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									                                     Floor Plans
                         Unit 5 Architecture and Construction

UNIT:          5 Architecture and Construction
                 Marketing & Distribution
TASK:          Scans

ACTIVITY TYPE:        Planning, drawing and calculating

APPROXIMATE TIME:             1-5 days

MATERIALS:             Graph paper, rulers, pencils, blueprint examples, calculators, real
estate advertisements (blueprints may be obtained from builders who no longer use the
plans and real estate advertisements are free at the local grocer).


1. Show and explain blueprints to students. You may draw an example on the board to
   demonstrate what you are looking for in their floor plans.

2. Students may use computer software, graph paper, blueprint paper, and/or poster



ENRICHMENT:           Planning, creativity, measuring, calculating expenses and size,
                                  Floor Plans
                       Unit 5 Architecture and Construction

Assignment – Use the graph paper to design your dream home. You may use this as
a draft and complete the finished floor plans on blue print paper or on the computer
and print it out.

Your floor plans must meet the minimum requirements drawn to scale, but may
include bonus features for extra credit. You must NOT include furniture. You must
draw everything that requires building in, plumbing and electrical fixtures and

You must include the marketing and advertising information with the floor plans

Minimum Requirements:
1400 square feet
3 Bedrooms with closets, lights, fans
2 Baths with plumbing fixtures
Kitchen with cabinets and appliances
Dining area
Utility room with washer, dryer, and hot water heater
Central heating and air conditioning
Lights, smoke detectors, receptacles, switches, phone, and TV/computer connections
Doors and windows
Porches, decks and garages

Technical requirements:
Room and house dimensions
Total square feet

Bonus Features:
Landscaping page
Front view (elevation)
Multistory home with stairs
Vaulted or cathedral ceilings
Computer generated plans w/draft
                                   Floor Plans
                       Unit 5 Architecture and Construction

At some point in time you may be selling your home as a real estate agent or by
yourself. A well-written advertisement will entice potential buyers to look at the
property that you want to sell. There are a few details that a potential buyer will be
looking for that should be included in your advertisement. The more descriptive the
ad the more informed the customers will be thereby weeding out lookers that will
not be ready, willing or able to buy your home.

Write an advertisement for the house-plan that you have drawn up that would
appear in real estate magazines, newspapers and the internet. Include the following
in the description:

Title or heading to grab their attention
Location & Style of the house
Square feet (heated and cooled, and total)
Size of the lot or number of acres
Number of Bedrooms & baths
Special added features
Age of the home
School district it is located in
Price with financing statement
Open house or time to see the home
Contact name and phone number, e-mail or website

1. Total Square Feet __________
2. Drafting Fees = 15 cents S/F $ ________
3. Cost = $75.00 S/F $ ____________
4. Real Estate Fees = 6% of Cost $ ____________
5. Total Price = Cost + Fees $ ___________
6. Real Estate Agent earnings = 30% of Real Estate Fees $ __________
7. Annual Real Estate Taxes = Total Price x 20% x .035 $ ____________
8. Annual Homeowners Insurance = Total Price x 1% $ ____________
                                  Floor Plans
                       Unit 5 Architecture and Construction
                            Interpreting Ads
As-Is                 Needs repairs, but sold in this condition
Rustic                Weathered and warn appearance
Private               Off the beaten path
Secluded              Middle of nowhere
Homey                 Well used and cluttered with toys
Cozy                  Too small for a family
Executive             You can‟t afford it
Teeming w/ wildlife Saw a deer one time
Seasonal stream       Dry creek bed most of the year
Ponds                 Pollywog heaven
Fully furnished       Furniture not worth stealing
Price reduced         Do I have to give this place away
Starter home          Small and cheap with old plumbing
One of a kind         The builder didn‟t know what he was doing
New subdivision       New and improved prices too
Manicured lawn        I need a life
Quiet neighborhood Old folks home
Remodeled             We finally painted
Like new              We painted to make you think it‟s new
Sale or lease         I‟ll do anything to get rid of this money pit
This won‟t last long How gullible are you?
Well taken care of    Look at it now we just hauled off the junk
A must see            Please don‟t look at the pictures
Great neighborhood The house is not worth much but the neighbors are nice
Quaint                Indescribable
Nice view             Sorry no shade trees
Horse lovers          I hope you like flies too
Fixer upper           It‟s not worth fixing up for me, but you might try
Lake view             Honest, you really can see water from here
Check out these possibilities No one else knows what to do with this place
                                Floor Plans
                      Unit 5 Architecture and Construction

                 Floor Plan Drafting Descriptions
Cathedral ceiling         Peaks in the center of the room
Vaulted ceiling           Raised ceiling in a room
Total square feet         Everything under roof
Heated & cooled s/f       Does not include porches, decks or garage
A-frame                   Two story w/ bedrooms inside roof area
Peer and beam             Crawl space under wood framed floor
Pitch                     Roof slope
Dimensions                Room and house length and width
Utilities paid            Gas, water and electricity furnished
Zoned residential         Single family dwellings
Country kitchen           Dining in the kitchen area
Cul-de-sac                Dead end circular drive
Great room                Very large living room
Under construction        Newly constructed, but finish work has not begun
Conventional loan         In house bank loan
VA loan                   Veterans only w/zero down
FHA                       Government backed loan w/ 5% down
FMHA                      Government subsidized loan for low income owners
Acre                      Land measure with 43,560 Sq Ft
Lot                       Usually anywhere from 75 ft frontage to 150 feet deep
Scale                     Generally ¼ inch
Landscape scale           1/8 “ to 1/16” scale
“                         Inches
„                         Feet
Footing                   A trench dug about 24” wide and 18” deep around weight
                          bearing walls filled with rebar and concrete for the
Pitch                     Typically 4/12 to 6/12, A-frames are 8/12 to 12/12
                                Floor Plans
                      Unit 5 Architecture and Construction
    Construction Terms and                  Abbreviations
A/C          Air Conditioning              Ln           Lane
Appt         Appointment                   LR           Living Room
Apt          Apartment                     Lvl          Level
Ave          Avenue                        LW           Length and Width
Ba           Bath                          M/W          Micro Wave
BI           Built in                      Max          Maximum
Bldg         Building                      MBa          Master Bath
BR           Bedroom                       MBR          Master Bedroom
Brkfst       Breakfast                     Min          Minimum
Bsmt         Basement                      MLS          Multiple Listing Service
C/p          Carport                       Mo           Month
Cath         Cathedral Ceiling             Mod          Modern
CH/A         Central Heating & Air         Mtge         Mortgage
Comb         Combination                   Occup        Occupied
Const        Construction                  P            Phone
Ct           Court                         PITI         Principal Interest Taxes
Det Gar      Detached Garage                            And Insurance
Dn           Down stairs                   Pmt          Payment
DR           Dining Room                   Prof         Professional
DW           Dish Washer                   R            Receptacle
Elec         Electric                      Rd           Road
Entr         Entrance                      Rec          Recreation
EOH          Equal Opportunity Housi       Ref          Refrigerator
Equip        Equipment                     Repo         Bank Repossessed
Exec         Executive                     Rm           Room
Fam or FR    Family Room                   S/D          Smoke Detector
FDR          Formal Dining Room            S/F          Square Feet
FHA          Federal Housing Assoc         Sch          School District
FLR          Formal Living Room            Scrn         Screened in
FP           Fire Place                    Spac         Spacious
FSBO         For Sale By Owner             St           Street
Gar          Garage                        Stge         Storage
GR           Game Room                     Thru         Through out
Grt R        Great Room                    TV           Cable Television
H/W          Hot Water                     Util         Utility
Hdwd         Hardwood                      VA           Veterans Administration
Immed Poss   Immediate Possession          W/D          Washer and Dryer
Incl         Included                      W/W          Wall to Wall
Inv          Investment                    WBFP         Woodburning Fireplace
Irreg        Irregular                     WI Clo       Walk In Closet
Kit          Kitchen                       Yd           Yard
Lg           Large                         ½ Ba         Bath w/Shower
                                   Floor Plans
                      Unit 5 Architecture and Construction
                              House Styles

Antebellum          1830-1862      Grand plantation southern style
Cape Cod            1600–1950      New England 1 ½ story popular 1930-1960
Georgian Colonial   1690-1830      Symmetrical orderly from colonial America
Victorian Gothic    1840-1880      Arches, pointed windows from medieval cathedrals
Folk Victorian      1870-1910      Inexpensive mass produced trimwork
Victorian Romanesque1880-1900      Romantic castle-like using stone
Victorian Queen Anne1880-1910      Towers, turrets and wrap around porches
Federal             1780-1840      Graceful details
Colonial            1880-1955      Combination of Federal and Georgian
Mission             1890-1920      Stucco walls, arches from Spanish mission churches
Tudor               1890-1940      Decorative half-timbering from medieval technique
Renaissance Revival 1890-1935      Elegant homes and villas from renaissance Europe
American Foursquare 1895-1930      Practical economical
Prairie School      1900-1920      Low linear pioneer style
Bungalow            1905-1930      Small arts and crafts home from mail order catalog
Ranch               1935-present   Rambling one story no-nonsense suburban
Raised Ranch        1935-          Ranch w/ basement and room to grow w/raised roof
A-Frame             1957-          Dramatic sloping roof for winter climates
Post-modern         1965-          Anything goes with exaggeration
Dome Home           1965-          Monolithic domes and innovative designs
Pueblo              Prehistory-    Adobe eco-friendly for dry climates in Southwest
Log Cabin           1700-          Colonial log hewn
Chalet              1840-1860      Multi story A-frame mountain rough cut wood
Earth Homes         Prehistory-    Rammed earth & underground for energy efficiency

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