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					What happens    If you remain dissatisfied with the response
                to your complaint, you have the right to ask
if I remain     the Healthcare Commission to review your
dissatisfied?   case. The Healthcare Commission is an
                independent body established to promote
                improvements in healthcare through the
                assessment of the performance of those who
                provide services. You can contact the
                Healthcare Commission on 020 7448 9200 or
                write to them at: Healthcare Commission,
                Complaints team, Peter House, Oxford
                Street, Manchester M1 5AN or visit their
                website: www.healthcarecommission.org.uk.

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                 July 2004
                  Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust        Help is available           Citizens Advice Bureau
                  aims to do its best to meet the needs of the                                 Independent Complaints Advocacy
                  people its serves, but occasionally situations will   from:                               Service
                  arise when individuals or groups of people may
                  feel dissatisfied with our service.                                                   Tel: 0845 120 3735
How to complain   If you have a complaint or concern about our          What will the       We shall acknowledge your complaint within
                  service, please let us know. You should not be        Trust do?           two working days and we aim to have
                  worried about making your concerns known and                              looked into your complaint within 20 working
                  there are a number of ways in which you can do                            days so that we can offer you an
                  this:                                                                     explanation or a meeting with the people
                  We hope that most complaints can be sorted out
                  easily and quickly, often at the time they arise                          Our complaints procedure aims to:
Verbally          and with the person concerned.
                                                                                                •   Deal      with     your     complaint
                  If you are concerned about any aspect of your                                     sympathetically and in confidence
                  care please speak to the senior person in charge                              •   Appoint a senior member of staff to
                  of the ward or department. If you don’t feel able                                 investigate your concerns to find out
                  to do this or aren’t satisfied please ask to speak                                what went wrong
                  to the manager responsible for the service. Staff                             •   Arrange for you to meet with the
In writing        will be able to help you contact the right person.                                person investigating your complaint
                                                                                                    if you feel this would be useful
                  However, if this is not possible and you wish to                              •   Identify what we can do to make
                  lodge a formal complaint we would ask you to let                                  sure it does not happen again.
                  us know as soon as possible – ideally within a
                  matter of days or at most a few weeks. This will                          If you are complaining on behalf of someone
                  then enable us to establish what happened more        Complaining on      else we have to know that you have his or
                  easily.                                               behalf of someone   her permission to do so. You will be asked
                                                                                            by the Corporate Services Manager to
                  There are time limits for making complaints           else
                                                                                            provide a consent form signed by the person
                  which are: within 6 months of the incident you                            concerned unless he/she is incapable
Who will deal     are concerned about or within 6 months of you                             (because of illness) of providing this. We will
with my           finding out that there was something to complain                          send you a consent form for signing with the
complaint?        about (as long as this is not more than 1 year                            letter acknowledging receipt of your
                  after the incident).                                                      complaint.

                  Written complaints should be sent to the              Confidentiality     Care will be taken at all times throughout
                  Complaints and Incidents Coordinator,                                     our procedure to ensure that any information
                  Manchester Mental Health and Social Care                                  disclosed is confined to that which is
                  Trust, Chorlton House, 70 Manchester Road,                                relevant to the complaint, and only disclosed
                  Chorlton-cum-Hardy, M21 9UN or you can                                    to those people who need to know.
                  make an appointment to see her on 0161 882
                  1100. She will explain the complaints procedure
                  to you and will make sure your complaint is dealt
                  with promptly.

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