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									        Adding an Event to the LIHNN Event Calendar

  1. Purpose of the Events Calendar

  The LIHNN website includes a calendar of events at . LIHNN members will be able to
  check what events are coming up in the North West and nationally.
  This will prove particularly useful when LIHNN Groups and HCLU are
  trying to arrange future events so that we can try and distribute events
  more evenly over the year and reduce meeting date clashes.

  2. How the Event Calendar is Created

  The website allows anyone to complete the “Add Event” form and then
  submit it to HCLU. The event is authorised and will appear on the event

  There are several categories of event currently on the calendar and
  these can be added to if required. An event can only be assigned to
  one category.

    Category of                                               Colour on the
    Event                                                     Events Calendar
    LIHNN Meeting     Used for all LIHNN Group meetings            Black

    Accreditation     Used by HCLU to record forthcoming           Green
                      accreditation visits

    HCLU event        Used for HCLU-specific events e.g.          Fuchsia
                      HCLU Stakeholder Board
    National event    Used to advertise national                    Red
                      conferences, workshops and
                      seminars that may be of interest
                      e.g. Health Libraries Group
    NW event          Used to advertise NW-wide events            Orange
                      that may be of interest e.g. CILIP
                      NW Branch events
    Library Closure   To be used for times when libraries         Orchid
                      have to close e.g. refurbishment etc.
    (not Xmas)        but not for Christmas and New Year
    Training Events   Used for LIHNN CPD programme                Sienna
                      events; Library Manager’s meetings;
                      LIHNN-HCLU Briefings etc or any
                      LIHNN/HCLU event that needs
                      people to complete a booking form

  HCLU staff will be responsible for maintaining “Accreditation visit”;
  “HCLU event” and the majority of the “Training events” as the latter
  mainly relates to the CPD programme that is managed by the CPD and
  Partnerships Manager.

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            Adding an Event to the LIHNN Event Calendar

      3. The Structure of the “Add Event” Form

      Select the “Events Calendar” from the left hand menu and you will see
      the “Add Event” menu item. If you then click on this the following page
      will appear:

                                                         Add your details here
                                                         so HCLU can contact
                                                         you for any queries

                                                            These will appear
                                                            when you select each
                                                            calendar entry

Enter the event
name and a brief

                                                       These 3 fields say
                                                       how long the event

                                                            Use the Info fields if
                                                            the organiser and the
                                                            information provider
                                                            are different

      Add a website
      link for a map
      or directions
                                                    Choose the event type
                                                    from the drop-down list.
                                                    You can only select one.

      If you have a document that you would like people to see (e.g.
      programme) then you will need to e-mail it to either or so that it can be
      added to the event record for you. Don’t forget to say which event it
      relates to!

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       Adding an Event to the LIHNN Event Calendar

  4. Conventions used on the Calendar

  a) LIHNN Meetings

  Task and Special Interest Groups
  Start the event name with LIHNN, follow it with the name of the group
  and then add meeting/workshop/seminar/away day as appropriate
  e.g. LIHNN E-Resources Group Meeting

  Main Patch Groups
  These do not need the word LIHNN in front of the name but should
  take the following format:
  i.e.     Cheshire & Merseyside Librarians Meeting
           Cumbria and Lancashire Librarians Meeting
           Greater Manchester Librarians Meeting

  b) Events requiring completion of a booking form

  The “Training Events” category has an inbuilt booking form that is e-
  mailed to Andrea Guest and Shân Annis when it has been completed.
  Consequently, if you need to use a booking form you should assign
  “training Event” as the category.

  This means that events such as “HCLU New Starters”, “LIHNN-HCLU
  Briefings”, “NHS Library Managers” will all appear as training events
  rather than HCLU or LIHNN meetings.

  c) Accreditation visits

  These take the format of:
  Event Title: Accreditation of (name of Trust) library service
  Event Detail: Name (of assessor one), name (of assessor two) and
                name (of assessor three) will accredit the library service.

  5. Searching the Events Calendar

  The Events Calendar has a search facility at

  You can search by a keyword from the event title or search for an
  event between two dates.

  6. Help

  If you need any help with completing your event entry on the calendar
  then please contact

Purpose of the Events Calendar.doc        31 March 2008        3 of 4
       Adding an Event to the LIHNN Event Calendar

Purpose of the Events Calendar.doc   31 March 2008   4 of 4

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