiscan
e) Types of RESP's                                to the government                        Monitor • Lexmark X1150 All in One
  Individual Plan                                                                          Printer and more!
                                               4) Avoid tax liability by (certain
  • Only one beneficiary permitted                rules apply):
  • Does not need to be related to                • transferring up to a maximum of
    contributor                                     $50,000 to the contributor's RRSP
  Family Plan                                       (or spousal RRSP) provided the
  • More than one beneficiary                       contribution room exists               Win a Toshiba A10 Laptop
    permitted                                     • donating the plan's growth (not        You will receive ballots by mail in
  • Must be related to the contributor              including the CESG that is repaid to   December. Fill out a ballot for each serv-
    by blood or adoption                            the government) to qualifying edu-     ice you have with the credit union. The
  • Must be under age 21                            cational institution.                  more you have, the greater your chances.

            Maximize Your CESG Benefit
   The $400 maximum annual Canadian Education Savings Grant is
   available retroactively to 1998. Speak to an RESP Representative for details.

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