; Are you looking after someone elses child Essential facts if you
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Are you looking after someone elses child Essential facts if you


Are you looking after someone elses child Essential facts if you

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									Further Information
                                                                                      County Council
If you are involved – or likely to be involved – in a private fostering arrangement
and have not already told Social Services, you should contact your local Social       Social Services
                                                                                                        Are you looking
Services Children’s and Families Team (see below).                                                      after someone
If you are in any doubt as to whether the regulations might apply to you, you
                                                                                                        else’s child?
     • seek advice from your local Social Services Children & FamiliesTeam
     • obtain leaflet – Private Fostering published by Dept of Health and available
         on www.doh.gov.uk/scg/privatefostering
     • email: Fanda@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

  South Cambridgeshire &        Huntingdonshire              Children’s South
  Cambridge City Team           (covers Huntingdon, St       Health Team
  Rustat House                  Ives, Ramsey, Yaxley St      Douglas House
  60 Clifton Road               Neots, Sawtry and            The Cedars Room
  Cambridge CB1 7EG             surrounding area.            18 Trumpington Road
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                                Huntingdon                   *Tel: 0345 045 5203
  Fenland & East Cambs          *Tel: 0345 045 5203
  (covers Wisbech, March,
  Whittlesey Ely, Chatteris,
  Soham, Burwell and            (*All calls go through
  surrounding area)             Cambridgeshire Direct
  Noble House                   Contact Centre)
  Ely CB7 4PL
  *Tel: 0345 045 5203

  Also based at:                                                                                        Essential facts if
  Hereward Hall
  County Road
  March PE15 8ND
                                                                                                        you have someone
  *Tel: 0345 045 5203
                                                                                                        else’s child living
  If you would like a copy of this leaflet on audio cassette or in Braille, large
                                                                                                        in your home
  print or other languages, please contact the Customer Services Unit.

                Produced by: Children & Young People’s Services
                             Communications Team
                            Castle Court, Shire Hall,
                  Cambridge CB3 0AP. Phone: 01223 699221
                  E:mail: sonia.fresco@cambridgeshire.gov.uk
                      Ref: CHD3 - updated March 2009
If you have somebody else’s child living in your home, you may
be a “private foster parent”. Read on                                             Why do I have to tell Social Services?

What is Private Fostering?
                                                                              The Children Act 1989 introduced a number of regulations to ensure
                                                                              the welfare of children particularly when they are looked after by
Private fostering is where an arrangement is made – usually by a              someone other than their own families.
parent – for a child aged under 16 (or 18 where the child has
disabilities) to be cared for by someone other than a close relative for      The regulations cover the private fostering of children, requiring
more than 28 days.                                                            parents and carers to notify Social Services.

It does not apply to arrangements made by the County Council,                 You could be breaking the law if you fail to do so.
voluntary organisations, or as a result of certain Court Orders.

                                                                              Why are Social Services Involved and What do they do?
  What is a Close Relative?

The law defines a close ‘relative’ as grandparent, brother, sister,           Cambridgeshire Social Services has a number of duties and
uncle or aunt whether full or half blood by marriage. A close relative        responsibilities in connection with private fostering.
can also be a step-parent if certain circumstances are met.
                                                                              A member of our staff will visit you to help safeguard and promote
                                                                              the welfare of the child by:
W What do I have to do if I am Privately Fostering or my child is
PriPrivately Fostered?                                                        •       ensuring the suitability of you, of your home and household
                                                                                      through statutory checks on all persons over 16 years of age.
                                                                              •       ensuring you receive support and advice about looking after
Any parent or private foster parent, or anyone else involved in
                                                                                      someone else’s child and meeting the child’s physical,
making a Privately Fostered arrangement, must notify Social
                                                                                      emotional, educational and cultural needs.
Services and supply details about the child and the placement as
soon as possible, preferably at least 6 weeks before the placement            •       assisting parents and foster carers in working in partnership
begins.                                                                               for the benefit of the child.
                                                                              •       taking action if the care provided is unsatisfactory.
As a parent retains responsibility for the child, it is very important that
the parent and private foster parent agree on how the child will be
cared for and how the placement will be supported.

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