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                                                Date: 21 January 2010               Source: ABC February 2009
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                                                                       Men living
                                                                       alone lose
                                                                       out to girls
                                                                        WOMEN fare better at
                                                                        living alone than men,
                                                                        according to a study.
                                                                           Researchers at the
                                                                        University of Edinburgh
                                                                        found Scots men on their
                                                                        own were more likely
                                                                        than girls to have money
                                                                        and health problems, feel
                                                                        socially isolated and be
                                                                        disadvantaged in the
                                                                        housing market.
                                                                           The two-year study
                                                                        examined the standard
                                                                        of living of more than
                                                                        140 25 to 44-year-olds.

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