Association of Powell Place Homeowners Trustees Meeting Thursday by lonyoo


									                           Association of Powell Place Homeowners
                                       Trustees Meeting
                                Thursday, November 13, 2008
                                    6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.
                                      261 Cedar Bend Ct.

Trustees in attendance: Joyce Gove, Fletcher Chambers, Bob Carpenter, Brian Coghlan, John
Seymour, Carolyn Abbruzzese, Mark Roehl and Robert Davis

Absent: Tom Fitz

Called to order: Brian called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m.

Additions to Addenda: Newsletter

Minutes from 10/9/08: Approved

Treasurer’s report: We have a balance of $19,820.67 in our checking account. Brian wrote
out three checks, one for the liens, one for stamps and one for our domain name registration.
We also got the 8 liens filed with Delaware County. To date, it looks like next year we may
have up to 10 new liens to file.

Architectural Review: Robert reported that no new requests had come in.

Beautification Committee: A new magnolia bush was planted and has not been stolen yet.
The holiday wreaths have also been hung at each entrance.

2009 Budget: The following items are to be put into the 2009 budget: pond bubblers for
$3,000; replacement of street signs only for $10,500.00, an additional $100.00 per sign for
removal of old signs; attorney fees of $1,000.00. Long-term projects will be: fountain
replacement of $5,000 and masonry repair and maintenance at $1,000 per year.

Entrance Issues/Watering/Electricity: This item is being dropped from the agenda.

Painting of Street Signs: Volunteers using the paint that has already been purchased will paint
the traffic control signs in the spring. The street signs are being replaced.

Cocktail Party at Liberty Tavern: Mark is going to see if we can coordinate our January
meeting at The Liberty Tavern. We don’t know if the offer still stands.

Newsletter: John is going to be putting the newsletter together and the following items should
be addressed: Liberty Tavern Meeting, new street signs in 2009, new pond bubbler in 2009, no
parking cars that obstruct the sidewalks, animal control issues and keeping our Pole lights

Meeting Dates and Place: The next meeting will be held December 11 - Carolyn Abbruzzese -
phone 881.1168, 138 Roswell

The following is the list of the next meetings for the coming year 2008:
December 11 - Carolyn Abbruzzese - phone 881.1168, 138 Roswell
January 8 - The Liberty Tavern or John Seymour - phone 881.1701, 717 Village Park Dr.
February 12 - Municipal Building, 65 Hall Street
March 13 - Fletcher Chambers - phone 881.0205, 842 Bovee
April 9 - Robert Davis - phone 881.9911, 822 Bovee
Mary 14 - Tom Fitz - phone 881-0900, 44 Chenango Drive
June 11 - Joyce Gove - phone 881.6041, 108 Chenango Drive
July 9 - Bob Carpenter - phone 881.5305, 772 Bovee
August 13 - Mark Roehl - phone 614.805.3754, 129 Chenango Drive
September 10 - Brian Coghlan - phone 881.4686, 261 Cedar Bend Ct.
November 12 - Carolyn Abbruzzese - phone 881.1168, 138 Roswell
December 10 - John Seymour - phone 881.1701, 717 Village Park Dr.

Adjournment: Brian adjourned the meeting at 7:04 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
Joyce P. Gove, Secretary

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