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									                  MONTON VILLAGE SCHOOL
                     Autumn Half-Term
                      Newsletter 2009
This term we have
introduced to our
newletter a newlet-     Squirrels
ter from our sister
school Clarendon
Cottage Prep School.
                        We have enjoyed wrapping        learning new sounds and        have all been very pleased
To find out more        up warm to play outside—        words connected to Au-         with.
about our sister        collecting leaves and look-     tumn.
school go to their      ing out for squirrels and                                      Everyone is looking forward
website                 birds. The children have                                       to starting winter and
Www.clarendoncottag     enjoyed using Autumn col-                                      Christmas activities in the or con-     ours to create pictures of                                     next couple of months and
tact The Head                                                                          there will be a lot of sparkly
                        conkers trees, animals etc.
Teacher Mrs Howard                                                                     artwork going home for par-
                        These have been displayed
on 0161 950 7868
                        in the rooms for parents                                       ents to enjoy.
                        to see.
The painters have       The children in the
now finished the
                        younger room have enjoyed
yearly servicing. I
                        exploring a variety of tex-
am sure you will
agree that it looks
                        tures including play dough,
good. Thank you for     gloop, pasta and foam.          The children have all
your patience while     While the children in the       created a unique Christ-
the painting has been   older room have been            mas cards which parents
in progress.

Photograph money to         Village
be returned to the
nursery by Thursday       This half term we have had      On our workshop day, we
22nd October 2009         lots of fun learning about      had a lovely time out-
                          animals, collaging animals,     doors, we went for a
The children have
                          singing songs about animals     picnic, went camping and
created some super        and we have especially en-      tried our hand at car
art work for their        joyed making lots and lots      washing,we have plenty
Christmas cards           of animal noises.               of pictures for you all to
                                                                                           Having our individual
which are to be                                           see .
                                                                                           photograph was fun we
printed by Cauli-
                                                          Thank you to all the par-        practised our smiles in
                                                          ents who managed to              the mirrors beforehand.
                                                          come and join us.
                                                                                           Next half term we are
                                                                                           going to be looking at
                                                                                           transport, how we come
                                                                                           to nursery? We will be
                                                                                           painting, collaging and
                                                                                           modelling lots of trans-
                                                                                           port pictures.

   Miss Brown

   This half term we have been        Our workshop this half         Next half term our topic
   been looking at nursery            term was a Multi cultural      will be ‘Mini Beasts’ and
   Rhymes our favourite rhymes        day we enjoyed making          we will enjoy exploring in
   were baa baa black sheep and       flags for France, China,       the garden to see if we
   Humpty dumpty. We have             India and Italy to put for     can find any of the crea-
   been thinking of lots of nurs-     this day. On the day we        tures we will be learning
   ery rhymes that have differ-       tasted some new foods          about.
   ent colours in them for us to      from these countries and
   sing. The children have also       did lots of creative activi-
   enjoyed colouring pictures of      ties as well as watching
   their favourite nursery            Muzzy and practicing saying
   rhymes.                            French words. Thank you
                                      to the parents who came
                                      and joined in the fun. Our
                                      work from the multicultural
                                      day is displayed in our

   Miss Swindells

                                 Lots of parents came to          We are continuing to develop
This half term Miss Swindells
                                 our outdoor play mornings        our number skills and we are
class have been enjoying play-
                                 and they enjoyed joining in      developing basic addition and
ing in our new book area and
                                 with the children during         subtraction.
have really loved cooking each
                                 their role play, construc-
other meals in our kitchen
                                 tion and den building. The
area. The children have been
                                 children (and parents) also
practising writing in glitter,
                                 had lots of fun with our
gloop, shaving foam and sand.
                                 ‘taxi’, ‘bikes’ ‘traffic signs
They have been also writing in   and our ‘pelican crossing’.
their topic and letter forma-    Our second outdoor play
tion books and the children      morning was a very wet
are working on writing their     one. The children loved
names independently.             the outdoor and had lots
                                 of fun splashing in the
                                 coloured water that we           The children enjoyed the
                                                                  topic people who help us

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