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									  School Newsletter
  Ryde Public School

  Street Address: Pope St, Ryde NSW Australia 2112
  Telephone: 9809 3181 Fax: 9808 2732

                 Issue 9 - Term 2 - Week 8                                                            Sunday, 7 March 2010

Calendar – Dates                                                       would like to congratulate our students on their National
                                                                       Assessment Program: Literacy and Numeracy
                                                                       (NAPLAN) results that are outstanding in all aspects.
                                                                       Many thanks must go to our dedicated teaching staff for
                                                                       the many hours of work above and beyond the daily
                                                                       face-to-face teaching times. Their work, with the support
                                                                       of all our families, has ensured that our students
                                                                       continue to excel in all areas of the K-6 Curriculum as
                                                                       well as in the areas of sport, performing arts, technology
                                                                       and leadership.

                                                                       Principal’s Recognition
                                                                       A huge, thank you to Julian and Susan Sykes for the
                                                                       most amazing graphic presentation skills in our 2008
                                                                       Annual School Report. We think you are just amazing!
Week 9 Monday 22               June
                                                                                  MOVE OVER SUPER NANNY!
 Tuesday 23 ICAS Spelling Test & Super Nanny
                   Program begins                                                   Wouldn’t we all like to adopt Jo Frost
                     th                                                                  ‘The Supernanny’?
 Wednesday 24 SRC Mufti Day
                                                                               Instead, we can adopt her principles.
 Thursday 25 O.C. Festival of Music                                             What’s acceptable and what’s not.
                                                                              Let’s bring the joy back into parenting!
Week 10 Monday 29th June

                                                                                              Dear Parents,
 Monday 29 P&C Meeting P&C Meeting 5:00 pm
 Tuesday 30 Choir at Marsden High School &                                            You are invited to attend a parenting
                                                                                       workshop called „Move over Supernanny‟,
                    Super Nanny Program
                                                                       based on the popular television program “The
 Wednesday 1 July Musica Viva Concert                                  Supernanny”. The presenter for this 2 week
                                                                       workshop is Cathie Green. Cathie is the eldest
                                                                       of eight children and the mother of four. She
                                                                       was trained in behavioural management
 TERM 3                          Tuesday 28th July –students           strategies when she worked with children
                                                                       with disabilities, and is a popular and
                                                                       engaging speaker. Parents who have
                                                                       attended this course have found it to be
                                                                       very helpful and enjoyable.
                                      Annual School Report                                  rd
                                                                       Dates: Tuesday 23 June & Tuesday 30 June,

                                      Attached to this newsletter is   2009.
                                      a copy of our school‟s 2008      Time: 9:30am to 10:30am
                                      Annual School Report. This       Where: Meet outside the staffroom
                                      report outlines the many         Thank you, hope to see you there.
                                      successes our students, staff
                                      and parents have achieved        Heather Wishart - Student Welfare Worker
                                      over the past twelve months. I

                                                                                                                         Page 1
                 Issue 9 - Term 2 - Week 9                                                   Sunday, 7 March 2010

         Ryde Public School Carnivale                        Positive Behaviour             for    Engagement in
                                                             Learning (PBEL)
                                                             This year the school is involved in a major initiative
                                                             occurring in Northern Sydney Region schools. The
                                                             PBEL program aims to improve behaviour and learning
                                                             outcomes by participating schools carefully examining
                                                             their own values and rules, procedures and practices in
                                                             relation to discipline. It relies heavily on an educational
                                                             approach to teaching students the right behaviour, rather
                                                             than a punitive approach. The first step in the process
                                                             has been completed. Our school team has reviewed our
                                                             school values statements. Our three key themes are:

                                                             RESPECT FOR LEARNING – RESPECT FOR SELF –
                                                               RESPECT FOR OTHERS AND ENVIRONMENT

                                                             Over the next few weeks we will be discussing the rules
                                       th                    with students and getting them to decide what each rule
    When: Wednesday 19 August
What: Carnivale – a celebration of our school and our        looks like in the different settings around the school e.g.
cultural heritage.                                           what does respect for learning look like when you do
                                                             your homework? I will keep you informed of progress.
     Children will be asked to wear costumes or wear
         symbols to represent their cultural heritage
     The quadrangle will be decorated and there will        School Reports Cards
         be a parade where cultural groups will be able to   School reports are now well and truly under way – and
         show a national dance or song                       will be due to come to you
     Children will be able to taste food from different     on Monday 6 July. I
         countries                                           would encourage you and
                                                             your child to read his/her
Parents we need your help preparing food,                    report together taking time
decorating the quadrangle and assisting on the day.          to discuss areas of
Please help us.                                              strengths and identifying
                                                             any      areas     needing
To date we have volunteers from these cultural groups -      additional     effort     or
Chinese, German, Australian and Pacific Islands. We          consolidation.
have many cultural groups/languages represented at our
school including Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Bulgarian,       It is important to recognise the effort that has been
Dutch, Filipino/Talagog, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian,       displayed towards learning. Report time should not be
Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Russian, Indian, Spanish,        an anxious time but a time for all involved in your child‟s
Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese. We will help form groups       education to reflect on his/her progress and to set new
of parents to work as teams.                                 and achievable goals for the remainder of this year.

Parents please complete the form and return to Ms            Please show your appreciation if your child is doing their
Barltrop. We invite you to join in the fun of the            best. This will build their self esteem and lead them to
Carnivale.                                                   achieve even greater results next term.

Name:                                                        During Term 3 we will be holding parent teacher
                                                             interviews as part of our ongoing reporting process. I
Contact phone:                                               hope that many of you will be able to avail yourself of
                                                             this opportunity. An initial note will be sent out during the
Child’s name:                                                first week of Term 3.

Child’s class:                                               Update on Human Swine Influenza
                                                             The NSW Health Department has advised the
Cultural group:                                              Department of Education there are 70 confirmed cases
                                                             of human influenza in NSW, and still no confirmed cases
How you can help:                                            of community transmission. This is not the case in
                                                             Victoria. Despite the best efforts of all involved, there is
                                                             widespread community transmission of the virus in

                                                                                                                  Page 2
                Issue 9 - Term 2 - Week 9                                                     Sunday, 7 March 2010

Melbourne with the number of confirmed cases                   that schools are on inclosed land and therefore no one
increasing rapidly. It is due to the changing situation in     should be playing, riding bikes or scooters in the
Victoria that NSW Health has announced that children           grounds out of hours - especially in the car park. Many
who have travelled to greater metropolitan Melbourne           staff at Ryde Public School arrive early and leave late so
after June 3rd, will be required to stay away from             the car park is always in use. Parents, I know that you
school for seven days after their return to NSW. This          will support the school‟s emphasis on our students‟
is the same policy that we have had in place for               safety by reminding your child of safe play and safe
overseas travellers returning from countries affected by       areas for riding of bikes. Your cooperation is very much
human swine influenza. This advice will need to take           appreciated.
effect immediately and parents are requested to keep
these students separate from the general school                KINDERGARTEN ENROLMENTS 2010
population for period of seven consecutive days. This          Ryde Public School prides itself in delivering quality
exclusion from school will allow time for any illness          programs to students in a warm, caring learning
related to that travel to develop, and for prompt              environment. Our teachers are professional, caring and
assessment and treatment to commence.                          committed to teaching students a broad and balanced
If the person remains well after seven days they can           curriculum across the key learning areas (KLAs). We
return to school. If your family is affected by this and you   pride ourselves on catering for the individual learning
are keeping your children at home, would you please            needs of all children. If your child is turning 5 before 31
notify the school immediately. Thanks again for your           July 2009 they can enrol at Ryde Public School for 2009.
cooperation. I will continue to keep all families up to date   Please collect an enrolment form from the office and
with relevant information.                                     return as soon as possible. Proof of age will be required.
                                                               If you know of children turning 5 and not in this area, but
School Development Day                                         who are interested in attending Ryde Public School,
The first day of Terms 1, 2 & 3 are traditionally set aside    have the parents contact the school to arrange
as School Development Days (pupil free days) for all           enrolment.
public schools in New South Wales. The next School
Development Day will be held on Monday 27th July, the
first day of next term. Ryde Public School families have
always been supportive of such opportunities for staff
                                                                     SCHOOL SECURITY
professional development and we appreciate the                 If you see something happening on the school site that
cooperation.                                                   concerns you please ring the following number and give
Our Agenda for the day will include:                           the details to the Department of Education and Training
                                                               Security Unit, 24 hours a day, on
       Digital Natives – The 21 Century Learner

       Creating digital stories                                                   1300 880 021
       Teaching and learning with Smartboards
     Normal lessons will resume on                             Join us for the P&C Meeting: Monday 29th
        Tuesday 28th July 2009                                 June 5:00pm Staffroom
                                                               The P&C is open to all parents of students attending the
School Times                                                   school and all citizens within the school community. We
Thank you to the parents who have responded to our             promote the interests of the school by bringing parents,
request that all students be at school by 8.55 am each         citizens, students and teaching staff into close co-
morning. There has been a noticeable reduction in the          operation, and by raising funds to provide facilities and
number of latecomers and classes are generally able to         equipment for the school.
commence on time, with little disruption. However, it is of
a concern that a number of children are being left at                    Helping your child with –
school well before 8.30 am, especially at this time of the
year when the mornings are so brisk! Parents are                        measuring volume and mass
reminded that playground supervision begins at 8.30            Children‟s early experiences with measurement will
am. I encourage parents to give this matter                    often be based on their observations of you as parents.
consideration so that we can provide every student the         Watching mum or dad measure and pour ingredients for
safest and most comfortable arrangements available.            a recipe or weigh items at the fruit shop will often
                                                               become part of play in the following days.
Safety Reminder – Car Parks                                    How do children learn to measure volume and
Please help keep all our students safe by NOT walking
through the staff car park AT ANY TIME. Car parks are
                                                               Children initially develop an understanding of
not an area where our children can be guaranteed
                                                               measurement through comparing objects. They may
safety. Please use alternate entrances when you are
                                                               hold up two toys and say one is heavier or lighter than
dropping off or picking up your child. Also, a reminder
                                                               the other or look at two glasses and say one has more

                                                                                                                  Page 3
               Issue 9 - Term 2 - Week 9                                                 Sunday, 7 March 2010

water in it than the other. Soon after, they begin to             Play on a see-saw and talk about how to make
compare more than two objects.                                     the see-saw go up, down or balance.

Children need to play with a variety of materials and
containers for filling, packing and pouring before they
                                                            IMPORTANT - RYDE PUBLIC
can move to using formal units such as kilograms and           SCHOOL P&C NEWS
grams. They need to understand how things can be             THE RYDE CANTEEN HAS
packed together to fill a container and which materials      BEEN FORCED TO CLOSE
are better for packing.
                                                           Unfortunately Ryde Public School
What can you do at home?                                   Canteen cannot continue under the present
   Give your child different sized plastic cups and a     arrangement and is likely to close at the end of this Term
      large plastic container to play with in the bath.    and not re-open in Term 3. The canteen has not been
      Encourage your child to guess how many of            operating at a profit and in fact made a loss in 2008 and
      each cup will be needed to fill the container.       the figures are not looking any better for this year. We
   Talk about how many cups or teaspoons of each          wish to extend our sincerest thanks to Ms Sylvia
      ingredient are used in a recipe when you are         Contreras for her many years of service and effort.
      cooking together.
   Encourage your child to pack away their own            If the canteen closes, it will not only inconvenience
      toys and books. Talk about how things will fit       students, parents and staff but also means the P&C will
      better depending on the way they are stacked or      lose a valuable source of revenue. We would like to
      placed.                                              apologise to the school community for any
   Make a sandpit from a large plastic tub so your        inconvenience. If any parents are interested in
      child can fill various containers with sand.         volunteering to maintain the canteen, please contact the
      Sieves, colanders, plastic spoons and bottles,       P&C Executive - Alice Khatchigian 0412644514, Annette
      old margarine tubs and funnels are useful            Hawken 0400 144 611 or Meredith Morris 0425223729
      equipment for sand play.                             as soon as possible. If any local companies wish to
   Count how many cups of dry pasta or popcorn            tender please contact the School on 9809 3181.
      are needed to fill a bowl.
   Talk about how much you can hold in your hand.
      Compare how many marbles or small rocks you
      can hold to the number your child is able to hold.   This is the season of colds, flu and general unwellness
                                                           and unfortunately we are seeing quite a few children
   Collect a variety of different sized boxes.
                                                           presenting to school who really should not be here. If
      Encourage your child to see if they can fit the
                                                           your child is unwell, they really should stay at home to
      boxes inside each other. Talk about which box is
                                                           make a full recovery - and if there are sniffles about
      the best to start with and why.
                                                           (especially after all of the Whooping Cough cases
   Fill a shoe box by stacking with blocks, one
                                                           around Sydney) parents should be visiting their GP. We
      layer at a time. Count how many blocks were
                                                           will always call parents when children are sick, but
      needed for the first layer and then build more
                                                           please keep your child home if you know they are
                                                           unwell. Reinforcing good hygiene practices with blowing
   “Hefting” is the balancing of an object in each        noses, disposing of tissues and washing hands regularly
      hand and deciding which is the heavier or            will also go a long way to helping keep everyone healthy
      lighter. This is a good way for children to          at home and at school.
      compare the weight of objects.
   Drop different objects into a bucket of water or       Mr J. Mularczyk - Principal
      the bath to see which makes the biggest splash.
      Talk about why some things made a bigger             SRC MUFTI DAY
      splash than others.                                  On Wednesday 24 June 2009 the SRC Committee will
   Show your child how you use kitchen scales to          be holding a Mufti Day to raise funds to purchase an
      measure ingredients.                                 „outside notice board‟. Students need to make a GOLD
   Have your child weigh themselves on bathroom           COIN donation to participate on Mufti Day.
      scales. Weigh other family members and family
      pets.                                                YEAR 6 MINI FETE
   Talk about how much your child weighed when            Thursday, 2 July is the Year 6 Mini-Fete.
      he or she was born.                                  Now would be a great time to clean out your cupboards
   Show where the weight of goods is recorded on          of any surplus games, DVDs or toys (in good condition),
      food packets.                                        for the White Elephant Stall.
   Have your child help you weigh items when              Any donations can be given to Mr Carruthers or Mrs
      grocery shopping.                                    Pocknall at the 9am morning assembly.

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               Issue 9 - Term 2 - Week 9                                                      Sunday, 7 March 2010

                                                          THE   ADVERTISEMENTS  PLACED    IN  THIS
                                                          NEWSLETTER ARE NOT NECESSARILY ENDORSED
                                                          BY THE SCHOOL

Congratulations to Rachel Liang and Millicent Jiang who
both received excellent results in the 2009 National
Chinese Eisteddfod held recently.
Rachel received first place in the 4 – 6 year age group
and Millicent second place in the 7 – 9 year age group.

Congratulations to the following students who have been                             TIGERS
presented with an Achievement Award for earning five                      BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL CLUB
Ryde Rewards:                                                             SPRING/SUMMER REGISTRATION
KMG Jenaya Cheer, Eric Dai, Nicholas Karac-
                                                                         Season commences September 2009
       Branezac                                                      Baseball: Males and Females Ages 6 up to 50+
KS     Soul Paredes, Elijah Watson, Eric Xu, Arion                        Softball: Females Ages 5 up to 50+
       Zietsch                                                                      REGISTRATION
JA     Maysaa Ghamraoui, Pearline Hovsepian,                              THURSDAY EVENING 2 July 2009
                                                            Brush Park Bowling Club (Cnr Marsden Road and Rutledge Road)
       Jessica Wu, Darrel Chia, Filip Nikic, Felix Sun                                 6pm to 9pm
JD     Jessie Wu, Alexander Chen, Dylan Nand,                                              OR
       Andrew Li                                                            SUNDAY MORNING 5 July 2009
JT     Brina Catania, Natalie Issaian, Neyza Malik,                        Cox Park (Evans Road, Carlingford)
                                                                                     10am to 12pm
       Kaitlyn Ngo, Teena Zhang, Jeremy Ding, David                     Baseball contact: Roger Campbell on 0407 946 019
       Ryan, Tyberius Seeto                                                      Softball contact: Graeme Stewart
MM     Anita Karac-Branezac, Nazeef Hassan, Avelyn                                         On 9868 2419
       Shi                                                 Registration Forms and further information available on our website
MA     Nikki Apostol
MB     Dewa Mangal, Jasmin Mitrovic, William Dong,
       Eric Fan, Oliver Guan, Kevin Guo, Gerald
       Huang, Liam McKay, Waleed Sulaman, Michael         STARS
       Yang                                               Sports, Singing and Dancing in the school holidays in
SMT    Kevin Zou, Millicent Jiang, Lemuel Dungo,          Marsfield.
       Ethan Fisher                                       Dates: Monday 13/7/2009 – Friday 24/7/2009
SA     Derek Sun                                          Time: 9.00am – 3.00pm
SPL    Shalon Kumar, Jonathan Gu                          For further information please call Andrew Hill on 0418
SC     Jonte McMillan                                     406 921 or email:
SN     Maneesha Gopalan, Shakila Hassani Ghezelchi,
       Jessica Lu, Harry Josephson, Lucas Photiou,
       Joshua Zhuo                                        BOOK SALE
                                                          St. Michaels Mission Society is holding a Book Sale to
                 COMMUNITY NEWS                           raise fund for the Michaelite Missions in Papua New
                                                          Guinea. There will be lots of children‟s books and young
NORTHERN SYDNEY CENTRAL COAST NSW                         adult fiction as well as novels, videos, poetry, cookery,
HEALTH                                                    craft, history, parenting, gardening and lots more.
Parenting Courses and Workshops are again being held      Devonshire Tea will also be available.
from 10 August through till 26 August 2009.               Where: Holy Spirit School Hall, 191 Cox‟s Road, North
The courses available are:                                          Ryde
Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)                     When: Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 June 2009
Communicating with Kids                                   Time: 9.30am – 2.30pm
Communicating with Teens
and Workshops for Parents.or further information or a
brochure please call: 9887 5830

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                Issue 9 - Term 2 - Week 9                     Sunday, 7 March 2010

The winter school holiday program is packed full of fun
for 5-12 year olds. This service is available to families
who live or work in the Ryde Local Government Area.
The program includes four awesome excursions. There
will also be heaps of great guests visiting the centres as
well as lots of fun days filled with activities.
The       enrolment       form       is       available at:
Bookings will be opens from 13 June 2009.
Closing date will be 3 July 2009.
School Holiday period is 13 – 24 July 2009.
For further enquiries contact Amanda El-Bayeh on 9952
8307 or

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