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									                                                 MATHEMATICS CURRICULUM GUIDEMASS
                                                              LEVEL 2
                                                        MEASUREMENT- MASS

                                      OBJECTIVE                                                            METHODS/                                   AREAS OF
   TOPIC                                                                            CONTENT                                      EVALUATION         INTEGRATION
                    SKILLS           KNOWLEDGE              ATTITUDE                                      STRATEGIES-
Mass.           Measuring and       Use non-standard     Appreciate that           Measure mass      -   Measure and estimate    Estimate,          Science
Non-standard    estimating mass.    units of mass        non-standard              using non-            mass using non-         measure and        Collect three
units           Comparing.          Recognise that       units can be used         standard units.       standard units e.g      compare mass       heavy and
                Ordering            the amount of        to measure mass                                 handfuls, bowlfuls,     using non-         three light
                                    matter of an                                                     -   cupfuls etc.            standard units.    materials and
                                    object is its mass                                               -   Compare various         Arrange the        display same
                                                                                                         masses.                 objects in order   in the science
                                                                                                     -   Arranging the objects   of mass.           corner
                                                                                                         in order of mass –                         arranged from
                                                                                                         heaviest to lightest                       heaviest to
                                                                                                         and vice versa and                         lightest.
                                                                                                         discuss these
The kilograms   Measuring using     Recognise the        Accept the need           The kilogram      -   Discuss the need for    Which of the       Language
                standard units      kilogram as the      for standard units        as the standard       standard units of       following can be   Skills
                Listing             standard unit for    in measuring              unit for              measure for             measured in        Display and
                Using               measuring mass.                                measuring             measuring mass          kilograms?         label food
                abbreviations for                                                  mass              -   List commodities that                      items that are
                standard units                                                                           are measured in                            bought in
                                                                                                         kilograms                                  kilograms e.g
                                                                                                     -   Collect empty food         milk            flour, sugar,
                                                                                                         packets with contents                      eddoes etc
                                                                                                         stated in kilograms
                                                                                                         on them                           ribbon

                                                                                                                                  sugar    cheese

                                    OBJECTIVE                                                   METHODS/                                     AREAS OF
   TOPIC                                                                     CONTENT                                    EVALUATION         INTEGRATION
                    SKILLS         KNOWLEDGE            ATTITUDE                               STRATEGIES-


Measuring mass   Estimating and    The abbreviation   Appreciate the        The kilogram   Handle plastic bags of       Collect empty      Social Studies
in kilograms     measuring mass.   for kilogram is    need for              as a unit of   pre-weighed masses of 1      containers         Use a shop
                 Approximating     kg                 measurement           mass           kilogram e.g. sand,          packets of items   corner to
                 Recording                                                                 pebbles, seeds.              measured in        simulate
                 Using                                                                     Estimate and measure         kilograms e.g.     buying and
                 abbreviations                                                             given masses in kilograms    cake boxes,        selling items
                                                                                           giving answers to the        curry power        measured in
                                                                                           nearest kilogram.            packets.           kilograms
                                                                                           - Compare the                 Sort containers
                                                                                                estimated measure       and packets        Science
                                                                                                and the actual          according to       Estimate mass
                                                                                                measure.                their masses.      of pupils in
                                                                                           - Record the masses of                          the class
                                                                                                these objects using                        Use a
                                                                                                the abbreviation, kg.                      bathroom scale
                                                                                           - Arrange objects                               to find out the
                                                                                                measured in                                actual mass
                                                                                                kilograms in order of                      of pupils
                                                                                                mass – heaviest to                         Select the
                                                                                                lightest and vice                          lightest person
                                                                                                versa and discussing                       in the class
                                                                                                the arrangements.                          and the


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